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About Emily

Girl in Oaxaca Mexico

Welcome to my travel blog! I’m Emily Luxton, and I’m a travel blogger and freelance writer. To learn more about what this blog is all about, head over to the About page – or keep reading to find out more about the girl behind the blog…

About Emily Luxton

UK travel blogger Emily Luxton solo camping

I grew up in Weymouth, a small seaside town on the South Coast of England, but for as long as I can remember I wanted to travel. It took a long time for me to actually realise that dream, but ever since I did, there’s been no stopping me!

These days, I live in my favourite county of Dorset, in the South of England, and travel as often as I can! Somehow, I made travel blogging a full-time job; I’ve won several awards for blogging, and have also been published numerous times as a freelance writer. I’ve even worked as a contributing author on two published books!

I love writing, I love to travel, I’m addicted to social media, and most of all – I love running this travel blog. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have turned my passion into a career!

My mission is to do more than travel the world; I want to really get to know it. The main theme behind my blog and my travel ethics is deeper, more intelligent travel (you can read more about what I mean by that here). But I also like to have fun doing it! As a solo female travel blogger, I’m all about adventure, and pushing myself to try new things whenever the opportunity arises.

My travel styles vary from trip to trip, but the hunt for a good story is always the same. I love to travel and explore, to get lost and discover hidden gems, to chat with locals about their culture, and – most of all – to discover a place through its food.

Get to Know Me

To find out more about me, check out the blog posts below. Or keep scrolling down to read the story of my blog.

My Blogs

Emily Luxton Travels – an award-winning travel blog focusing on my own personal travel stories and experiences.

Backpack South America –  an guide to travelling South America on a backpacker budget, and includes reviews, informative guides, packing lists, and much more

Dorset Travel Guide – An in-depth guide to travel in Dorset, England. I grew up in Weymouth and know the county like the back of my hand, so this is a true local’s guide to Dorset!

Travel stories that don't get told

Why I Blog… My Story

When I was about sixteen years old, I decided that I wanted to be a travel writer. Writing had always been a lifelong dream, as had travel and adventure, so when I discovered the genre I was instantly in love. But, over the years, things went a little off track – as they often do.

A lack of self-belief, a lot of university debt, a few other devastating life changes, and far too many overwhelming fears led to me ignoring those dreams until they were almost forgotten. Luckily, a friend who believed in me much more than I did gave me a book on travel writing for my birthday a few years ago, and I – somewhat timidly – launched this travel blog as an experiment, to see if I was good enough.

The little experiment paid off! At the beginning of 2014, I quit my ‘day job’ to travel and blog full time with my (now ex) boyfriend, starting with a five-month trip to South America.

In Peru on my first backpacking trip – way back in 2014!

It’s been several years since I started blogging, and the journey has been a long one. Over the years, I’ve gathered a following the size of which never ceases to amaze me. I’ve learnt a huge amount about blogging, SEO, marketing, and who knows what else. Plus I’ve made some amazing friends in the industry, and – most importantly – travelled as much as I could.

I’ve grown both as a blogger, and personally, especially in terms of self-confidence. It’s been one hell of a journey, but I’m grateful for every single second – even the mishaps, of which there have been hundreds! I hope that above all else, my blog shows other people in my position that it is so important to believe in yourself.

If there’s something you want to do, whether it’s to travel the world, make it in your dream career, or anything else: it all starts with you. If I’d never taken those first scary steps – starting the blog, buying those plane tickets, quitting my job – I wouldn’t be where I am today, able to proudly say that I’m now a pretty successful full-time travel blogger. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams!

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244 thoughts on “About Emily”

  1. Love the info on Morocco. Photos are wonderful, especially highlighting the different culture. The snake, ew (I dislike snakes) would freak me out! Thanks for visiting my blog! Looking forward to reading more on yours!

  2. Thanks for checking out Hags Rags and the piece on Asbury Park. I’ve been to London twice, the last time about a year ago. Your move sounds adventurous. Take it in stride! And have fun…

  3. Thanks for checking out my piece on Asbury Park, NJ. Your move to London sounds great; I’ve been there twice – the last time about a year ago. Best of luck in the Big City – enjoy!

