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7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die

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7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die

You know, there are many destinations you have to visit before you die. An awesome Hostel can round up your great travel experience. If you have ever stayed at Hostels, you exactly know what we mean.

We are Anna&Matt, the people behind Hostelgeeks, an independent travel and hostel brand collecting the most awesome Hostels in the world: the 5 Star Hostels.

Does this mean 5 Star Hostels are ridiculously expensive? OH NO, Mr. Traveller! You will be surprised how much you can get out of your hostel. A 5 Star Hostel costs on average the same as any other hostel. Sure if you stay on a shoestring budget, you might consider these very cheap hostels indeed.

BUT invest 1 or 2€ more, and you will have a totally different hostel experience with amenities like a swimming pool, rooftop terrace, and more.

Together with Emily, we want to show you 7 awesome Hostels you have to stay at before you die. All of them are still on budget. Ready? Then let us start with a wow!

1. Caveland Santorini

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
Caveland Hostel Santorini

Former winery, swimming pool, huge courtyard, 5 Star Hostel…AND at Caveland Santorini you actually sleep in caves! Once upon a time, the caves were used to store wine. You can start your morning with a yoga class overlooking the surroundings of Santorini, and explore hidden beaches during the day. Your day at Caveland ends with a BBQ at the terrace.

Cold drink in hand, t-shirt weather and the opportunity to make new friends: The Caveland Santorini combines a paradise destination with an awesome Hostel.

2. Ecomama Amsterdam

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
Ecomama Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a must-visit when backpacking Europe. And we found just the right place to kick off your Amsterdam trip the right way: Ecomama Amsterdam boasts a charming hipster-style, and has endless space and opportunities to meet fellow travellers.

Ecomama Amsterdam even has its own boat tour. EPIC Hostel, you cannot miss when backpacking Europe!

3. Oxotel Chiang Mai

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
Oxotel Chiang Mai

From Amsterdam to Thailand. The Oxotel Chiang Mai comes in an industrial-chic style. It is a 5 Star Hostel and popular café as well. The building was completely refurbished, but its authentic Thai-architecture was well maintained.

Now you can wander around, and have endless choice of common areas and places to chill. There is even a caravan standing at the end of the green garden, which is actually another private accommodation. They brought the caravan from Europe and build an impressive apartment right inside.

Fun Fact: if you take the airport pick-up service of Oxotel, they will pick you up in an old vintage Volkswagen. Now, this is how you make your entrance!

4. Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse in Tasmania

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
Montacute Boutique Hostel, Tasmania

Heart-shaped Tasmania has its very own 5 Star Hostel. The Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse is a tranquil boutique-styled hostel with a big garden, and incredible cosy vibes. Their communal table in the dining area looks like the tables from an Oktoberfest in Munich. Fun fact: It is a real table from the real Oktoberfest!

The most impressive part about the atmosphere is that the Montacute does not organize any fixed events. Everything happens here dynamically. People share, cook, plan…and suddenly there is a BBQ event in the garden.

5. We Hostel Design

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
We Hostel Design

The We Hostel Design is one of the most famous Design Hostels in the world. And a 5 Star Hostel. Why? It is located inside a precious 1910s-mansion, and features a contemporary design throughout the hostel.

Putting the design aside, this hostel also comes with a Brazilian lifestyle. Food trucks, live concerts and your very own cocktail in the garden. Yep, We Hostel Design is pretty awesome!

6. Lemon Rock Hostel

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
Lemon Rock Hostel

Andalusia! This is the Spain everybody is talking about. Tapas, Flamenco, and viva la vida. The Lemon Rock Hostel is the perfect reflection of this Granada lifestyle. Vintage design, lots of music events, easy-going vibes.

Have a sandwich on the roof top terrace and chill in the sun!

7. Swanky Mint Zagreb

7 Awesome Hostels You Have to Stay in Before You Die
Swanky Mint Hostel Zagreb

Let us finish this list of 7 awesome Hostels at the bar of Swanky Mint Hostel. This is not just any bar. The Swanky Mint is an impressive industrial-designed hostel, which turned its history into a magnificent hostel. The bar, called Monkey bar, is a colorful mix of old upcycled furniture and rustic elements, turned into a stylish bar.

The building used to be a dry-cleaning factory. The Swanky Mint designers carefully restored the former factory and turned it into the 5 Star Hostel in Zagreb.

Summary of 7 awesome Hostels

A hostel takes up an important part of your full travel experience. Therefore, it is actually quite important to get an idea of the hostels you are considering. We at Hostelgeeks help you to find those exact stunning Hostels. We find, review, and collect them for you.

We hope this list of fantastic Hostels will give you an idea of all the special hostels out there. If you are looking for more unique hostels, you will find all 5 Star Hostels with us at

Sleep well,

PS: Hostelgeeks does not offer any booking service. We simply award and collect amazing Hostels so you can find them with only one click.

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