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Adventure Travel

Canyoning Valle di Ledro

For me, travel and adventure go hand in hand! This section is all about adventure travel for people like me – because I want to show you that if I can do it, anyone can!

I once spent a whole year trying to do one thing a month that scared me. Pushing my limits, testing my mettle, discovering new skills, new joys, and new terrors! At the end of it, I found that I was a lot more courageous! Not braver – I still couldn’t ever call myself brave – but certainly more willing to try things, even when they scare me.

I really think that’s the secret of travel, and the beauty of it. You discover a lot about yourself when you’re terrified! So with these posts I’m hoping to inspire others to challenge themselves a bit. You don’t need to go as extreme as I did, because there’s also a lot of value in the smaller stuff.

This section focuses on adventure, travel, and pushing yourself. It’s all about trying new things, facing up to what scares you, and – hopefully – growing a bit along the way. Enjoy!

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