  4. Found it! Thanks for the lovely weekend it was great to meet you, Carly and Helen properly. Will def be taking some tips for planning a trip to Morroco. Love your post about the easyjet competition and your reason behind doing the blog heres to 2012! antonia x

  5. Found it! Thanks for lovely weekend it was great to meet you, Carly and Helen properly. Will be taking some tips to planning a trip to Morocco. Love your post about the easyjet competition and your reason for starting this blog heres to 2012! antonia x

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for liking my post on Florence. Hope you will be back. Amazing photos on your blog, congrats!
    P.S. Good luck with the Go with Oh . . . I love Barcelona!

  7. Emily, I just wanted to say that I’m looking into TEFL as a future career/way to live abroad in non-English speaking countries. Hope that works out for you (and me)!

  8. Cool blog! Thanks for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ my photograph. I will be back to check out what you are up to;)

  9. I came across this blog because you liked my post on the Safari advenutre. Thanks for that. BTW, this travel blog of yours is cool! I love your reviews of the yummy foods in Morocco.

  10. keep your dream alive emily…thx for coming by my travel inspired writing site. i was also on a similar path…that led me to travel writing and my novels…poetry etc…time is relative..set your goals…the rest will follow….one day you’ll wake up and surprise yourself at what you’ve accomplished….lots of work for English teachers in Thailand, S Korea and Japan.

  11. Good Day,
    I wanted to say Thank You for stopping by my Blog, it’s greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading more of your stories as well.


  12. Hi Emily – thank you for liking my blog. I am new to this so it was a nice surprise. I really like your blogging style – hope to learn something. I am in Palermo for 20 days in all!

  13. Hey Emily,

    Thanks for liking my blog too! Your pictures of Morocco are Sweet!! I look forward to following your adventures!

  14. andrewsylvesterphotography

    Thanks for looking at my blog. Just took a quick whirl around yours. I’m looking forward to reading about your travels. Good luck with the big move.

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on a little beach in South Australia. Morocco looks way more exotic!

  16. Just want to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatilte Blogger Award. Please visit my blog

    I hope you enjoy it. Ciao!

  17. Hi Thanks for your like. We took in students studying English in the summer to stay with us when we lived in Edinburgh. It is a great way to meet people from many countries, and I am sure you will enjoy using your TEFL qualification in the reverse wherever you go to teach.

  18. pointwhitedrive

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have a new desire to explore Morocco after seeing your photos and reading your stories. I think I will have to stay tuned for the next adventure…Good Luck with the TEFL certificate! It opens so many doors for a life abroad! If you are considering Istanbul, feel free to write with questions…

  19. Thank you for checking out BikerMonkeyBlog! I have enjoyed your blog as well. Keep up the great work!

  20. Hi, I hope you don’t mind but I nominated you for another award. Kreativ Blogger Award. Don’t feel obligated to accept. Have a great weekend!

      1. Similar. It’s really just to have some fun and get to know one-another. I have, however, discovered some nice blogs in the last few days. Cheers…

  21. Hello and thank you for visiting my site… if it makes you feel better I work in retail customer service (phone & emails) !! I constantly remind myself that a wall doesn’t get painted by looking at it and wishing it were a different colour… I have to get a pot of paint, take up a brush, and paint the wall;) It sounds like you’re well on your way… best wishes and may all the universe support you :)

  22. wifemothereventplanner

    Beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by to see my little musings! Good luck with your big move – London is amazing. I feel the same pull to travel that you do – although you may be ahead of the curve here!

    1. Thank you for the return visit! I’m pleased you like the blog – the move is less than two weeks away now so getting pretty excited (and stressed)! Need to finish writing up my Morocco trip so I can start to focus on London!

      1. wifemothereventplanner

        Morocco looked amazing. Those pictures were fantastic! There’s a site called that prints any photo on large canvas (this is not a paid advertisement, I just love them!). I can see a few of your photos on the wall in your new flat!!

