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Review: Are Jack’s Flight Club Deals any Good?

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Jack's Flight Club Review

There’s nothing I love more than getting an amazing deal on a flight and booking a new escape. So when Jack’s Flight Club got in touch to ask me to try out their flight alert newsletter, I was pretty excited to give it a go. After trialling it for a couple of weeks, here’s my Jack’s Flight Club review…

Disclaimer: this Jack’s Flight Club review is an advertorial. But I genuinely trialled this product before reviewing it and all opinions are 100% honest. In fact, I still use the service over two years since first writing this post! 

Update: I’ve been using Jack’s Flight Club premium membership for the last few years now… and I still love it! I bagged a great deal on some flights to Mexico last month after they sent an alert about the BA sale.

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What Is Jack’s Flight Club?

In a nutshell, Jack’s Flight Club sends out cheap-flight-alert emails to its members. When fares from the UK & Ireland to international destinations around the globe suddenly pop up at really low prices, a newsletter goes out to let the club know about it – giving you a chance to snap up a deal or error fare that would’ve probably expired by the time you heard about it – if you would’ve even heard about it at all for that matter…

Founded by “professional flight hacker” Jack Sheldon, Jack’s Flight Club saved its members an estimated £4 million in its first seven months. Easy to see why it’s becoming insanely popular, with over 1,000,000 members in the UK alone!

How Does it Work?

Using flight matrix systems, Jack searches all over the web to find amazing deal fares and “mistake” prices for flights from the UK and Ireland. This is completely different to comparison sites, which only search for the cheapest fare on a specific route. Instead, this is like a warning system, letting you know about any and ALL deals – from error fares to hidden discounts.

Jack's Flight Club Review

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and now I get excited every time I see a new email come through! If you’re a frequent flyer or a bit of an impulse traveller, like me, this newsletter is a dream! All you have to do is wait for a deal you like to come through and be ready to book it fast, to snap up the amazing price.

Oh, and it’s not just last-minute deals either. Most of the deal alerts are for fares in about 3 to 11 months time. So you have plenty of time to plan the rest of your trip once you’ve grabbed your bargain flight!

What Kind of Deals Can I Get?

All kinds! Jack searches ALL flights – short and long-haul, to destinations all over the world, departing from all airports in the UK and Ireland.

This week, I received five emails. Among them were a return to Morocco from £50 (standard price £200), a direct return to Singapore for £303 (standard price £600+),  and a bunch of crazy-cheap return fares all over North America starting at £282.

But the absolute BEST deal that hit my inbox this week was an error fare to Montreal with United Airlines for just £140. That’s insanely cheap! This just gives a hint of the kinds of deals you can get with Jack’s Flight Club.

Jack's Flight Club
Alert emails usually include booking tips and helpful hints!

Should I Get Free or Premium Membership?

Jack’s Flight Club newsletter is totally free to sign up to. But, there is a premium membership at a subscription fee of £39 a year* (that works out to £3.25 a month!). So, what’s the difference?

Free Membership

  • One or two flight deals a week.

Premium Membership

  • Four of five deals a week.
  • Get all the alerts first, giving you first dibs over free members.
  • Bonus weekend-trip email rounding up short-haul flight deals.
  • Access to the premium members portal.
  • Set your preferred departure airports so you only see the most relevant deals for you.

*The prices are £15 for 3 months, £25 for 6 months, or £39 for a year which is the cheapest.

Jack's Flight Club Review

Is Jack’s Flight Club Really Worth it?

Um, yes! If you opt for the basic service it won’t cost you a penny, and it might save you a couple of hundred pounds on your next trip. But having trialled the premium membership, I think that’s also worth it – IF you’re likely to book at least one flight a year. Think about it, if you save £100 on your next flight, you’ve already saved the £35 sign up fee.

If you’re not sure you’ll use it, stick with the free membership. Jack’s Flight Club is definitely best for those travellers who can be flexible. If you need to go to a specific destination on specific dates, the odds of that deal hitting your inbox are probably quite slim.

But if you know you want to take a trip and aren’t too fixed on when or where, this service is a great source of inspiration and you could just find your dream relaxing trip landing in your inbox!

And speaking of saving money on your flights – what about taking a last-minute trip?! If you’re based in London and you’re willing to fly within short notice you might find some great last-minute flight deals on Runtofly. This is a brilliant travel hack for anyone with the means to be a bit more flexible – for example, you can often find great prices on flights leaving within 24 hours as airlines try to sell off any unsold seats.

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12 thoughts on “Review: Are Jack’s Flight Club Deals any Good?”

    1. Hmm, that’s strange. Have you checked your spam folder? Because of GDPR you need to actually consent to the emails after signing up, so maybe that didn’t go through or something. Try reaching out to them on Twitter:

    1. Of course – it’s basically when a flight company makes a mistake and lists a flight for a much lower price than they meant to. This is usually when someone forgets the extra zero on a rate, miscalculates a currency conversion, or forgets to include the fuel surcharge or airport tax in the final fee. They don’t tend to last very long as the airline will notice and change the fees, but if you can catch one it’s a great way to snag a cheap flight!

  1. Wishing you great enjoyment on your next adventure!
    Thankyou for confirming that its worth a shot signing up for Jacks Flight Club, your blog was just what i needed to seriously consider paying for this investment !

    1. Hi Jerry – that’s awesome to hear!! Funnily enough I actually just booked a flight this week after getting a Jack’s Flight Club alert about a TUI sale! It’s such a great service – as long as you can be flexible with when/where you travel etc.

  2. I would like to cancel my membership just now, I will be abroad for several months. I may look at it when I return.

    1. Hi George – just to let you know I don’t work for Jack’s Flight Club so I can’t cancel the membership for you. You will need to contact them directly. Enjoy your trip :)

  3. I think the issue with Jack’s flight club is that the adverts are basically lies. I’ve seen ones on Instagram claiming £0.02p flights from London, which is obviously a misprice fare the airline will cancel.
    They do offer genuinely good regular deals, as you’ve shown, but the prices are nothing special. I’ve flown London-Morroco in May for £12.99 using Skyscanner and Ryanair.

    If you’re willing to spend some time on Skyscanner or Google flights or whatever, you can get the same deals for free

    1. Oh absolutely – you can find all these flights yourself for free. I think the good part of Jack’s Flight Club is that they are doing the work for you, and with the free newletter you don’t even pay for it so there’s nothing to lose!

      PS – airlines don’t *always* cancel mispriced fares, I think there’s probably some legal thing about having to honour the price shown, at least in certain circumstances. When it’s an error fare the JFC emails always say so and have some details below the flights about how mispriced fares can sometimes to be cancelled. It’s a bit of a gamble but I know a couple of people who’ve got lucky with super cheap longhaul error fares.

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