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21 Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe in 2024

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Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

Some of the cheapest and most affordable countries to visit in Europe – perfect if you want a getaway on a budget!

Europe is often considered a fairly expensive continent to travel. Especially when compared with the likes of South East Asia or Central America, for example. But it’s also a large and varied continent – so there are actually plenty of more affordable destinations across the continent.

Eastern Europe, in particular, is known for having some cheapest countries to visit in Europe. But even some of the more popular destinations offer plenty of opportunities for budget holidays.

Thanks to the vast array of budget airline routes, it’s easier than ever to reach the more affordable destinations in Europe. So I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers from around the continent to bring you this list of budget destination ideas.

Whether you’re backpacking Europe, or looking for an affordable luxury break, travelling this continent doesn’t have to break the bank. A bit of research when planning your Europe trip can go a long way. Shop around, keep an eye out for the best deals, and read up on money-saving tips.

And, of course, look for some of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe for your next budget holiday!

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

I spoke to travel bloggers from around Europe, including many locals, to put together the following list of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. I don’t really like the word “cheap”, as really it’s all relative. But these are certainly some of the most affordable places to visit in Europe from the UK.

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1. Georgia

Recommended by: Emily from Wander-Lush

Georgia is one of the cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

There are few destinations in Europe where you can stretch your dollar further than Georgia. Tourism is taking off in the former Soviet Republic, and travelling in Georgia has never been safer or more affordable.

Georgia’s greatest virtue is its natural beauty, which is completely free to enjoy. Hiking in the Caucasus mountains (Svaneti is a popular choice), biking around the Javakheti lakes and if it’s the right season, skiing, are among the top things to do.

Intercity marshrutka buses cost between 0.50 cents and 5 Euros depending on the journey. Car hire is also incredibly cheap if you opt for a local company. The accommodation of choice is family-run guesthouses, which offer cosy private rooms and a generous home-cooked breakfast for around 20 Euros/night.

Even the capital, Tbilisi, is affordable. Expect to pay around 15 Euros for a restaurant meal for two, and a couple of Euros for a glass of local wine.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Svaneti Towers Private Tour – 4-Day Private Tour in West Georgia

2. Malta

Recommended by: Michael, The World Was Here First

Malta in Spring

A great affordable country to visit in Europe is the island nation of Malta. While you can certainly have a luxurious stay here, you’ll find prices in Malta very reasonable if you want to visit on a budget.

If you love travelling to experience the local cuisine, visitors will find great value at many mid-range and high-end restaurants offering delicious fresh food. Similarly, drink prices are quite reasonable with many bars and restaurants offering happy hour specials.

If visiting on a budget, it’s best to avoid staying and eating in the capital of Valletta as prices are higher there. Travellers can save the most if they choose to stay a little bit away from the coastline on the main island or by choosing to stay on the smaller island of Gozo.

A budget of €65-70 per person per day for couples who want an occasional splurge is reasonable.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Highlights of Malta & Mdina Full Day Tour with Lunch

3. Bulgaria

Recommended by: Bilyana, Owl Over The World

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe
Ortsevo, village in Rhodopes Mountain

When telling people about Bulgaria, I always highlight how budget-friendly destination the country is, and how much you can see and experience without spending too much.

In Bulgaria, you can easily find great, luxurious hotels for about £45 per night, or dine at fine restaurants for as little as £25-30 GBP for two people. On top of that, some of the best things to see and do in Bulgaria are absolutely free! That includes monuments, national parks, museum cities, and festivals.

Among all the beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria, the most affordable ones are in the Rhodopes region and in the North of the country. However, by the UK’s standards, even big resorts are very affordable.

skiing in bulgaria
Pirin Mountain in Winter

Many people head to the famous party resort of Sunny Beach, but this is the last place that I would recommend visiting! Instead, head to the South or North of the Black Sea Coast and check out Sinemorets or Balchik.