  23. Hi Emily-glad you like the blog posts. I’m hoping to do TEFL as well in due course to give me something to do in Iran when we retire! You must try and visit Iran if you like travelling and taking photos it’s a must-do……a beautiful but sadly misunderstood place but I’m sure you will be very welcome :)

    Good luck with your adventures and if you like football-great to see the Saints back in the premiership!!

    I work in Southampton sometimes and I like it. :)

    1. Thank you! I’m not a huge football fan but pleased for the city! Iran looks stunning, similar to Morocco in a way but also very different – I definitely hope to make it there some day!
      I’m getting on well with the TEFL so far, I would recommend it. Its pretty interesting and seems to be a great way to fund travel/living abroad! Thanks for stopping by :)

  24. I’m completely amateur in my photography but I love it. I want lessons though. I have a good camera, just need to learn those nuances. Love your work. Rob

    1. Thank you! You should consider an online course, or a magazine subscription that teaches you the basics week by week (my friend did one). With photography, its mostly about having a good eye and a bit of creativity! Em

      1. i have a good eye i think (i’d like to think anyway, and the creativity is definitely there, i paint too) would online help? theres no one on one with that, what magazines? do you recommend any? practical photogography seems to have stopped.

  25. Hi there. A degree in photography, I get a degree of frustration when taking pictures, I have no formal qualification I just see something, try and guess the right settings and snap away LOL. I have a theory, take as many as possible, with digi photography that is easy, then delete the bad ones when back home.

    The narrative is just as important to me, whilst I like looking at people’s pictures, and hoping to learn from them, I also like what people write as it tends to give depth the scene being described. Thanks for popping by by blog today, I’m actually doing some re-arranging its all a matter of the time I have. Happy snapping.

    1. I find my degree isn’t always that useful – I got really good at appreciating and studying other people’s photos, not so good at taking my own! Never mind, for me the words are the most important – as I’m trying to be a writer!! Thanks for the visit – hope you liked the blog :)

  26. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post :) I always go and see the blogs of people that take the time out for mine, and I like yours quite a bit already! once again, thank you, and good luck with everything!

  27. Thanks for the like today, I am enjoying your moroccan posts (good writing) and especially the photography. A degree gives you a foundation, it’s the practice and continued learning that builds it into something.

  28. thanks for stopping by my blog Emily, good luck with the travelling. aah, to be young again. teaching English is a good way to see Asia especially, though i wouldn’t recommend it for a lifetime career. best way to see a country, live there for a couple of years while working and learn a bit of the language and culture.

  29. Hi Emily,
    thanks for visiting my blog – glad you introduced me to yours that way!! Very much enjoy looking at your travel posts!!

  30. benjamin rualthanzauva

    “A move to London is on the cards this May” didn’t you just move? perhaps it’s time to update the page :)

  31. Hey, thanks for liking my post superfast! I think I’d barely published it lol. It’s great to see so many people doing TEFL, especially other photographers. Any idea when you plan to go teach? Feel free to follow me if you want updates on how it goes

    1. No problem! I’d really like to see China and Japan, and I know there’s a big demand for teachers in Asia so hopefully it’s something I could do within the next year! I just have to get my head down and work :)

  32. Degree in photography? That’s impressive!!! Thanks for liking our latest post on Prague. Much appreciated!

  33. I hope your move brings you all the desires of your heart. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  34. Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours is great! It sounds like the ideas behind both of our blogs are quite similar – I’m currently living and working abroad with my girlfriend in London (from New Zealand) so I can travel around Europe and write about my adventures. I spent last year travelling around exploring the United States, and there’s plenty still to see! Plus plenty left to write about, as I’m really behind in my travel reports.

    1. I’m so behind as well, and I’ve only been to a handful of places this year! Good luck in your travels around Europe – there’s so much I want to see in this continent, let alone the rest of the world!

  35. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking a recent post. You have a lovely space here and I look forward to taking a closer look around.

  36. Hi there. Thank you for stopping by earlier. May your dreams of overseas travel/living come to pass. Blessings, God is Good.

  37. HI

    We work with resorts through out Morocco and the world. We are looking to develop partnerships with travel bloggers.

    Please contact if your interested.

