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My Awesome Autumn Packing List for England

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Emily wearing a purple down raincoat, black walking trousers and brown hiking boots with her long blonde hair down and her hands in her pockets walking towards the camera and smiling on a dirt path. there is a gravel path behind her and a heath behind that on an overcast day with grey sky above and reddish brown ferns all around the path emily is walking on. Autumn Packing List for England.

A simple packing list for Autumn in England – brought to you by a local!

Planning an Autumn break in England? Whether you’re visiting from overseas, or a British local off on a staycation, this Autumn packing list for England should help you plan. After all, you need to plan for ALL the weather at this time of year! 

This is one of my favourite seasons in the UK. Partly because of the stunning autumn colours in the countryside and the crisp, cold air. But it’s also a great time to explore, as many tourist hotspots are much quieter than they are during summer.

Of course, the payoff is that the weather – which is always unpredictable in England – is even LESS predictable during Autumn! So you have to prepare for everything. I’ve got a few of my top tips to help you plan, whether you’re heading on a city break or an outdoorsy trip to the British countryside. Hope it helps…

Autumn in England: Prepare for ALL Weather!

There’s a reason talking about the weather is a national pastime in England! We get a lot of it, and it’s often a mixed bag – especially during shoulder seasons like Autumn.

One day feels like summer, the next feels like it might snow – and sometimes we get it all in one day. People love to make the same tired joke about getting “four seasons in a day”! 

Emily wearing a mustard yellow wrap dress, black leggings, and black ankle boots, standing in a garden in front of the stone wall of Winchester Great Hall which is covered in red ivy because it is Autumn.
Selfie of Emily wearing a purple jumper wiht a rainbow on it, a khaki parka coat with a fur lined hood, and a pink wooly hat over her long blonde hair which is blowing in the wind. she is standing by a stone wall on top of a tower with green fields and trees below in the Cotswolds countryside.

When I go out in Autumn in England, I always carry both an umbrella and sunglasses, “just in case”. Prepping for such a mixed bag of weather potentials can be tricky, so the key is to dress in several lightweight layers. And to invest in a very good coat! 

Check the weather using a reliable source when planning your trip – I find the Met Office best at the moment.

Autumn Packing List for England

A DECENT Autumn Coat

Although England can be pretty cold in Autumn, it’s rarely very cold. The main thing you have to worry about is the rain! So you don’t want a big, thick, coat which will be bulky to carry around and make you too hot when the temperature is mild. 

Girl wearing purple parka jacket and black walking trousers with long blonde hair hiking in the South Downs

A waterproof parka is ideal – not too hot, not too heavy, and just right for Autumn. I recently got this fab new Everyday Padded Jacket from the range of Women’s Parka Coats at Trespass (gifted) and it’s PERFECT. 

You might also want to pack a thin waterproof jacket as well. One that you can fold down and pop into your daypack for days when it isn’t raining, but you think it might rain. 

Layer Up! 

Emily wearing a white wooly jumper, pink wool hat, black skinny jeans and knee-high black Hunter wellington boots standing in front of an historic manor house built from beige stone with a circular turret on the corner and grey tiled roof. the ground  and wall in front of the house is covered with snow.

As mentioned above, Autumn in England can mean lots of sporadic weather – and it’s not unusual to go from wind and rain to warm and sunny, and back again, all in a few hours! The key is to dress in layers so that you can put them on or take them off as needed. 

Ideally, keep the layers lightweight so that you can carry them in your daypack if you take them off. A long-sleeved t-shirt teamed with a cashmere jumper or a fleece, with a coat on top, is perfect. Even better if the middle item has a zip so you have an extra layer of adjustability. 

Consider Your Footwear

Emily wearing a yellow long sleaved wrap dress and black leggings with black suede ankle boots and purple sunglasses standing with one hand on a large stone pillar in front of the green water of the ancient roman thermal pool in Bath, with the beige stone walls and pillars of the bathhouse behind.
Ankle boots for cities.
A pair of feet wearing brown leather hiking shoes and pink wool socks in front of a small waterfall over a rock in a river
Walking boots for countryside!

What footwear you need to pack for Autumn in England depends on where you’re going and what you plan on doing. What you’ll need for city sightseeing will be pretty different from what you might need for a camping trip in the countryside

For city breaks, I recommend a pair of comfortable trainers (aka sneakers). I LOVE Skechers for this, I have a pair of Skechers GOwalk 6 Trainers and they’re perfect for walking around cities… as long as it doesn’t rain. A sturdy pair of comfortable ankle boots are also ideal. Team them with jeans, or a skirt with nice thermal tights, for a more stylish look that’s still comfy. And if you can find a pair that are water-resistant, even better. 

If you’re planning an outdoorsy break in the English countryside then a decent pair of walking boots is also a must. You need sturdy, water-resistant boots with good grip and plenty of ankle support. I’ve been using a pair of Mountain 600s from Danner for a year now and I swear by them. 

Autumn England Packing List: Basics

  • Autumn coat – waterproof, comfortable, and not too thick or warm. 
  • Hat and gloves
  • Scarf
  • Backpack – look for something comfortable and water-resistant to use as a daypack while you’re out exploring.  
  • Umbrella
  • Sunglasses (be sure to pack your prescription sunglasses if you need them)
  • Underwear + socks 
  • Pyjamas (most hotels have decent heating, but a cosy pair of PJ’s is usually a good idea in Autumn anyway!)
  • Swimwear if needed (if your hotel has a spa or a pool)

For City Sightseeing

Emily wearing blue jeans and a white and yellow striped wooly jumper with her blonde hair down and carrying an orange handbag. she is walking up a stone staircase on the side of a grassy hill towards a ruined stone castle with overcast sky overhead. Autumn Packing List for England - City break
Jeans, trainers and a light wool jumper = perfect for cool, clear days
  • Jeans
  • Ankle boots
  • Comfy trainers
  • T-shirts / long-sleeved tops
  • Lightweight/thin jumpers for layering
  • Long-sleaved dress teamed with thermal tights or leggings
  • Formal wear for evenings (if needed). A dress with a warm cardigan, tights or leggings, and a decent coat should be fine.

For Countryside Breaks

Emily wearing black walking trousers and a yellow and white striped wooly jumper with her blonde hair in a ponytail walking uphill on a dirt path between trees with autumn leaves with the low nearly setting sun flaring through the branches.
  • Waterproof coat
  • Hiking boots – look for water-resistant boots with good grip and ankle support. I swear by my Danners! 
  • Hiking trousers – look for trousers that are quick-drying and allow movement. 
  • Thermal leggings (for extra cold days)
  • Waterproof over-trousers
  • Long-sleaved thermal top
  • Flannel shirt as an outer layer for warmer days
  • Fleece as an outer layer for colder days
  • Boot socks (opt for Merino wool as it’s breathable and more smell-resistant)
  • Wellington boots (not strictly a necessity but can be handy for muddy camping trips)

What’s on your Autumn packing list for England? Have I missed anything?

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Autumn Packing List for England

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  1. Travelling to UK in Oct 1st time. Going to visit Liverpool for a day or so what’s the must see in Liverpool, please

    1. Oh – I have a blog post all about Liverpool:

      I cover all the top sights in that – use the contents table to jump to the “Top Things to Do” section :)

      Enjoy your trip!

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