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The Ultimate Arabian Adventure: A Saudi and Dubai Itinerary

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Imagine unearthing the mysteries of the Arabian nights and the splendour of ultramodern skylines all in one trip. With Saudi Arabia’s recent enticements for globe-trotters far and wide and Dubai’s long-standing reputation as the epitome of desert luxury, a journey combining both is nothing short of epic. For those yearning to witness the cultural depth of Saudi heritage and the high-octane thrills offered in Dubai, a meticulously planned itinerary reveals the best of the two worlds. Get ready to be transported on an Arabian odyssey that stitches the traditional with the futuristic in the fabric of unforgettable memories.

Saudi Arabia Itinerary

Riyadh (2 days):

The Ultimate Arabian Adventure: A Saudi and Dubai Itinerary

Day 1: Discovering the Heart of Riyadh

  • Begin your adventure with a visit to the Al Masmak Fortress, the cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s unification.
  • Stroll through the National Museum of Saudi Arabia to dive deep into the Arabian Peninsula’s past.
  • Witness the breathtaking cityscape from Kingdom Tower’s sky bridge, wrapping up the day with panoramic night views.

Day 2: Embracing Riyadh’s Culture

  • Spend the day exploring Riyadh’s vibrant markets. Delve into the colours and chaos, from gold souks to sprawling food markets, showcasing the authentic Saudi experience.

Jeddah (2 days):

Day 3: Jeddah’s Historical Rendezvous

  • Meander through Al-Balad, the historical heart of Jeddah, featuring ancient buildings and bustling markets.
  • Relax by the serene Red Sea beaches or partake in snorkelling or diving to explore underwater wonders.

Day 4: Spiritual and Natural Beauty

  • Visit the iconic Floating Mosque, marvelling at its stunning architecture seemingly afloat on the sea.
  • Spend the latter half of the day at leisure, enjoying the seafront, tasting local seafood delicacies, or shopping for Arabian souvenirs.

AlUla (2 days):

Hegra Saudi Arabia

Day 5: Ancient Wonders of AlUla

  • Explore the awe-inspiring Mada’in Saleh, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia, known for its rock-cut tombs.
  • Visit the mesmerising Elephant Rock, especially at sunset, for a magical view.

Day 6: Desert Adventures

  • Engage in a desert excursion through AlUla’s sandscapes, concluding your day with an unforgettable stargazing session amidst the desert’s tranquillity.

Transition to Dubai

After immersing in the historical tapestry of Saudi Arabia, an effortless segue to your next destination awaits. The Riyadh to Dubai flight is brief, often taking less than two hours, but transports you into a contrasting narrative woven with urban innovation and luxury.

Dubai Itinerary

Dubai (5 days)

The Ultimate Arabian Adventure: A Saudi and Dubai Itinerary

Day 7: Dubai’s Architectural Marvels

  • Ascend the Burj Khalifa to its observation deck, experiencing breathtaking views.
  • Wander through the vast expanse of the Dubai Mall, followed by the enchanting water dance at the Dubai Fountain.

Day 8: Desert Safari

  • Venture into the desert for a day filled with dune bashing, camel rides, and a traditional Bedouin-style dinner under the stars, offering a glimpse into the Arabian nights.

Day 9: Theme Park Thrills

  • Choose an adventure at either Dubai Miracle Garden or IMG Worlds of Adventure, depending on your thrill-seeking appetite.

Day 10: Souk Shopping

  • Experience the traditional markets of Dubai, exploring the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, immersing yourself in the vibrant market life.

Day 11: Leisure and Departure

  • Enjoy a leisurely day exploring any missed sights or revisiting favourite spots. As the day winds down, prepare for your departure, carrying with you memories of an unforgettable Arabian adventure.

Helpful Tips for Your Middle Eastern Adventure

Whether exploring the historic wonders of Saudi Arabia or the futuristic landscapes of Dubai, these travel tips will help ensure a seamless experience across your Middle Eastern journey.

  • Confirm visa requirements for both Saudi Arabia and Dubai well in advance. Carry all necessary documentation including travel insurance.
  • Dress conservatively, particularly in public spaces and religious sites. Understanding and respecting local customs is crucial.
  • English is widely used but learning basic Arabic phrases could enhance your interaction with locals.
  • The Saudi Riyal (SAR) and UAE Dirham (AED) are the local currencies. Carry some local currency and notify your bank of your travel plans to avoid any card issues.
  • Consider buying a local SIM card for better rates. Free Wi-Fi is often available in hotels and public areas but always uses secure connections.
  • Familiarise yourself with each country’s public transport options or use ride-sharing apps like Uber or Careem for convenience.
  • Stick to bottled water and carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect from the sun. Always have some form of identification with you.
  • Embrace local markets (souks) and cuisine. Be mindful of photographing people without permission, especially in conservative areas.
  • Negotiating prices is part of the shopping experience in traditional markets, so don’t hesitate to bargain respectfully.
  • Keep your receipts to claim a VAT refund in Dubai for eligible purchases.
  • Respect the environment by minimising waste and leaving no trace during outdoor excursions. Support local by choosing locally-owned businesses and products.


Your journey from Saudi Arabia to Dubai paints a beautiful picture of contrasts and adventures. Starting from the historical richness of Riyadh and Jeddah, you’ll delve into captivating tales from the past. As you traverse from the echoes of ancient trade routes to the buzz of modern life, your itinerary comes alive. Then, Dubai greets you with breathtaking natural and man-made wonders, illustrating the region’s compelling narrative. Here, the tapestry of experiences spans from unexplored mysteries to indulgent luxuries, a treasure trove for any traveller.

Whether it’s through the lens of these ancient lands or the pulse of a cosmopolitan hub, your Arabian adventure is rich in experience. Embark on this grand journey that seamlessly intertwines tales from the ‘Arabian Nights’ with visions of futuristic splendour. It’s a voyage from the whispers of the past into a dawn of innovation and ambition.

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