If you’re into winter sports, you’ll love Bulgaria in winter. In Bansko, one of Europe’s top ski resorts: a day pass costs £32!

4. Portugal

Recommended by: Sarah, CosmopoliClan

Its abundance of natural beauty makes Portugal a beloved European holiday destination. Unfortunately, most visitors don’t venture beyond the golden Algarve beaches.

Yet travelling deeper, leaving behind the crowds and the sweltering heat, allows you to discover so much more while making your money go further.

Portugal coast
 cheapest countries to Visit in Europe - Portugal

From the lagoons and deserted beaches of Portugal’s Ria Formosa Nature Reserve to the rolling wildflower-dotted sand dunes of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park and from the mountainous green lands of the Azores to the adventurous trails meandering Peneda-Gerês National Park, the natural diversity is breathtaking.

You can find highly affordable lodging and inexpensive food in the white-washed villages and interesting towns along the way. Cosmopolitan cities such as Lisbon, Porto and Funchal can be just as budget-friendly thanks to a vast range of accommodation and dinner options. Especially if you visit during the off-season – Lisbon in January can be much more affordable than in the height of summer!

This affordable European destination offers the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation and culture

5. Croatia

Recommended by: Ilse, Digital Travel Couple

Hvar Croatia

Croatia can be a perfect European budget destination. With cheap flights departing from many European cities, you can book a return ticket to Croatia for less than €100.

The costs depend per season of course. May and September are both shoulder season months with lower prices than normal. But from October – March, which is the official low season, you will find the lowest prices.

An average private room costs around €20 – €30 and transport can be done by bus, ferry or rental car if you want to have some more flexibility. An average daily budget for Croatia is around €45 – €50 including accommodation.

If you rent a place with a kitchen you can save on going out for lunch and dinner. Groceries are the same price as anywhere else in Europe but restaurants are relatively inexpensive. This provides a good base for travelling on a budget in Europe!  

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Dubrovnik Old Town Walking Tour

6. Slovenia

Recommended by: Nichola, Globalmouse Travels

Lake Bled Slovenia

Slovenia is perfect as a destination for an affordable trip. The prices here are significantly lower than in neighbouring countries, so this is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe.

Ljubljana is an overlooked capital city and is beautiful and packed full of history – take a walking tour like this one to discover it! Best of all the relative lack of tourists means prices for attractions and historic sites are much lower. Eating out, in particular, is so well-priced throughout Slovenia. On our trip through Europe, we found the street food in Slovenia was the cheapest we’d come across!

Don’t miss Slovenia for a winter trip either. If you’re looking for the best ski resorts in Europe for families or couples, Slovenia is well worth considering. Beautiful resorts like Kranjska Gora boast prices significantly lower than its French and Austrian counterparts.

7. Lithuania 

Recommended by: Stella Jane, Around the World in 24 Hours 

things to do in vilnius

Lithuania is a small but fascinating country and the perfect affordable European destination. The capital city, Vilnius, has stunning architecture, great street art, and delicious food for a fraction of the prices in many other European capitals.

Vilnius offers several pay-what-you-wish walking tours of both the historic district and the old Communist buildings. You can spend a lovely afternoon walking to the Three Crosses, which costs absolutely nothing. This self-guided audio-walking tour is a great way to explore the city on a budget.

Vilnius also has a top-notch gourmet restaurant, Amandus, for about a third of what you would pay in a city like London or Paris.

best views in vilnius

Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, is just as affordable and interesting. It also has a vibrant street art scene, a beautiful Old Town, and the famous Liberty Boulevard, all of which cost nothing to visit. In fact, it’s possible to take an amazing trip to Lithuania without spending a single penny on attractions!

8. Spain

Recommended by: Joanna, the World in my Pocket

Murcia Travel Guide

Spain is one of Europe most popular budget destinations, with millions of tourists choosing to spend their holidays here every year. One of the most popular destinations for tourists is Costa del Sol, in Southern Spain.

