VIDEO – My Alberta Road Trip Vlog

This is my last post about Alberta, I promise. At least for a little while. Last week, I made my longest ever video, covering my whole week road tripping around Southern Alberta in Canada. It was SUCH a great trip, for a lot of reasons. The diverse range of incredible landscapes, the epic driving views, the wildlife, the culture, the food… 

But, the best thing about the trip was overcoming my own personal barriers and feeling totally empowered and confident behind the wheel of the car, for the first time ever! I passed my test in January this year, and took this road trip in June. Driving abroad for the first time, in an automatic car, was a HUGE challenge for me. I was absolutely terrified, and I wanted to document that journey, the challenges, and how I ultimately overcame it all.

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Hopefully, this video shows a little bit of my favourite thing about travel – the way it so often forces you out of your comfort zone and tests you. That feeling of pride when you step up to the plate and face up to something, however big or small, is unbeatable. It’s what I love about travel, and what I REALLY loved about this road trip. 

Watch the video below, and let me know what you think. It’s the longest and most challenging video I’ve made so far so any feedback would be appreciated… 

I’ve made it clear in the video description, but just a further reminder. My trip was supported by Travel Alberta and Explore Canada – but all opinions in the video are absolutely my own. 


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