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Being something of a traveller’s staple, it’s no surprise that we sort of love luggage. At least, I know I do; I just can’t seem to help myself eyeing up other people’s rucksacks or suitcases with either jealousy or derision, depending on how much better or heavier than mine it is. I’m trying to build up a collection of luggage for all occasions and trip types, not just suitcases but carry-on, big rucksacks, and daypacks as well. So when I spotted the Bronson Back Pack from the Black Streak collection at Barbour, which is not only perfectly practical as a small daypack, but is also simply beautiful, I think it’s fair to say that I was in love.

Now, some people might dismiss the look and style of a backpack as unimportant, and perhaps they’d be right, particularly if the backpack in question is accompanying you on the kind of long-term, budget trip where it will probably get dirty anyway. But what about on shorter trips, like European city breaks, staycations, or winter holidays? It can be nice to look nice, sometimes, and decent accessories and luggage can make all the difference if you’re trying to look good whilst travelling.


The Perfect Travel Companion

A small backpack makes a great day bag: we tend to carry more when travelling, with cameras and guidebooks often proving just a little too heavy to make a shoulder bag practical, so spreading the load with a backpack is a great idea. The Bronson Backpack BarbourBronson Back Pack is the ideal travel companion; crafted in super high quality with a quilted nylon outer layer and real leather trim, this bag is built to last. Home of the original biker jacket, Barbour International have been producing high quality motorcycle clothing since 1936, and that long history impacts the brand’s fashion items today, resulting in durable, life-proof items which look fabulous.

Drawing on that long heritage, the Bronson Back Pack is decorated with Barbour’s signature diamond-stitch design, with leather trim, leather front straps, and aged brass effect buckles and studs. The bag echoes not only the durability of the brand’s motorcycle gear, but also that fab edginess which is attached to the world of motorbiking, creating a really stylish look and feel.

Hard-wearing, cool and very pretty, the Bronson is also super practical. The inside lining is 100% cotton, in Barbour’s iconic tartan, completing the Barbour look and providing a soft, protective inBronson Backpack Barbourterior for valuables. I love the removable padded tablet pocket, the perfect space to store my Kindle Fire, which attaches to the inside back wall with three sturdy poppers keeping it nice and secure. Plus the two padded front pockets are great for things I need to get hold of quickly – like train tickets, my gloves, and a map.

At 26cm x 35cm x 14cm, the bag is small enough to wear all day – and it doesn’t look like the average dorky backpack. But, it’s also big enough to fit everythiBronson Backpack Barbourng I need for a daytrip: camera, waterbottle, guidebook, wallet and a few more essentials. When I took the train from London to Rotterdam recently, I packed all my trip essentials in the Bronson, including my Kindle and my Samsung Chromebook (11.6″), plus lunch and all my winter weather accessories, and it was perfect – so much better than a bulky, sporty backpack.

I absolutely adore my new Bronson Back Pack. It’s comfortable, well made, and perfectly practical for a traveller and daytripper in Europe, plus the motorcylcing heritage adds a really cool dimension, and the resulting black leather and brass trimmed backpack is seriously stylish. I love it!

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