Of all the airports around Andalucia, the cheapest one to fly to is Malaga. You can easily find flights to Malaga from the UK for around £50 return with Ryanair, Easyjet, or Norwegian. Malaga Airport is a 15-minute ride from the city.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Old Medina Walking Tour in Malaga

Because there is so much competition among the thousand hotels in Southern Spain, you can book four- or five-star hotels for much less money than anywhere else in Europe.

For example, during one of my recent trips to Granada, I paid 70 euros for two nights in the four-star Barcelo hotel located in the centre of the city. Food in Andalucia is very affordable as well, with a three-course meal for two, with wine, in a restaurant, priced at around 40 euros.

9. Hungary

Recommended by: Angeline, Go Around Philippines 

Hungary is one of the cheapest countries to Visit in Europe

Hungary is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. Here, you’ll find rich folk traditions still thriving yet also cosmopolitan enough with its vibrant nightlife and youthful crowd.

Its capital city – Budapest, is a delightful combination of two historical cities lying opposite each other over the Danube River. Buda shows its historical Buda castle and Pest’s side is flanked by the imposing Parliament building, busy streets and other buildings which still retain their centuries-old architectural heritage.

While all of these places filled the city, the countryside is also a charm with even older traditions and the local’s passion for winemaking and tasting. In Budapest, I was able to have a bowl of spicy goulash from $4-5 from a local restaurant.

You’ll find even fast-food dishes are also very affordable, from $3-4 dollars. Make sure to try palinka – as locals drink this before meal so cleanse their palate. Hungary is an awesome place to visit for a holiday and an affordable one at that.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Buda Castle District Walking Tour

10. Cyprus

Recommended by: Baia from Red Fedora Diary

Kyrenia Northern Cyprus

If youre looking for affordable holiday destinations in Europe, consider spending your vacation in Cyprus. Rich in history, the country boasts gorgeous castles, the pristine shore of the Mediterranean, delicious cuisine, and warm weather conditions to name a few.

Prices here are similar to other mid-range European destinations. Transportation, food, and accommodation prices can range between 20-50 Euros depending on the city and what kind of a traveller you are, but it can definitely get cheaper. Inner-city bus tickets cost around 7 Euros round trip while dining out can be as low as 4-6 Euros.

And even more affordable is Northern Cyprus, a de facto state administered by Turkey, because of the devaluation of the Turkish Lira against Euro or US dollars. Despite the political situation, travelling here is absolutely safe, while there are plenty of things to do in Kyrenia, the main city of the region. Check out this guided tour of North Cyprus to discover the area with a local.

11. Albania

Recommended by: Arabela, Spicy Travel Girl

Albania is oneof the cheapest countries to Visit in Europe

Albania is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe and a unique choice for every type of traveller. Whether you’re looking for crowd-free sand beaches with turquoise water and a hike in the country’s beautiful mountains for a fraction of the prices you’d pay in other countries, Albania will never disappoint you.

You can book entire apartments in Tirana for half of what you would pay at hostels in Western Europe. Intercity buses across the country will cost nothing more than some spare change.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Tirana Walking Tour

Food prices are so low that you can enjoy a full BBQ feast for less than ten pounds! And most importantly, locals in this yet-to-be-discovered holiday destination are so hospitable that sometimes they might even surprise you with gifts!

12. Greece

Recommended by:  Elena, Passion for Greece

Cheapest countries to Visit in Europe
Chrissi Island, Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with hundreds of destinations which cater to all tastes and budgets. Other than popular islands like Mykonos and Zante, which can be expensive by Greek standards, this country offers endless holiday destinations for those seeking a low-budget getaway.

The major cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are particularly affordable, but there are also plenty of islands to explore whatever your budget. Take a look at the pros and cons for Mykonos vs Santorini – or seek out one of the more off-the-beaten-track islands like Paros or Milos.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Guided Mythological Walking Tour of Athens

The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is an example of such. Known for its captivating sceneries, diverse and delicious cuisine, exotic beaches and diverse landscape, archaeological sites and authentic hospitality, this island is definitely one of the most alluring destinations in Greece.

