Flora Garments: Fashion From Around the World

Flora Garments

My fashion sense has been influenced hugely by my travels, so I love finding great new companies that sell products from around the world. When the lovely folks behind brand new fashion brand Flora Garments got in touch about their new project, I was all ears. Flora Garments is an online based brand…

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Review: Outdoor Winter Wear from Trespass

Packing light for hot countries and summer holidays is a piece of cake; clothes are smaller and lighter, and it’s easy to pick up fairly decent quality stuff quite cheaply. Less so with packing for cold weather. Winter clothes tend to be thicker, which means they’re also bulkier and heavier, meaning you…

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Review: Bronson Backpack from Barbour International

Being something of a traveller’s staple, it’s no surprise that we sort of love luggage. At least, I know I do; I just can’t seem to help myself eyeing up other people’s rucksacks or suitcases with either jealousy or derision, depending on how much better or heavier than mine it is.…

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Travel Fashion

Now, I know travelling is all about practicality and packing light – but that doesn’t mean that you don’t sometimes want to look good.  I asked a few of my friends, followers and fellow bloggers for some top travel fashion tips. Buy Local You might only have room for one…

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Skincare Tips for Travelling in Hot Countries

A caravan of camels in the Sahara desert

One of the tricky things about travelling long term is finding the right balance between packing light, and taking enough beauty products to keep your skin healthy and protected whilst your away. Hot countries with either humid or arid conditions can really wreck your skin – and your holiday snaps…

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Finding the Perfect Bikini – Tips for Bigger Busts

Following on from my incredible experience at Bravissimo, I’ve gathered together loads of great tips from the very helpful staff there, as well as from body confidence advocate Gok Wan and some other great stylists. Rule number one – be confident! Confidence is super sexy, and once you’re feeling less…

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