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7 Fun Things to do in Hutchinson Island Florida

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Two blonde women sitting on a sandy beach with their backs to the camera looking at the sea on a sunny but windy day. The girl on the left is wearing a red dress and her hair is blowing in the wind, the girl on the right is wearing a white crochet kaftan. Fun Things to do in Hutchinson Island Florida

A quick round-up of the most fun things to do in Hutchinson Island – a bit of a hidden gem on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Looking to get a little off the beaten path in Florida and discover somewhere away from the usual tourist destinations?

Martin County on the state’s lower East Coast is a perfect choice! The area is known for its rich history, gorgeous beaches, and abundant marine life – and Hutchinson Island is a shining example of all three.

Whether you’re looking for a few days of R&R after a week in Orlando’s theme parks, or simply a week away with a difference, this gorgeous island is ideal.

It’s one of the more romantic spots in Florida, ideal for couples. But the island is also the perfect spot for a getaway with friends – as I discovered on my trip there with my old housemate Vicky.

Ready to plan a trip to a chilled-out island paradise on the Treasure Coast in Florida? These are some of the top things to do in Hutchinson Island…

My visit to Martin County was supported by Visit Florida and Martin County. As always, opinions are my own!

Where is Hutchinson Island?

Hutchinson Island is a long, thin strip of land off the lower East coast of Florida, aka the Treasure Coast. You’ll find it just off the coast of Martin County and St Lucie.

Known for its ice-white beaches and rich marine life, the island is ideally situated almost halfway between Miami and Orlando. So if you’re visiting one (or both) of those popular tourist hubs, a trip to the beaches of Hutchinson Island makes the perfect addition.

The southern section of Hutchinson Island is part of Martin County. Generally, this area is divided into Jensen Beach and Stuart Beach.

7 Things to do on Hutchinson Island Florida

Below, I’ve listed the best things to do in the Martin County end of Hutchinson Island.

You can easily reach this area by road bridge from the county capital of Stuart. Don’t miss the chance to explore this quaint and colourful little town while you’re in the area.

Hunt for the Best Beaches on Hutchinson Island

When it comes to beaches, Hutchinson Island has no shortage of options. This skinny strip of land is lined with beaches on both sides – so you’re spoilt for choice!

The southern Martin County section has some of the best beaches on the whole island. There are two big public beaches: Jensen Sea Turtle Beach and Stuart Beach. But there’s also a string of smaller beaches to explore.

a palm tree sticking out of some bushes with fronds blowing in strong wind, next to a sandy beach and sea with small waves, on a very sunny day with an empty blue sky filling most of the frame

Bathtub Beach is one of the nicest on the island. It’s a sheltered lagoon with calm waters for swimming, and a reef further out that’s popular with divers. But there are dozens more, so hop in a car or on a bike and explore. You’re sure to find something to suit!

Relax at Hutchinson Shores

exterior of a white hotel with black balcony railings with a rectangular pool in front on a sunny day with an empty blue sky in Hutchinson Island Florida

Facing the Atlantic on Hutchinson Island’s popular Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa is one of the newest properties on the island and it’s a great place to stay. I spent two nights here and had an amazing time. Great food, lovely ocean views, and a dreamy pool for some much-needed R&R time.

Even if you don’t stay here, make sure you check out the resort’s amazing restaurant The Drift Bar and Kitchen. I had what was probably my best meal in Martin County here. Or, you could grab a day pass to enjoy the facilities for an afternoon.

Hit the Waves with Next Level Watersports

emily wearing a black wet suit with blue and grey trim. Her long blonde ombre hair is down and blowing in the wind. She is sitting on the edge of a white boat with the grey sea behind her and smiling as she look saway to the left. fun things to do in hutchinson island florida.
Rockin’ the wetsuit en route for some kitesurfing!

Relaxing on the beach or by a pool is nice – but only for so long. If you start getting itchy for some adventure, give Next Level Watersports a call. I took a kite surfing lesson with them off the coast of Hutchinson Island and absolutely loved it.

Our teacher Jon was so passionate about his hobby that it was totally infectious. I’m already looking up local lessons for myself in the UK this summer!

One lesson wasn’t quite enough to get me on the board, but thanks to Jon’s expertise and encouragement I feel like I got a good grip on the basics.

Hutchinson Island is a great location to try some new watersports, thanks to the Atlantic waves and generally warm climate. Next Level are a company I’d definitely recommend. You can book kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and hydrofoiling lessons with them. So much fun!

