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Opodo Prime: What is it, and is it Worth it?

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Love travel? Love discounts? An Opodo Prime membership could be the perfect thing for you this year!

There’s really nothing better than bagging a great deal on travel, is there? Whether it’s finding a crazy sale price or error fare on a flight, or unlocking a discount on a swanky hotel, I’m always on the alert for a travel bargain.

Savvy travellers know that there are tons of great ways to find discounts for their trips. Saving up Airmiles with credit cards, regularly browsing Skyscanner in case a sale drops, even cashing in your Clubcard vouchers to spend on hotels (one of my favourites).

But what if you could just get a discount applied automatically, every time you book?

If you love to travel several times a year, then an Opodo Prime membership could be ideal. With it, you’ll get access to exclusive members-only discounts on flights, hotels, and car hire – without having to lift a finger!

In this post, I’ll outline exactly what Opodo Prime is, how much you can save, and if the membership is worth it for you. I hope it helps – but feel free to leave any questions in the comments at the end. Happy bargain hunting…

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Opodo. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

Who are Opodo?

Opodo is an online travel agency and flight search engine, known for great travel bargains and low flight prices. I booked flights with them last time I was travelling in Thailand, and they often pop up as the cheapest option when I use flight comparison searches.

As well as flights, they also sell accommodation, package holidays, car hire, and more.

Useful during these uncertain times, Opodo also have a premium “Cancel for Any Reason” guarantee. You pay a bit extra, but you’ll be able to cancel your booking without fees or hassle – perfect for travel in the current environment.

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What is Opodo Prime?

OK, so what actually IS Opodo Prime? Essentially, it’s an annual subscription you can sign up for that grants you access to exclusive members-only discounts on flights, accommodation, and car hire for any trip you’re planning.

Those discounts can be used ON TOP of any existing offers that Opodo are running. Prime members will be first to hear about all the best deals that are running, and you can combine any discount codes with your Prime membership savings for extra bargains!

Better yet – your Prime member discounts can be used on bookings for up to 10 people. You don’t all need a subscription, so families and couples can split the membership cost between them.

Prime members ALSO get access to an exclusive 24/7 VIP customer service line. With travel rules and restrictions changing fast all the time, it’s handy to have that level of support on hand should you need to cancel, or you run into any issues with your booking.

How Much Does it Cost?

An Opodo Prime subscription costs £59.99 per year for UK customers. All new members also get 30 days FREE with the Opodo Free Trial (more on that in a mo).

What Travel Discounts will I Get?

  • Discounts on 100% of flights
  • Up to 50% discount on accommodation
  • Up to £40 off on car hire
  • The same discounts for all the people who travel with you (up to 9 other people)
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Is Opodo Prime Worth It?

You may be wondering if Opodo Prime is actually worth the subscription fee. Well, I think that depends on you, and how often you travel. But if you get a substantial discount, even on just one booking, it may well be worth the price of the Prime subscription.

Since the annual membership is £59.99, you only need to make one booking a year with a discount of over £60 for your Opodo Prime subscription to become worth it. And since it can be used on bookings of up to 10 people, a couple could split the cost of a membership for just £30 each and get some great discounts on their travels.

How Much Can I Save?

Let’s take a look at the potential savings to see how quickly that membership can pay for itself…

The exact amount you’ll save depends on the booking, and the total price. I’ve borrowed this table from Opodo to show what they say are the average savings. As you can see, a couple of flight bookings per year will make the Prime membership worth it

Flight PriceAverage Prime savings per flight
£0 – £149£25
£150 – £299£30
£300 – £499£35
£500+up to £65

However, those are just the averages – it’s not the exact amount you’ll save each time. When I did a search for weekend flights to Barcelona, for example, the Prime discount was £29 per person (see screengrab below).

Screenshot of Opodo Prime flight deal discount

The best discount I was able to find in a bit of quick research was £68pp on £600 return flights to Mexico City, or £50 on £400 returns to Cancun.

It depends on dates, and when you’re browsing for flights, and probably a host of other factors too.

But if you book a couple of flights a year, with £10 or more discount per flight, and also get up to 50% off your hotel bookings… an Opodo Prime membership could well be worth it!

Screenshot of Opodo Prime flight deal discount

Opodo Prime Free Trial

As mentioned above, your Opodo Prime subscription includes a free trial for the first 30 days. You can cancel any time during those first 30 days and won’t be charged a penny.

