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Berlin weekend guide

Berlin Weekend Guide on a Budget

  • Europe

My guide to planning a Berlin weekend without breaking the bank. Packed with money saving tips, cheap eats, and my picks for the best currywurst Berlin has to offer! Plus all the fun things to do in Berlin that you can’t miss…

What things cost in Hampi Guide

What Things Cost in India: Hampi Guide

  • India

Everything you need to know about visiting Hampi in India. From what things cost, to what to see, to top tips, this is the ultimate Hampi guide!

Ubud Travel Guide

Backpacking Bali – Budget Ubud Travel Guide

My budget Ubud travel guide and prices round up. Perfect if you’re backpacking Bali! Packed with money saving tips and recommendations – this is exactly how much you can expect to spend in Ubud…

One Day in Kyoto on a Budget with WeSwap

One Day in Kyoto on a Budget with WeSwap

  • Japan

Travel money service WeSwap challenged me to spend a day in Kyoto on a budget of just £50. Despite Japans expensive reputation, I got on pretty well!

Travel Costs in Goa

What Things Cost in India: Goa

  • India

I wrote down everything I spent in India to help you plan your own India travel budget! Here are the travel costs in Goa, including accommodation and food…