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A Guide to Health and Fitness for Solo Female Travelers

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Travelling solo is on almost every woman’s bucket list. It’s a dream realised only by a few. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some. If you have such an opportunity, you have to make the most of it!

You cannot get bogged down by jet lag, and you can’t allow travel-related aches and strains to hold you down. So how do you stay active on your solo adventures? Follow these tips to maintain your fitness and have truly epic adventures:

Perform Bodyweight Workouts

If you’re going on a solo trip, you shouldn’t be spending time in an indoor gym, no matter how fabulous the hotel gym might be (unless there’s one with a spectacular view; then definitely spend a few minutes there every day). For the most part, stay out of your room, and out of the hotel. 

Your body weight provides sufficient resistance for training your body. And you can perform bodyweight exercises just about anywhere. If there are specially designated areas for fitness activities, you might want to explore those. You may come across like-minded individuals and form long-lasting friendships.

You won’t be able to carry much of your fitness gear but try to take resistance bands along with you. These can help take your workouts up a notch. Plus, they are lightweight and easily portable. 

Put Safety First

This tip naturally flows from the previous tip. Take advantage of the fresh air and scenic landscapes, but always put safety first. If you plan to exercise outdoors in the evening, night, or early morning hours, choose well-lit areas that are frequented by more people. To avoid potential risks and to ensure visibility, daylight hours might be the best. 

For an extra layer of security, always keep some trusted people informed about your whereabouts, and your estimated time of return. Avoid putting on headphones while exercising outdoors, and always be vigilant of your surroundings. 

Go for Adventure Sports

Now that the safety warning is out of the way, let’s confront fears and get an adrenaline rush. If adventure sports have always been on your bucket list, then it’s time to tick one or more off. Did you know that the adrenaline rush that comes with adventure sports can actually give you temporary superpowers? It can sharpen your vision and hearing, boost your strength, and make you hyper-alert and focused. A solo trip might be the best time to try being a superwoman. Don’t worry if it’s your first time. Plenty of adventure sports are suitable for beginners. Examples include scuba diving, rafting, bungee jumping, skiing, and parasailing. Certified instructors will guide you in a short session before you go for an adventure sport. 

Support Your Activities With Proper Nutrition

You might be in an unfamiliar place and you may not understand the local cuisine much. How do you balance your meals? How do you ensure that you’re meeting your body’s nutritional requirements? First and foremost, remember that the local cuisine was specially developed to meet the body’s requirements in the climate of the region. So, try the local meals, and avoid fast food. Supplement your diet with daily multivitamins for women

Carry healthy snacks with you for fueling your adventures. Replenish your snack stock every chance you get. Carry some snacks in your backpack if you’re going to leave the rest of your luggage at the hotel. 

Wrapping Up

You’re getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. This journey won’t just be about exploring new places, it will be about rediscovering yourself, your resilience, and the strength you have within you. Empower yourself by staying active throughout, and embrace every opportunity for new experiences. 

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