At the same time, Crete is a low-budget-friendly destination in terms of accommodation and food options. In any prefecture you choose to stay, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, or Lasithi, you can find a range of good hotels or Airbnbs to rent for a week or more at low prices and exceptional service.

13. Poland

Recommended by: Or, My Path in the World

Warsaw, Poland

Whether you’re looking to go on a city break, visit charming small towns, take a road trip full of nature, or have a beach vacation, Poland is a budget-friendly country that has it all.

Poland is a part of the EU, but the local currency is Zloty (PLN), and £1 is worth about 5 Zloty. In big cities, you can find a central private double room or a fully equipped apartment for less than £25 per night, and in the countryside, the prices can get as low as £10! As for the food, it depends on the type of eatery, but even in big touristy cities, you can have a full meal for less than £10. Also, many attractions are free to visit.

From gorgeous cities like Gdansk and Warsaw to natural beauties like the Tatra National Park to resort towns like Sopot, you can enjoy the diversity of Poland without breaking the bank.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Warsaw Old Town Guided Walking Tour

14. Serbia

Recommended by: Chrysoula, Historic European Castles

Belgrade Serbia

Serbia is often regarded as one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for a weekend break or summer getaway. With meals in a restaurant costing as little as €10 per person (cheaper for takeaway snacks), beers costing €1.5-2, and coffee just €1, you can see why it’s a popular budget getaway. The average price for a 4-star hotel is around €80 a night.

If those prices weren’t enough to lure you into booking a trip to Serbia, perhaps some of the things to see and do will help. Belgrade has a wealth of attractions such as the Kalemegdan Fortress and park, the Church of St Sava, the cafes and shops of Dorćol, and the Nikola Tesla Museum. Check out this 3-hour sightseeing tour for an overview of the main highlights.

Nearby, there’s also the Ada Ciganlija lakeside beach, the nearby suburb of Zemun, and Avala mountain.

Alternatively, there’s the second city, Novi Sad. Here you can explore Freedom Square, Bishop’s Palace, and Novi Sad Synagogue, many of which are free to visit.

15. Latvia

Recommended by: Coni, Experiencing the Globe

Riga Latvia

Latvia is not only one of the cheapest countries within the Euro Zone, but it’s also full of interesting sights and history.

For the ultimate budget-friendly holiday, base yourself in Riga and explore the chic Art Nouveau capital on foot. Get lost in the Old Town (or join a free walking tour) to see the amazing architecture that defines the city – don’t miss the House of the Black Heads and the Three Brothers.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Riga Old and New Walking Tour

Don’t leave Riga without visiting the Museum of Occupation and the Corner House, to learn about the country’s tumultuous history.

From Riga, you can explore some other Latvian sights on your own as day trips, for less than 10 euros each. Head to Jurmala for some time at the beach, to Gauja National Park for a nature escape, or to Salaspils memorial if you’re interested in history.

If you want an even cheaper destination, and a countryside getaway, then Liepaja is the ideal place.

16. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Recommended by: Ellis, Backpack Adventures

Bosnia is one of the cheapest countries to Visit in Europe

Bosnia isn’t a very popular destination yet. But with incredible nature, lots of culture, and delicious food it makes for a perfect holiday. Being in the heart of the Balkans, this is where East meets West.

Some of the highlights include the multicultural capital of Sarajevo, with its historic Ottoman centre, and Mostar with its iconic bridge over the stunning Neretva River.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Sarajevo Grand Walking Tour

Bosnia is an all-year-round holiday destination. In summer, Bosnia’s green rolling hills, waterfalls and rivers offer a respite from the heat. Outdoor lovers will rejoice in the opportunities to go wild water rafting or hiking. In winter you can go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

The great thing about Bosnia is that you pay little, but get a lot in return. Going out for dinner is incredibly cheap and the bill rarely exceeds more than 10 Euros per person. Renting a car for a week is possible for less than 100 Euros. A double room in a mid-range hotel costs between 30 and 40 Euros.

