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Visit These Places To Celebrate Your 30th Wedding Anniversary In Style

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Visit These Places To Celebrate Your 30th Wedding Anniversary In Style

A wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion, especially when it is your 30th. A lifetime of being with your partner, day in and day out, for 30 long years goes to show how strong the foundation of your relationship is. The level of commitment, mutual love, adoration and respect a 30-year-long marriage bond showcases is unparalleled, especially in the casual consumerist culture of our times when the average marriage lasts 5 years.

For a love as momentous and era-defining as one spanning 30 years, the celebration of that love needs to be equally exceptional. After all, the 30th wedding anniversary is also known as the Pearl Wedding Anniversary, since the 30th wedding anniversary is a lot like a pearl. Much like a pearl, the 30th wedding anniversary has been shaped over decades with love and experiences, and shines bright because of its lustrous beauty.

What better gift to give your significant other on this momentous occasion than the material representation of your love than a pearl? Gifting pearl jewellery inlaid with silver or diamond accents can be a great gift to showcase just how much this relationship means to you.

The following trips can be a great way to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary in beautiful locales and ensure you are at one with your partner in the most dazzling places on earth.

1. Spain

Aerial view of La Rambla pedestrian road in Barcelona, the road is lined with trees on either side and the rest of the city spreads out either side under a blue sky

Spain is a beautiful place to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. With pristine beaches, wonderful architecture, great museums and their own wine-producing regions, Spain can be a lover’s paradise. The cuisine there is wonderful as well, and this is one trip that will be unforgettable.

2. Ireland

Ireland has often been called the land of fairies, because of its picturesque natural beauty. With beautifully green landscapes, it is no wonder why this country is called the Emerald Isles. Ireland both has historical landmarks and culturally relevant places as well as an idyllic countryside and old-world forests.

Staying at an old Irish Lord’s castle and getting pampered with the royal treatment can really make this vacation memorable, helping you celebrate and cherish your partner.

3. Italy

view of a green countryside landscape in Tuscany with a green hill topped with cedar trees and mountains in the distance behind hazy clouds

Italy can be a wonderful place to visit for your 30th wedding anniversary, because of the variety that it offers in terms of locations and curated experiences.

From Naples – the birthplace of pizza – to Rome, home of the iconic Trevi Fountain and the Coliseum, or even Sicily, a charming place that is sure to add a romantic twist to your romantic celebrations.

4. New Zealand

If an idyllic vacation with a scenic view is what you want from your vacation and help usher in the 30th year of your marriage, New Zealand is the place to go. A nature-based retreat in New Zealand can do wonders for both your marriage and your soul, helping soothe you and help you reach an even deeper connection with your partner.

5. Peru

rainbow mountain in peru, a man and woman in traditional dress walking up the ridge of the mountain which is striped in different shades of red brown and beige on a bright sunny day with blue sky overhead. the man is wearing a black jacket and black cowboy hat, the woman is carrying a large multicoloured sack over her shoulder and a colourful parasol with a yellow fringe.
Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Peru can be a great place for you to visit on your 30th wedding anniversary. With winding trails and history seeped in the land of Peru, the birthplace of the Mesoamerican civilisation, this can be a rich, enriching experience that can help you achieve greater insights within yourself and your partner.

Today, textiles are famous in Peru, because of the high quality of wool that is available here. Buy yourself and your partner some cashmere trench coats and beautiful matching pearl jewellery to go along with it.

6. A Caribbean Cruise

Emily wearing a long black kaftan relaxing on a white sunbed in the Sanctuary on the Regal Princess, the bed is outside on the deck of the ship with empty wooden floor in front dotted with large white plant pots with green leafy hedges. Emily is facing a glass wall with the sea beyond.

What better way to reaffirm your commitment and love to your partner than sailing across the beautiful expanse of the glistening, sparkling Caribbean seas?

Take a cruise with your partner and ring in your 30th wedding anniversary on a trip through the Caribbean isles, try out the cuisine and immerse yourself in the culture and music of the location to widen your horizon with some new experiences.

7. Paris

view of Paris city skyline with the Eiffel Tower rising above the buildings against a pink and purple sky at sunset.

The traditional choice, Paris is the best city to go to for any love-related celebration. Known as the city of love, the very atmosphere in Paris is fit for you to celebrate your journey up to this moment.

Spend your days in cafes and your nights strolling by looking at the Eiffel Tower. Celebrating your wedding anniversary in Paris will certainly give you and your partner some beautiful memories to cherish and remember.

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