Failing at my 2016 Challenge

I am failing! This year, my goal was to do one big thing every month that scared me. The aim was simple – to challenge myself, test my limits, try new things, and hopefully boost my confidence a little bit. It was all about giving myself reasons to be proud of myself – something that seems to come all too rarely. My intentions were excellent, my reasons were good, and I really thought I could do it. Apparently I was wrong.

It all started so well. So far this year I’ve done a whole lot of new things. I’ve tried my hand at skiing and windsurfing, I’ve bungee-jumped in India, and I went backpacking solo for the first time ever. I’ve had some amazing adventures and really cool experiences thanks to my crazy challenge. But for the past two months I’ve not managed to do anything – so now I’m massively behind.

Why Am I Failing?

Not for lack of trying, and not because I’ve wussed out. The genuine excuse is that I’ve had almost no time! If you read the slightly insane-sounding post I wrote last week, you’ll know I’ve been very busy lately. So busy that by the time I wrote the post, on the train home after my 39th flight of the year, I sounded half-crazed with tiredness! I’ve been on a run of almost back to back trips for the past few months. Since most of them were press trips, my time wasn’t really my own. And between the trips I’ve been either knackered, broke, or both. Which has made finding time to “try something new” a little difficult!

Learning to Ski in Tignes

Skiing in Tignes with Wanderlust Chloe and xAmeliax

This post isn’t me quitting, by the way. I fully intend to complete my Twelve Fears Challenge this year, although I’m now pretty behind. This post is for two reasons. The first is to apologise – I made the challenge public via my blog so that I’d have something to hold me accountable (you guys). But I’ve still not kept up. I know that no one other than me really cares, but still – I said I would do something, and I’ve not done it. I suck. And I’m sorry!

The other reason for this post is to ask for help. I’m out of ideas and need inspiration! To catch up this month, I need to do three challenges – making up for both June and July. I already have one picked out, and it’s a good one…

August’s Challenge(s)

This weekend, I’m going to abseil 200ft down Avon Gorge in Bristol. It’s going to be flipping terrifying, but I’m doing it to raise money for Cancer Research. This year it’s been ten years since I lost my mum to cancer, so the idea is to commemorate that anniversary and to hopefully raise money for a vital cause. If you want to help beat cancer sooner, please considering sponsoring me – even if it’s just £1. If every one of my followers sponsored me for £1 each we’d raise tens of thousands, so please consider it.

For the other two challenges, though, I’m stumped! I’m in the UK most of this month and largely based in Weymouth (to be close to family) which makes finding things to do quite tricky. Give me ideas! They don’t have to be as big as bungee jumping, but it needs to be something new. Bear in mind, it’s not hard to scare me; I’m scared of all sorts of stuff! I just have some kind of weird knack for forcing myself to do things anyway.

So please, leave a comment or tweet me (@em_luxton) with some suggestions. I’ll make the best ones happen this month. Scroll down to leave a comment! 


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  1. That doesn’t sound like you’ve failed, it sounds like you tried! Abseiling would terrify me so lots of luck with it!!

  2. The important goal wasn’t the 12 months. The goal was the 12 personal challenges. I think that you are in good shape. Doesn’t sound like you’ve failed to me either.

    If you want a challenge How about fire walking? Have a tarantula walk on your hand?

    • …..or given that a Black Mamba has just slithered into the office next to mine, how about snake handling (just not a black mamba).

      • Oh my gosh – where is your office?! How scary! I actually love snakes (weirdo) so it wouldn’t scare me too much to try snake handling (As long as they aren’t too dangerous).

        Thanks so much for the encouraging words, though. I think you’re right – as long as I do 12 things this year it doesn’t really matter when I do them. This was just a personal goal so I sort of feel like I’m letting myself down!!

        • Only two months to reply. Sorry, time got away from me a little. I am on a plantation in Cameroon. Thankfully, we have now plugged all the holes in the office walls!

          • Haha no worries! Sounds like a cool place you work.

            Update – I actually held a massive (but apparently not poisonous) spider last month as part of the challenge. Which I was pleased with!

  3. failing is the way we learn to succeed!

    copyright me just then! :p

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