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Now, I know travelling is all about practicality and packing light – but that doesn’t mean that you don’t sometimes want to look good.  I asked a few of my friends, followers and fellow bloggers for some top travel fashion tips.

Buy Local

You might only have room for one swimsuit in your backpack, but you can keep the look updated by buying new scarves and sarongs whilst you’re on your travels. Since scarves is so versatile, I tend to get through them pretty quickly: in Morocco I used one as a headscarf in the desert, a sarong by the pool, to cover my shoulders in the temples to show respect, in place of a cardi in the evenings when the temperatures dropped, and even rolled up as a makeshift pillow on the bus! Buying a new scarf, kaftan or sarong in each new destination can help you fit in with the locals, as well as keeping your outfits updated – plus you’ll be helping the local trade, which is always a good thing!

Keep it simple

Just take one of everything, and make sure to pack lots of simple, neutral pieces that can be teemed in lots of different ways to create different outfits. Stick to smart but comfortable basics and use accessories to glam up an outfit. But don’t over accessories, says travel blogger Ryan; there’s nothing worse than jangling around a foreign city for making you stick out as a tourist and make you a target for thieves and scammers! One or two bold and beautiful pieces of jewellery should do the trick. A couple of big gold earrings and a funky bangle will be enough to make a simple shorts and t-shirt outfit into something a little bit more special, perfect for hitting the local bars with a few of your new-found travelling friends.

Respect Local Styles and Customs

If you’re heading to more conservative areas, like certain Asian countries, it’s important to respect the local culture and dress modestly. No need to bulk out your backpack with long sleeved tops and cardigans, though. I’ve already mentioned how useful a scarf can be on the road – slip one over your shoulders when wearing your normal sundress or vest top to appear modest and respectful. Another useful travel item is a decent pair of leggings; not only do they make comfortable walking pants and great base layers, but they can slip under a dress or skirt for added coverage in conservative regions.


Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics for travel. The best fabrics include cotton/synthetic blends that will give you breathability but won’t take too long to dry. Travel Fashion Girl says you should avoid 100% cotton as it stretches and wears quickest, plus it wrinkles like crazy, so a cotton/polyester blend is usually a good shout. Quick-drying fabrics like Polyester are great for wetter climates like jungles. Cotton and linen are best for warmer climates, while in colder weather you’ll want wool, fleece, Thinsulate or GORE-TEX. When it’s cold, layering is key, and a good pair of thermal undies will be a God-send! Finally, wrinkles on the road is not a good look, so opt for wrinkle resistant fabrics like polyester and nylon where possible and use the bundle-wrapping method when packing to avoid folds and creases.

Do you have any travel fashion tips? Get in touch – I’m going to need all the help I can get when I go away this February! 

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