How do I Cancel?

If you decide Opodo Prime isn’t for you, you are able to cancel any time during the 30-day free trial. You simply log in and go to “My Prime Account” on their website, then follow the instructions to cancel. Make sure you do so before the free trial is up, otherwise you will be charged the annual fee of £59.99.

What happens if you make a discounted booking during the free trial, then cancel?

A few people asked this in the comments, so I reached out to Opodo for clarification. This was their reply:

“Yes, if you book a discounted flight while on the free Prime membership trial and then cancel before the trial renews, you still get the discount on the flight but the free trial can only be enjoyed once”

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Opodo Prime Day

There’s one more benefit to being an Opodo Prime member – Prime Day!

Opodo Prime Day is a bi-annual travel deal event delivering a few days of exceptional discounts on flights, hotels, vacation packages (flight+hotel) and car rentals. 

The event runs for a few days twice a year (in 2021 it ran in June and October), with special limited-time deals JUST for Prime members. Some of the world’s top airlines take part, including Etihad, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Turkish airlines, Airfrance, and KLM, offering hefty discounts on top of the usual Prime savings. Sort of like a Black Friday event that only a few people are invited to!

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Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this post about what Opodo Prime is useful, and have a clearer idea of whether or not the subscription is worth it for you!

My advice would be to sign up for the free trial next time you’re booking flights, in order to access that initial saving.

Once you’re a member you’ll also be able to check out the hotel and car rental discounts. If you feel like the Prime membership is going to save you money on future travels, stick with it and pay the annual subscription fee. If not, cancel before the 30 days are up and there’s no harm done!

And be sure to let me know how much you save – I always love hearing about travel bargains! Scroll down to leave a comment.

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28 thoughts on “Opodo Prime: What is it, and is it Worth it?”

  1. Hello. If you book flights then cancel the Prime membership before the end of the free trial, do you know if you still get the airfare at the Prime price, or do they adjust the flight charges if you cancel the membership? Thank you.

    1. Hi Nicole. I am pretty certain you still get the Prime price even if you cancel the free membership – but I would double-check that with Opodo just to be on the safe side!

    2. Hi Nicole, I am in a similar situation, did you manage to get an answer about your question? I tried using the Help Centre, but this robot could not understand my “long” question… :S

      1. Hae yu tried reaching out to the company on Twitter/Facebook? Companies are usually pretty good at responding on there. But reading through their T&C’s it suggests that the discounts will still stand even if you cancel:

            1. That’s a pain – I always recommend setting a reminder to cancel a free trial. They tell you when you sign up that they will autorenew the trial so it’s a good idea to remind yourself.

          1. I emailed Opodo for clarification and this was their response:
            “Yes, if you book a discounted flight while on the free Prime membership trial and then cancel before the trial renews, you still get the discount on the flight but the free trial can only be enjoyed once”

      2. If you read their comments when cancelling it states that you will lose all of your benefits from your discounted booking booked during the 30 day free period.

        1. Does it really? I emailed them about it and received the following reply:

          “Yes, if you book a discounted flight while on the free Prime membership trial and then cancel before the trial renews, you still get the discount on the flight but the free trial can only be enjoyed once”

          But that was on 4th May 2022, it’s possible things have changed.

      3. I saved £69 on flights to Geneva & back using the opodo prime free trial. I phoned to cancel the free trial because I needed to be sure that by doing so, I wouldn’t lose the discount already used.
        The man I spoke to spent 20 minutes trying to persuade me not to cancel. He dodged all my questions & would make a good politician. 😀
        The call was exhausting & I advise anyone cancelling to do it online.

        1. Thanks so much for commenting Linda – that’s a helpful tip. I’ve had similar experiences trying to cancel other services ont he phoen – you almost have to be rude to get what you want, it’s definitely exhausting!!

          Did you still get your discount dispite cancelling? Opodo have assured me that you do, but it’s always good to get a first-hand account :)

    3. ah, thank you for this clarification. I guess you get more hits with answering this question as we are in same position, after booking tickets using the Free Prime trial, guess many people in same boat

      1. Hi Violet. I have a section on how to cancel in the post above. But unfortunately, I can’t help you cancel or get you a refund – I don’t work for Opodo and am not affiliated with them in any way. I’m an independent writer and this was a review! Try contacting Opodo via their website and hopefully they can help. Emily :)

    4. The question which is not answered, if I buy a discounted ticket 3 months in advance and then for any reason I decided to cancel the membership within the 30 days i.e before my first flight , what would happen to my booking?