17. Czech Republic

Recommended by: Adriana, Czech the World

Prague Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has long been known as one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe – and it still makes a great budget option. You can enjoy delicious and cheap beer, historical towns, castles, chateaus as well as national parks.

The only non-budget-friendly exception is Prague city centre. If you are searching for accommodation there, try to look outside of the city centre. The same goes for restaurants, exchange offices, ATMs, etc.

Don’t hesitate to jump on a train or bus and explore the country. The best and cheapest bus companies are RegioJet and Flixbus. There are many beautiful places to visit in the Czech Republic.

Base yourself in Brno and explore the South Moravia region with these fun day trips.

Average prices (outside of Prague city centre):

  • 0,5l of draft beer in a restaurant: 1,5 euro
  • A meal in a restaurant: 5-6 euro
  • Regiojet train from Prague to Brno (205 km): 4-6 euro
  • Ticket to a castle: 5-6 euro
  • National Parks: free
  • Apartment for 2: from 20 euro/night

18. Romania

Recommended by: Jade, the Migrant Yogi

Romania is one of the cheapest countries to Visit in Europe

The Balkan country of Romania is one of the most underrated countries in all of Europe, not to mention one of the most affordable. 

Romania boasts an abundance of nature, delicious traditional food, culture, history, and some of the friendliest people in Europe. 

One of the things that makes Romania so affordable is that its currency is RON (lei). One euro is roughly 4.8 lei, enabling your travel budget to stretch quite far.

Dinner for two with drinks included will run you about 20 euro per person even in the most expensive Romanian cities, like Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

Even if you opt to stay in one of the major, expensive cities, a budget of 30-40 euro per person per day should be more than enough! Smaller cities such as Sibiu, Brașov, and Timișoara are more affordable and arguably more beautiful than their larger counterparts!

19. Canary Islands

Recommended by: Milene, Surf and Unwind

Gran Canaria Spain

Located off the Northern African coast, you can’t really go wrong when choosing to travel to Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.

Due to its location, the island boasts amazing weather all year round. So it’s not only a perfect winter sun destination when the weather gets miserable in the UK, but it’s also a more budget-friendly option during the summer months when the cost of travel soars in the Northern Hemisphere.

Resorts like Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés, very popular destinations amongst the Brit holidaymakers, can be slightly pricier than the rest of the island. So if you’re looking to save some money on your trip, stay at nearby resorts like Bahia Feliz and Arguineguín.

Or you could consider the north of the island, like Agaete or Gran Canaria’s capital Las Palmas, which has great surf and one of the best city beaches in Europe.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Discover Gran Canaria Day Tour

20. Slovakia

Recommended by: Diana, Travels in Poland

Slovakia is one of the cheapest countries to Visit in Europe

Slovakia has amazing countryside with a lot of space to explore. One of the cheapest countries in Eastern Europe to visit, Slovakia has a lot to offer. Not only in major cities such as Bratislava, but especially in smaller towns. Tourists will find that their euros get them quite a bit more than many other places.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Bratislava Grand City Walking Tour

Food and beer are relatively cheap and great accommodations are budget-friendly even in the capital city. For a recent night’s stay, for 2 meals and 1 night’s accommodation, we spent just under $150 for 2 adults and 2 children.

Outside of the city, food and accommodation was even cheaper. Perfect for exploring Slovakia’s numerous caves, castles, and the Tatra mountains. Not to mention some of the amazing spas, particularly warm pool outdoor spas. These are particularly ideal in the middle of a European winter.

