Skincare Tips for Travelling in Hot Countries

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One of the tricky things about travelling long term is finding the right balance between packing light, and taking enough beauty products to keep your skin healthy and protected whilst your away. Hot countries with either humid or arid conditions can really wreck your skin – and your holiday snaps – with breakouts, rashes, or dry, flaky skin. Here are a few of my top tips for taking care of your skin whilst travelling!

Stay Hydrated…

If you’re travelling in a hot, arid climate, a great way to keep your skin from drying out is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and protect yourself from the inside out, and you can also keep your skin hydrated with a little spray bottle filled with mineral water. A quick mist of water can help refresh make up, keep your skin moisturised, and is also great to keep you cool whilst sightseeing!

Do as the Locals Do…

Don’t forget, the locals have been putting up with their country’s climate for centuries, so it’s worth taking some beauty tips from them. I had a fantastic hammam experience in Morocco which worked wonders for my dried out skin after two weeks in desert conditions! The attendants scrubbed me within an Me, post-hammaminch of my life using African Black Soap
and a special exfoliating glove called a kessa, scraping off an entire layer of dead skin, before a wonderfully moisturising massage with Moroccan miracle product Argan Oil. Seek out a local spa or bath house every once in a while; not only is a great way to experience a big part of the local culture, but it will also do your skin the world of good!

Deep Cleanse…

Hot weather, heavy sun creams, sweating, and rubbing – not to mention all the stresses of travel – can cause your skin to breakout in spots more frequently. Not great for all those travel snaps, when you want to be looking your best! The one bulky item you might want to carry with you is your regular cleanser, because an abrupt change can cause a change to your skin’s acid balance, which could cause a breakout. I’d also recommend using a facial mask once a week – again, try to find locally made ones – to really clean deep down!

Leave the Foundation at Home…

Most people are roughing it when they’re travelling, so chances are you just won’t need make up while you’re away. I find a make-up bag is unnecessarily bulky and adds too much weight to my backpack, so I prefer to take the bare minimum; a mascara and a tinted moisturiser. Foundations can be heavy and in hot weather they can worsen problems like dehydration, perspiration and spot breakouts. A good quality tinted moisturiser is much better for travelling, it’ll be much lighter on your skin but is still great for smoothing out your complexion.

Sun-cream, Sun-cream, Sun-cream…

Come on, surely we all know by now how important this is! Even on cloudy days, it’s important to remember your sun-cream and to make sure that you’re suitable protected from the sun. Hats, sunglasses, cream, scarves; the works! If you’re travelling longer term, sun burn is going to make life so much harder, and repeated sun damage will age your skin  in the long run!

You can recreate the hammam experience at home with some rhassoul/ghassoul clay, like this Organic Natural Rhassoul Clay, a tub or bar of African Black Soap and a bottle of high-quality Argan Oil. Grab your exfoliating mitts and treat yourself!

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