Review: PacSafe Hip Pack and Portable Safe

One of the things I’m most concerned about for my upcoming trip to South America is safety. Especially because, being a travel blogger, I can’t do the sensible thing and leave all my valuables at home. I’ll be taking my camera and laptop, as well as the usual travel valuables like my passport, debit card, and mobile phone. So, what’s the best way to keep those valuables safe while I’m on the road?

PacSafe offer a great range of products to help you keep your stuff safe whilst travelling, everything from backpacks and bumbags (aka fanny packs for my US readers!) to RFID blocking wallets. I’ve been test-driving a few of their items ready for my Big Trip this February.

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VentureSafe 100 GII Anti-Theft Hip Pack

Alright, so hip packs may not win you any fashion prizes when you’re away, but they really are one of the safest and most convenient ways to carry your 5842_225_Venturesafe_100_GII_PA030SR_150x150valuables when you’re out and about whilst travelling. They’re also more comfy than normal handbags, which generally put more weight on one shoulder and can cause back/neck ache if you carry them for a long time (which, when travelling, you inevitably will).

The VentureSafe 100 GII from PacSafe is, as hip packs go, actually quite stylish. It comes in some really nice colours, including a discreet plain black, or a funky, bright red, and it’s pretty small and sleek. Many hip packs can be a bit bulky, making them really stand out, but this one is fairly ‘flat’ so it stays nearer to your body and doesn’t stick out. This means you can also tuck it discretely 5688_225_Venturesafe_100_GII_PA030BG__compartmentUsage_400x400under a jacket without it being obvious to anyone that you’re carrying a bag, perfect for avoiding a potential theft. That being said, it still fits in a lot of stuff; my wallet, phone, keys, and sunglasses all fit inside with plenty of room left over. It’s actually big enough to fit a small guide book so it really is perfect for travellers.

More importantly, though, the VentureSafe is really secure. The eXomesh® internal wire mesh system is a slash proof material, and there’s also a slash proof strap, which stops crafty thieves sneaking up behind you and cutting the back off your waist.


The zips are really clever, too, because they fasten shut so that you know everything’s really secure inside. Plus the RFID blocking in the internal pockets prevents any high-tech thieves stealing your identity by using scanners to lift all the info from your cards or passport chip.

In short,  this small, discreet hip pack is a great addition to any traveller’s luggage. The perfect way to carry your valuables – especially your passport – when you’re on the road!

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TravelSafe 20L Portable Safe

As I mentioned before, being a travel blogger I’m going to need to take a camera Photo 02-01-2014 14 29 50and laptop with me on my travels. But, I’m certainly not going to want to have them with me at all times. There are going to be plenty of days when these bulky valuables get left behind at the hostel, and I don’t want to be constantly worrying about them whilst I’m trying to relax on a Colombian beach!

That’s where the fabulous TravelSafe range from PacSafe comes in. Available in 12L, 20L and the purse-sized TravelSafe 100, these clever lock-down pouches are a brilliant way to secure your valuables.

I opted for the largest size, 20L, and in spite of the specs on the website I was still taken aback by the size. I was able to fit in Photo 02-01-2014 14 31 06my laptop, camera and a small handbag inside – still with loads of room to spare! When not in use, the TravelSafe rolls down to fit neatly in my backpack, but once opened up it really is a very generously sized portable safe!

Made from very sturdy materials, the TravelSafe 20L is pretty much theft proof, with an eXomesh® cage mesh system to prevent someone slashing the material open. It’s also weather resistant – I accidentally plonked my TravelSafe in a puddle when I was photographing it for this review and everything inside remained bone dry!

Most importantly, though, the portable safe is easy to use: once it’s full you Photo 02-01-2014 14 29 21simply pull the wire drawstring closed (a bead on the drawstring pops through the padlock so you know it’s locked shut), loop the drawstring around a secure object (a hostel bedpost, for example – as long as it’s fixed to the floor!) and then lock the padlock shut. Simple, but very effective – and such a great way to give you peace of mind when you leave things behind!

Wherever you’re headed on your travels, it’s important to stay vigilant and be careful of your stuff. Any destination can be dangerous – even in London I have to keep a constant eye on my bag and once nearly had my phone stolen – so just keep your bags closed and be constantly aware. The range at PacSafe is a great way to keep your things protected, there are so many clever features that mean you can relax with peace of mind that your valuables are safe.

Want your own? Buy the 5L from Amazon here.Review: PacSafe Hip Pack and Portable Safe Need more space? Buy the 12L here.Review: PacSafe Hip Pack and Portable Safe

How do you keep your valuables safe when you’re travelling? Recommendations are welcome!

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  1. hahaha I don’t use any in over 40 years of traveling, nothing loss…::) just common sense I guess or luck…Cheers

  2. Does this model pack have an attached sleeve inside for the laptop so it won’t bounce around, or only the removable bag?

    • Do you mean the portable safe? It’s not for carrying the laptop, just to lock it up while you’re not using it, so it doesn’t have a laptop sleeve or anything. But it works great as a safe to keep things locked up while you’re out :)

      • Thanks for replying so quickly. Actually, I’m wondering about the actual bag itself. Has it got a built-in padded sleeve other than the included safe case which you pictured? I’d like this bag for travel but also something to use as a daily bag to carry my notebook to and from work with.

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