21. North Macedonia

Recommended by: Anuradha, Country Hopping Couple

21 Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe in 2024

North Macedonia is one of the least popular countries in Europe. But little do tourists know that this landlocked Balkan country has so much to offer and is also pocket-friendly.

The cost of transport, accommodation, and food in North Macedonia is the lowest in the Balkans, making it an affordable holiday destination in Europe.

Places like Skopje and Ohrid Lake can be slightly expensive. However, they are still a lot less in comparison with Western European countries. A decent holiday apartment costs anywhere between £18-£25 per day.

RECOMMENDED TOUR: Best of Skopje City Tour

21 Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe in 2024

Food is also cheaper as many family-run small restaurants are scattered everywhere. Public transport is not developed, hence hiring a car is a wise choice, which costs approx £10 a day.

Whether you want to sightsee Skopje, visit Mavrovo National Park or explore Lake Ohrid, you can experience them without having to spend a lot of Euros.

Is there anywhere you’d add to this list of the cheapest and most affordable countries to visit in Europe? Scroll down to leave a comment!

43 thoughts on “21 Affordable Countries to Visit in Europe in 2024”

  1. Great post! I am definitely going to have to check out Croatia this summer. It has been on my list for ages!

  2. I’d definitely recommend Serbia, probably instead of Poland, which is starting to see a lot of backpack traffic and make the most of it. Serbia, however, is still only starting to cotton on to tourism. It means less services, but it’s a fantastic experience and so so cheap!
    Word on the ground in Croatia is that it’s noticeably more expensive than it was a few years ago because it’s becoming such a popular destination. My pick over Croatia would be popping down the coast to Montenegro – much much cheaper, less crowded and absolutely beautiful. Especially up in the mountains.

    1. Ooh great tips, thank you! Although Poland is probably getting more backpackers, it’s still a very cheap destination – I actually chose it because two of Poland’s major cities are in the top ten of the cheapest cities on Price of Travel’s European Backpacker Index ( Zagreb and Split in Croatia also rank pretty highly on the list. Probably is picking up in terms of price, especially in Dubrovnik which is very popular, but still much cheaper by European standards – and there are lots of ‘undiscovered’ places outside of the major cities :)

      I’ve heard a lot of great things about Montenegro so that sounds like a good option! And Belgrade in Serbia came 5th on the Backpacker Index so that’s obviously a great place for backpackers!

  3. ESTONIA, has to be there, although Poland is the most similar, I would still include that. I never found Croatoia so cheap myself. Romania was amazingly cheap aftre the Caucesco regime fell, I was there the following winter, and a beer was 1 penny (sterling)

    1. Woah that is cheap!! I was going by cities that were on the Backpackers cheapest cities list (the link is in the article), and since there were two Croatian cities high on that list I thought it made sense to include it! I think outside of the touristy bits most parts of Croatia are still very cheap!

  4. I happen to be in Croatia now. While it is cheap, the research I have done on the other Balkan countries finds them to be cheaper, and the locals agree with me. However the cheapest flights are into Croatia, specifically Pula and Osijek, and you can get cheap ferries from Italy. But the people from Georgia I have met in my travels have convinced me they have the cheapest country to travel to. I’ll have to find that out for myself as soon as I can. And do get to Croatia as soon as you can. I just went through the Plitvice Lakes today and I can say they are the most beautiful place I have traveled to yet.

    1. Excellent, thanks for the input! I’m actually headed there at the end of July for a week long blog trip which should be great fun. I can’t wait! Such a beautiful country! It’s probably not the cheapest any more but certainly one of the cheaper ones in Europe still, especially by comparison to places like Italy and Spain which get visited a lot more, and with the cheaper flights its definitely a good place for a budget trip – although perhaps not by backpacker standards!

  5. We spent 5 weeks in Split earlier this year and while it is less expensive than most western European countries I would agree that it is no longer cheap. I would definitely add Hungary to the list though. We really loved Budapest and found it to be quite reasonable.

