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Coastal Charms: The Most Beautiful Beaches in the UK

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aerial shot of a low headland surrounded by turquoise sea with golden sandy beaches and a small town with a harbour. What to do in St Ives Cornwall England.

If charming seaside coastal towns brimming with bespoke cultural magic unique to the area and community is something you enjoy, then the UK is just the location you want to explore. All along the coastal front, you can experience the traditions and rich history that formed the country we so love and know today, and take a stroll around the picturesque seaside villages packed with maritime heritage and a story or two. 

There is no better way to adventure a land than on foot, up close and personal. So grab your favorite sneakers to go for a walk and see all the beauty that the UK shores have to offer. There is something for everyone from coastal living to the serenity of Cornwall, and even the exhilarating cliffs, in all their ruggedness, of Scotland. Let’s dive in and see which scenery is most appealing to you so you can add it to your next vacation must-see destination.

Top 5 gems not to miss out on

St. Ives in Cornwall

st ives harbour at low tide with the golden sandy floor exposed and a few boats left on the sand. the town and grassy headland are visible behind and an empty blue sky overhead.

This destination is as pretty in real life as it is depicted in photos and artists’ creations around the world. A former fishing village and now a top tourist haven for sunbathing while staring at the turquoise vastness of the ocean glistening in the summer sun. The perfect stop on a road trip. Be sure to take a walk through to farmers market every Tuesday to sample and savor traditional and authentic Cornish delicacies.

Tenby, Pembrokeshire in Wales

aerial shot of a small harbour in Tenby Wales with colourful fishing boats moored off a small sandy beach next to a long grey harbour wall. Behind there is a grassy hill and a small town with all the buildings painted in different pastel colours.

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is a must if you enjoy breathtaking views of a rolling landscape for as far as the eye can see. Take a walk early in the morning while the air is still crisp and fresh to get the blood pumping and see the world below waking up ready to take on the day. Late afternoons are equally picturesque for a stroll as the sun slows its pace to settle in for the evening, you can be sure to get a magazine-worthy photo here.

Whitby, North Yorkshire

Looking fown a long stone staircase with several whitewashed cottages on the left and the sea at the bottom, it is sunset and the sun is just disappearing behind the harbour wall in Whitby North Yorkshire England

Winding alleys paved with rich heritage-filled cobblestones make Whitby a sure spot on our bucket list of perfect locations to walk along and explore while in the UK. A stroll along East Pier enjoying panoramic views of the harbor and old town will help build up your hunger so you can head to the local restaurant to enjoy the famous Whitby fish and chips.

Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The perfect greeting to the Scotland highlands, Portree is the largest Town on the Isle of Skye and you are welcomed by colorful houses along the edge of the harbor as you arrive ready to adventure through the rugged trails and pathways and certainly the Old Man of Storr. A merry stroll through the town offers rich Gaelic history alive with folk music and colorful traditions.

Brighton, East Sussex

brighton pier shot from low down on th ebeach so the pier is above the horizon, most of the structure is silhouetted against a sunset sky with the setting sun appearing just above the horizon of the sea between the metal poles holding up the pier. best uk cities for nightlife.

If a lively atmosphere is your vibe then Brighton is the place to be. Walking along the promenade when the sun is shining is just glorious, and a treat for anyone looking to unwind with the sea air cooling you down and listening and watching the vibrant community out and about on their daily routines. The beach stretches for quite some distance so be sure you have a quality pair of comfortable sneakers to make the most of it. 

Quality is key

Now that you have the perfect curated list of destinations it is essential you have the quality of footwear to take you to all these places without leaving you worse for wear. Appropriate sneakers are more than just about looks, although we do factor that in, there are specific elements that are a must when purchasing the right footwear. Such as;

Fit – Be sure you have the right sizing. If it is too small it will quickly become evident when you begin walking, and if you have too much space your foot will be sliding back and forth which can cause improper stepping but also blistering and chafing. No, thank you.

Support and Cushioning – Padding inside by your arch and ball of the foot will help prevent fatigue when walking for many hours. Look for Achilles heel padding, and internal support so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Weight  – Think lightweight to prevent your legs from cramping and eliminate lethargic muscle spasms. The last thing you want is to have to stop exploring because of the incorrect footwear.

All in all adventuring and discovering beautiful places and beaches is best done when you are immersed in the scenery, so grab your sneakers, a water bottle, and a companion and make the most of your travels.

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