Paddleboarding with Ohana Bus

Emily is wearing a pink cotton dress and standing on a red and white paddleboard on a very calm blue sea. in the distance in front of her is a topless man on another paddleboard and to the left is the land with a line of palm trees. off the coast of hutchinson island in martin county florida,
Hutchinson Island is a great place to try paddleboarding.

If you want a slightly more gentle activity on the water, try a paddleboarding tour with The Ohana Bus. This was definitely one of my favourite activities in the area.

I’ve done paddleboarding before and always love it. But the combination of gorgeous scenery, mangrove islands, and a super fun guide made our tour with the Ohana Bus totally different.

a yellow USA public school bus which has been converted to add a patterned grey roof and bright blue trim around the bottom. the sign on the bus reads The Ohana Bus. There are some paddleboards attached to the back of the bus, which is parked in a car park with palm trees behind.

What makes a tour with Ohana Bus unique is the transportation! They use a hippy-fied public school bus – a really fun way start to a paddleboarding trip.

Originally built to transport the paddleboards and surfboards for lessons, the bus is so cool that it now doubles up as a party bus for bar crawls and parties.

A paddleboarding tour with The Ohana Bus is such a nice way to explore Hutchinson Island. And thanks to the clear, shallow waters it’s not unusual to get close up sightings of manatees and dolphins.

Tours start from $75 for two hours, lessons from $65 for 30 minutes.

Learn More at Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

Run by local non-profit Florida Oceanographic Society, the Coastal Center on Hutchinson Island is a marine life nature centre and a great place to learn a little more about the local wildlife. This is one of the best things to do in Florida with kids, so if you’re travelling as a family it’s definitely one to add to your itinerary!

The society’s main focus is restoration. They’ve run a bunch of great projects around the area, including native plant restoration and an Oyster Restoration programme. They also run marine life research programmes and have various education initiatives.

Visitors can watch a daily feeding schedule or explore the reserve via several nature trails. There are also some touch-tank exhibitions, including one for stingrays. I encourage you to approach these carefully, since handling animals badly can stress them out. Some stingrays do enjoy being petted – but only gently and only on their terms.

Discover the Treasure Coast’s Shipwreck History at House of Refuge

an old fashioned american house with cream cladding, turquoise wooden pillars and a grey slate roof with a white picket fence in front and a blue sky overhead

Originally, ten Houses of Refuge stood along Florida’s Treasure Coast, offering a place of refuge for survivors of shipwrecks and people in need. The one on Hutchinson Island is the only one remaining. It’s been lovingly preserved and converted into a small museum.

Back in the days before coastguards and GPS navigation, the keepers of the Houses of Refuge would go out after a storm searching for anyone in need of help. The House would offer accommodation, food, and assistance to shipwrecked sailors.

These days, it’s a great place to learn a bit more about the history of Hutchinson Island and the storms that have plagued this section of Florida’s coast.

Get Wet on a Riding the Waves Boat Tour

Two women slightly out of focus because of water on the camera lens, sitting on a small motorboat. the girl on the left is wearing a black dress and using a silver metal stick to drive the boat. the girl on the right is wearing a bright blue poncho. they are both soaking wet. Things to do in Hutchinson Island Florida

Riding the Waves was easily one of the highlights of my time in Martin County, so I couldn’t resist including them here.

This fantastic, fast-paced boat tour is actually based in nearby Stuart, on the mainland. But the longer Coastal Cruising tours take you all around the local waterways close to Hutchinson Island.

You get to drive your own private, two-seater catamaran on these tours – which is seriously fun. And as it turns out, it’s one of my many hidden talents. (Just ask Vicky, who I promise didn’t look at all terrified when I was in the driver’s seat)!

a small white motor catamaran with a flag on the back and red sign at the bottom saying ridingthewaves-tc. the boat is on shallow water in the sea with a green strip of land in the distnace behind.
Drive your own private catamaran on a Riding the Waves tour

The Coastal Tour with Riding the Waves is a fantastic way to explore the Treasure Coast. You’ll learn a little about the local ecosystem, tour a few of the mangrove islands, and bounce your way over the Treasure Coast’s waves. Be prepared to get very wet – and have a lot of fun!

Fun Things to do in Hutchinson Island: Video

Check out my video showcasing all the top things to do when you visit Hutchinson Island for some more inspiration…

Have you visited Hutchinson Island in Florida? Scroll down to share your favourite activities and travel tips in the comments!


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