    1. Awesome, thanks for the input!! A lot of people are staying that Croatia isn’t cheap anymore – but I think it still makes a good budget alternative to nearby countries like Italy and France. I’m thinking more about budget European holidays, places where you can get more for your money on a holiday or where (like Portugal) ‘expensive’ things like luxury hotels are cheaper than across the rest of the continent – and again these are just five of the best, not the five cheapest.

      Would you say Croatia is still relatively cheap in terms of those standards, or is it generally quite expensive now? Also – do you know what prices were like outside of Split and in the smaller towns or on the coast at all? I’m curious to know more about it as I’m off to Croatia at the end of July!!

  6. Hi Emily,

    I’ve just got back from Budapest and could not believe how cheap it was. We were paying just over £1 a pint which is my book is amazing. Went to Riga in Latvia a few years ago and that was pretty cheap too. I’m looking at Bucharest for a trip early next year and I’m chuffed it’s on your list.

    1. Wow that is cheap! I’m thinking I should write a follow up post just about the cheapest places to drink in Europe as that seems to be a guideline for many people haha!!

      From what I can tell, Bucharest (and Romania in general) is very cheap, so that should be great. Any ideas when you’ll be going?

  7. Shame on me! I haven’t visited any of these and I’m about to change continent. I visited the Spanish inlands where there were not many tourists and that is amazingly cheap as well.

    1. I’ve heard that about inland Spain, would love to visit myself. Even Costa Brava, which gets a lot of tourism, surprised me by how cheap it was when I visited in May (especially the public buses), so I can imagine the parts that are tourist-free are great for saving money :)

  8. I’m currently living/traveling in Czech Republic, which I’ve found to be one of the cheapest European countries for food, drink, basic accommodation, and travel. But only if you avoid Prague. Fantastic opportunities for cycling, hiking, swimming too.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve heard the same about the Czech Republic – cheap except for Prague! Going to have to go myself soon before the rest of the country gets taken over by tourists :)

  9. Denise from Holland

    Hey Emily, how are you? We met in Costa Brava About this post: Greece can be a budget destination for sure but Santorini (which is in the picture) is definitely not. Okay, there are some places where you can drink half a liter of wine for only 3 euro, but also a lot of places where you pay 6 euro for a glass! Food not very cheap either. BUT it sure is an amazing place where you have to go once in your live. I just came back and posted a photoblog about it. I you haven’t been there before, you want to go for sure. ;-)

  10. Denise from Holland

    Croatia the same. It can be very cheap, but when you go to Dubrovnik it’s not cheap at all inless you only wat pizza. But again, also this is a place you just have to see. It’s beautiful!

    Of all these countries I think Spain is still a good one. Beautiful and cheap. I went three times this year (after our trip two times more, a bit further south, to Valencia and Costa Blanca), and as you said even in turistic areas you can be surprised, sometimes you only have to go a little bit to the right or left.

    1. Hi Denise! So nice to hear from you on my blog :) How are you?

      I’ve not been to Santorini myself but used the pic because that was the prettiest one that came up when I searched for ‘Greece’. The cities in Greece that I’ve visited recently have been crazy cheap though because of the economic crash and I have a feeling that even Santorini and other big tourist destinations will be cheaper than ever – even if they’re still pricier than other parts of Greece. For a lot of these countries, especially Croatia, the big cities are definitely not as cheap as the rest of the country.

      I’m in Croatia at the moment though touring Istria and from what I’ve seen of the prices at restaurants and things this is a place where you can take a fairly extravagant holiday on a budget! It’s so beautiful and there are lots of relatively undiscovered small towns which make amazing destinations – plus lots of agritourism restaurants where you can eat homemade food fresh from the farm. It’s so good here and all you have to do is get our of the cities and explore!

  11. Portugal is absolutely on my list for this year, but since they are all cheap perhaps I will just have to visit them all ;)

    I was in the Czech Republic early last year and found that to be pretty cheap!

