Review: Peak Extreme Womens Boots – Mountain Warehouse

Peak Extreme Boots Mountain Warehouse

When it comes to travel and outdoor gear these days, I always go straight to the same place: Mountain Warehouse. I love their ‘Extreme’ range, with clothing and gear designed to survive the most intense and varied weather and terrain conditions – perfect for travellers! So, last month I was really…

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Review: Outdoor Winter Wear from Trespass

Packing light for hot countries and summer holidays is a piece of cake; clothes are smaller and lighter, and it’s easy to pick up fairly decent quality stuff quite cheaply. Less so with packing for cold weather. Winter clothes tend to be thicker, which means they’re also bulkier and heavier, meaning you…

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Review: Bronson Backpack from Barbour International

Being something of a traveller’s staple, it’s no surprise that we sort of love luggage. At least, I know I do; I just can’t seem to help myself eyeing up other people’s rucksacks or suitcases with either jealousy or derision, depending on how much better or heavier than mine it is.…

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