About Emily

Welcome to my travel blog! I’m Emily Luxton, and I’m a travel blogger and freelance writer. To learn more about what this blog is all about, head over to the About page – or keep reading to find out more about the girl behind the blog…

About Emily

I grew up in Weymouth, a small seaside town on the South Coast of England, but for as long as I can remember I wanted to travel. It took a long time for me to actually realise that dream, but ever since I did, there’s been no stopping me! While I’m still based in the UK, these days Me SquareI’m almost constantly travelling – so much so that right now I have no fixed address. I’m a full-time travel blogger, and (I’m proud to say) a multiple award-winning one; I’ve been named Travel Blogger of the Year four times in the past three years! I love writing, I love travel, I’m addicted to social media, and most of all – I love running this travel blog. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have turned my passion into a career!

My mission is to do more than travel the world; I want to really get to know it. The main theme behind my blog and my travel ethics is deeper, more intelligent travel (you can read more about what I mean by that here). My travel styles vary from trip to trip, but the hunt for a good story is always the same. I love to travel and explore, to get lost and discover hidden gems, to chat to locals about their culture, and – most of all – to discover a place through it’s food.


To find out more about me, check out these blog posts, or keep scrolling down to read the story of my blog.

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My Blogs

Emily Luxton Travels – an award-winning travel blog focusing on my own personal travel stories and experiences.

Backpack South America –  an in-depth guide to travelling South America on a backpacker budget, and includes reviews, informative guides, packing lists, and much more

Dorset Travel Guide – a brand new in-depth guide to travel in Dorset. I grew up in Weymouth and know the county like the back of my hand, so this is a true local’s guide to Dorset!

Why I Blog… My Story

When I was about sixteen years old, I decided that I wanted to be a travel writer. Writing had always been a lifelong dream, as had travel and adventure, so when I discovered the genre I was instantly in love. But, over the years, things went a little off track – as they often do. A lack of self-belief, a lot of university debt, a few other devastating life changes and far too many overwhelming fears led to me ignoring those dreams until they were almost forgotten. Luckily, a friend who believed in me much more than I did gave me a book on travel writing for my birthday a few years ago, and I – somewhat timidly – launched this travel blog as an experiment, to see if I was good enough.

The little experiment paid off! It’s been almost four years since I started blogging, and the journey has been a long one. Over the years I’ve gathered a surprisingly large following; learnt a huge amount about blogging, SEO, marketing and wMe, Sapa, Vietnamho knows what else; grown in self-confidence and as a writer; made new friends; and – most importantly – travelled as much as I could. At the beginning of 2014, I quit my ‘day job’ to travel and blog full time with my (now ex) boyfriend, starting with a five-month trip to South America – and I’ve never looked back. It’s been one hell of a journey, but I’m grateful for every single second – even the mishaps, of which there have been hundreds – and I hope that above all else, my blog shows other people in my position that it is so important to believe in yourself.

If there’s something you want to do, whether it’s to travel the world, make it in your dream career, or anything else: it all starts with you. If I’d never taken those first scary steps – starting the blog, buying those plane tickets, quitting my job – I wouldn’t be where I am today. Whilst I’m not in the big leagues yet, I can proudly say that I’m now a pretty successful full-time travel blogger – and I hope that this blog shows other people that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. The only thing holding you back is you.