    Emma x

    1. Ah I keep hearing great things about the prices in the Czech Republic. I’m hoping to make it there later this year – planning more of Europe for Summer I think! I’ll do a revised post once I’ve done some more travelling! x

  12. Top list, although I found Athens far more expensive than I was expecting. As many others have mentioned Czech Republic is great value, as is Slovakia for the most part. The price difference between these two and neighbouring Austria is nuts.

    Also Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro are great alternatives for Croatia as they are even cheaper with smaller crowds and still plenty of similar things to do and see.

    Dying to go to Romania, it being cheap makes it even more enticing.

    1. Thanks David :) When were you in Athens? I was there last year and found it very cheap, but perhaps the prices are creeping back up?

      I keep hearing amazing things about Romania. A lot of travel bloggers have settled there or spent time there to save money, rent and food is cheap and apparently the internet is crazy fast!

  13. I highly recommend Portugal, particularly during low season. I spent January and February there, and it was fantastic. Much more affordable its neighbor, Spain. Lots to see and do, delicious food at great prices, and the wine is awesome. I never spent more than 2 Euros on a bottle,

    1. Where in Spain did you find wine for 2 Euros a bottle?! I need to find this place. I’ve been to a few parts of Spain and they are pretty cheap but I’ve never found wine that cheap :)

  14. Hey Emily, nice post! I must admit that Greece can be cheap when it comes to having food and drinks outside, if you don’t go to the most touristic places or like the mainland. But the rest is just as expensive as other countries. That is why they have such a hard time at the moment. Supermarkets are of the same price as in the Netherlands for example, crazy if you think they earn 1/3 of a Dutch salary…
    And I saw someone already suggested Serbia, I agree! It is really cheap and SO beautiful. The people are really kind and helpful, more than Hungary in my experience, although they are so poor.

    Romania is still on my list as well but haven’t been there yet. And Portugal well: awesome country and like Spain it can be cheap if you find the right spots yes!

    I must admit I never thought yet of writing about places I haven’t visited myself, but I see you made a very nice post so I got some inspiration :) Thanks!!! And good luck…

    1. Hi Sira! Thanks for commenting :) I know it seems odd to write about places I’ve not been to, but this was sort of an inspiration piece for me too, doing some research into the places where you can get a good quality holiday for less! I found a lot of good sources which show which cities/destinations in Europe are cheaper and went from those!

      As for Greece, well, it’s definitely complicated there, and I know that the cost of living for locals maybe isn’t as cheap as it could be given the wages etc. But, in terms of a holiday there, I found that the food and drink in most restaurants was really reasonably priced, as were many of the hotels (especially in the mainland and the less visited places). I’ve visited Greece twice (and I’m going back next week) so I’m definitely talking from experience here :) Oh, and the food at markets (rather than supermarkets) was really well priced, I think that’s where most locals do their shopping ;)

      Serbia sounds really interesting, quite a lot of people have recommended it to me lately. It’s definitely on my own personal list :)

      Thanks again for commenting!

  15. Those Balkan photos look so dreamy. The region has been on my list for ages and I can’t wait to explore its idyllic gems. As soon as these crazy times are behind us, that’s where you might find me.

  16. This is a great list! I love traveling and having unique experiences, but it’s a huge benefit not having to spend too much money on one trip. Thank you for including me :)

    1. Thanks so much for being a part of it!! There are some really appealing places on this list aren’t there? Albania has now shot to the top of my wish-list for next summer, and thanks to you I’m eyeing up a winter trip to Portugal for as soon as the travel ban lifts!

  17. What a fantastic list to come back to when planning a trip to Europe. Definitely saving it for later when we can travel once again. Thanks for writing this up!!

  18. Evergreen post! Thanks for the ideas on where next to go. I recently got back from Turkey and it is very affordable there. It’s probably the first place that I didn’t really care about how much anything costed, and assumed that it would be cheap.

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