    Thank you in advance,


  38. wordswithnannaprawn

    You had me with that thumbnail image! thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck with your travels, can’t wait to read more.

  39. alittlecupofcoffee

    Your blog is amazing! How is your TEFL course going? Are you interested in coming and teaching in Thailand? I’m happy to give you some tips! :)

    1. I’m very interested – at the moment my list of countries I want to teach is China, Japan, Thailand and Mexico (I’m very indecisive!!) I’m about halfway through the course, which is good as I still have until April 2013 to complete the whole lot!! finding it ok, there’s lots to take in but I passed the first two assignments so it must be sticking somewhere!!
      How did you go about getting a placement? Is it better to line something up first, or fly out and then try and sort something? Is it easy?!
      Would love any tips you have :)

      Also thank you – very glad you like the blog :)


      1. alittlecupofcoffee

        That’s the great thing about TEFL, is you can go anywhere! I don’t know how I would choose where to go if I had to decide now!! Too many choices!

        Thailand is great though, I came over to volunteer initially and was only going to stay for 10 weeks, but I stayed, and I’m still here 4 years later.

        I would recommend coming out here first, and then finding a job afterwards. Do you have a degree?

        When would you be thinking about coming over?

        If you’d like, you can email me: [email protected] and ask questions.

        I can help you out with getting a job in Thailand.

        Hope to hear from you. x

        1. It probably won’t be until May next year at the earliest, once my finances settle, my tenancy runs out, and my boyfriend finally gets around to completing his own TEFL! But I will keep your details, as I undoubtedly will need a hand nearer the time – and help getting a job would be amazing!!
          Thank you x

          1. alittlecupofcoffee

            No problem! May is the start of the school year in Thailand, and so finding a teaching job is easier around that time.
            All the best with completing your TEFL, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  40. dreamaspirations

    Hello Emily,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it. I am hopeless at taking pictures so all your work to me is that of a master! Best wishes on your life’s discovery/journey wherever it takes you.

    1. Thank you! I never consider my photography to be up to that much – for me its all about the words! Thank you for your kind wishes- and the same to you as well :)

  41. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my posts Špilberk Castle in Brno and More birds of prey . I really like your blog—it’s interesting and visually appealling–I guess that’s your photography training showing through. Good luck with the TEFL course and your plans for the future.

  42. Hi Emily — thanks for stopping by! I love your lists, and I think you may have inspired me to add some more “must dos”!

  43. Thanks for dropping by, Emily! I have a day job that I was pleased with until lately; I’ll love to do all the creatives but I’m not cool with photography and design, so I’m pretty much stuck for now. Nonetheless, thanks for coming by and I’m happy to visit your blog too :) Pursue your dreams!!

      1. I shall have to learn that! I’ve been contemplating lately whether it’s better to work as per society’s standards (i.e. typical banker? Marketing professional in an International FMCG brand?) or that it’ll be ok to pursue my dreams – something less conventional, more struggles, less pay etc… Maybe it’s time to realise those dreams!

  44. I´ve nominated you for the “Capture the Colour” competition hosted by There are only a few days left until the closing date, but you can read all about it here

    If you are a category winner you could win an iPad3 with the overall winner being awarded £2,000 to be spent on travel……not bad, eh?

    Good luck

      1. If you get frustrated or impatient, just keep your eye on the end goal. I just started living abroad this year and I did get impatient at times but i’m sooo glad I kept my focus. :)

  45. Beatiful pictures. Maybe I’ll see them in person one day. We’re hoping to have our own adventures in Europe in 2-3 years. Thanks for visiting our post at


  46. Lost of jobs abroad for TEFL teachers! go for it.. our friend’s daughter has been teaching in Japan for a while and another friend spent years in Venice teaching TEFL too. thanks for liking my blog – as an academic I do get to travel more than the average which a compensation for low salary as I always say.

  47. Very nice blog indeed-such a fresh look! Looking at ESL? I did five years in Korea, which was a blast and allowed for tons of travel.

  48. Thank you for checking out my blog. Yours is so cool. I am currently reading and going through your photos, and great they are to.