      1. All I can tell you is the answer I received from Opodo, which is this:

        “Yes, if you book a discounted flight while on the free Prime membership trial and then cancel before the trial renews, you still get the discount on the flight but the free trial can only be enjoyed once”

        To me, that sounds as if the discount will still apply on any flights booked during the free trial, regardless of when the flight is booked for. However, I would recommend speaking to Opodo directly to confirm this. Try reaching out to them on social media?

    5. Beware and be very careful !!! Opodo tried to charge me the £59.99 membership in November 9 months after I cancelled the membership during the free trial. The bank have refunded this but it was just luck that I noticed. Trying to speak to Opodo prime is impossible. Can’t if you are not a member but can if u have a booking ref found my ref but the phone automatically closed the call as this was for a expired booking. I want to find address to send a formal compliant. My advice is AVOiD AVOID AVOID !!

      1. Oh dear, that sounds like a nightmare. Did you get an email confirmation that the trial was cancelled? I had a similar problem with Amazon Prime once and it turned out I hadn’t actually finished the cancellation process :( I know that you can contact Opodo via Facebook and Twitter direct message, so if you have an account on either of those you can reach out there to speak to someone real.

        Alternatively, I did a google search and found this listed as the address for written formal complaints: Opodo Ltd, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7BA

        Not sure if that’s definitely the correct address but worth a try.

    6. This is a useless membership. Opodo Prime flight prices are same or little costlier than what you can get if you shop around – even with minimal effort.

    7. Just signed up for Opodo Prime after reading your positive review, but will cancel ASAP after checking Opodo’s ratings from their existing customers. They score 1.0 or 1.1 in average out of 5!!
      That’s unheard of. I did some more checking and it seems that the both the Opodo company and Prime membership are most commonly described as SCAM, STAY AWAY! You don’t check these things before entering a collaboration? I noticed your review basically used the same text as their own marketing. I may be wrong, but I wonder how that is perceived if you want to be regarded as independent, expressing your own thoughts?

      1. Hi Markus, thanks so much for commenting and raising these concerns. This is more of a “what is it” post than a review. I wrote it at the start of 2022* after trailling the service for 30 days. Those are real screenshots of real discounts I found while I was trialling Opodo Prime. I’ve also genuinely used Opodo before to book a flight and had no problems at all. When I worked on this post, the ratings were not 1 out of 5. In fact, I just had another look at Trustpilot and Opodo’s rating is currently 4.1 out of 5. There are some low reviews too but a lot of them seem to be from people who forgot to cancel the free trial and were annoyed that they got charged. My advice would be to set a reminder to cancel the trial before it ends if you decide you don’t want to pay for a year of Prime membership.

        Hope that helps clarify everything :)

        *I’ve updated it since then with the latest prices so the “last updated” date at the top of the post is more recent.

    8. Hi Emily,

      I just wanted to say that I sought to cancel a flight to Edinburgh today that I had bought only hours previously as I realised there weren’t any trains home at the hour of my arrival. I spoke with the prime service on the phone and was told that I would receive 80% of my flight back, which was calculated at £42.49 on an £87 flight – clearly not correct (it should have been £69.60). I was told that if I preferred, I could cancel or find a new flight with easyJet (who would charge me £49 for the privilege). I had paid an additional payment – what I thought was was £11 but must have been £24 as my total payment was £111. So much for hassle-free cancellations (entire tickets only) with no fees or surcharges! Very disappointing. I’ve kept the flights and found a way home but I’m not impressed.

      1. Oh no that’s so annoying, I’m sorry that happened to you. It sounds like they were giving you 80% of the flight fees but not the taxes maybe? Still really annoying for you though. To be fair, I think it’s the airlines that set those fees, rahter than Opodo – budget airlines are really bad for doing stuff like that. I made a similar mistake to you in the past and now I’ll only book when I’m 1000% sure that’s the flight for me!

    9. You may be right but I’m entitled if to have taxes back if I can’t use a ticket. I think the problem is clarity – and I’m not sure that I can see much!

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