  49. If living abroad is your dream, GO FOR IT! I’ve been an ex-pat for over five years and have no regrets. I love it more each day.
    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  50. This is a very impressive blog! I look forward to reading more work by you and seeing more of your photos. Morocco looks amazing! Thanks for like on my own blog post, “A Love Letter to Italy in Pictures”. I’m also considering teaching abroad and my list so far is China, Mexico, and Morocco. Have you narrowed down your choices any further? Can I ask who youre taking your TEFL course with?

    1. Hi, thanks! I’m doing the course online with Global TEFL, very nearly finished which is awesome! My list tends to shift a lot, I like the thought of Asia like Thailand, China or Japan, as well as Mexico, or anywhere in Europe! Will need to narrow the list down at some point! :)

  51. Im a writer explorer gamer, but I dont do photography like you! I see you have been to my country, did you bring some clogs for yourself ? :-D

    Thanks for checking out my post ! ( And I want to live abroad myself I think to if I can! wherever the wind will take me ;) )

    1. Hi Elly, thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like the blog :)

      I didn’t pick up any clogs, although I did take a few photos of them lining the souvenir shops! So pretty!

  52. Great work Emily, love the photos on here. On these grey winter days it’s good to be reminded of the fact that there are so many amazing and beautiful things in the unlikeliest places

  53. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I like what I see here – you have a real knack for photography and it’s great to see pics of Barca and Seville. You should come check out Granada!

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad your liking my blog :) I’ve wanted to go to Granada since my friend went and I saw the pics, looks gorgeous! Hopefully be able to fit it in with my travel plans!

  54. A Journal of Life Pursued

    Most excellent! You are obviously badly infected with the travel bug, a condition that can only be addressed with a camera in hand. The road beckons…

  55. Lovely blog and good luck on all of your adventures! My first great adventure traveling out of my country (I’m American) was studying abroad in London and I absolutely love the city.

  56. Love your Marrakech post – I’m going in May and I’m hungry already thinking about those cooking classes!

  57. Nice reading about you.

    Thanks. For visiting my blog. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  58. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have checked out yours and I LOVE your photography. Great blog. Following! Enjoy your adventures xx

  59. Linn Birkeland Photography

    So many places, so many nice photos! Good luck in reaching your dream. Travel is an obsession, I know all about that…
    Thanks for stopping by my China photos.

  60. Hey, I love your blog! Respectfully, I’ve nominated you for this blogging award, Liebster. If you’re interested, join in! Here’s the rules.

  61. Thanks for dropping by and like one of my photo’s. To be honest, I’m a lover of photo’s and music; not much of a reader. There is a whole lot of information on your blog; but I’ll mainly stick to the photo’s. Which I like a lot! See you.

  62. GwendolineWilson

    Thank you for the like on my blog Emily! And good luck with your travels. My first big adventure was in my early twenties (4 yrs in Europe), It changed the way I looked at life.

  63. Thanks for liking my post! Always great to connect with fellow travelers! If you have any must see spots along the coasts anywhere in Europe, Africa, or Asia I would love to know about them! :-)

    1. No problem, thank you for checking out my blog :)

      When it comes to Asia, I definitely recommend Pulau Perhentian. It’s a gorgeous island off the coast of Malaysia!

      Happy travels

  64. A very interesting and helpful blog ! Awesome photos and I guess an awesome person behind all of this.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences around the world and I really hope you do get to go in all those 196 countries as much as I hope I will some day,lol.
    Take care !

  65. I like reading your blog and have nominated you for the ABC Award. In case you do not accept awards, just acknowledge as an appreciation. :) :)

  66. Packing my Suitcase

    Hi Emily!! Im very happy to have found your blog :) I will look forward to reading more and exploring your blog! :D

      1. No problem – I actually got nominated myself a couple of months ago but have only just had time to write the post! If you manage to get time to write it when you’re back let me know as I’d love to read it :)

  67. Hi Emily,
    I love your page and your writing, so I’ve nominated you for the – Top Destinations to Go There contest!

  68. Hi Emily, I just nominated you for the Premio Dardos Award in recognition for your cultural, ethical, literary and personal in your writing..your blog is very inspiring :-)

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