Where to Find the Best Afternoon Tea in Bath

best afternoon tea in bath

There’s no better way to treat yourself than with afternoon tea in Bath. This historic city is the perfect backdrop to an indulgent tea break, and there are dozens of great tea rooms to choose from in Bath

Wheher you fancy a couple of scones, a super traditional Bath bun, or the full afternoon tea experience with finger sandwiches and cakes, there’s just so much on offer. After spending three weeks housesitting in the city a few years ago, plus multiple visits since, I’ve tried a LOT of afternoon tea in Bath. This is my rundown of the best places to get some…

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Best Afternoon Tea in Bath

Sally Lunn’s

For a real taste of history, head straight to Sally Lunn’s. This narrow little town house on the cobbled streets behind Bath Abbey dates back to 1483, making it Bath’s oldest house. There’s even a small museum downstairs, which is pretty interesting. The old, cosy little tea room is famed for the Sally Lunn Bath Bun. These stodgy, teacake-style buns have tempted some pretty famous customers, including Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

Sally Lunn Bath Bun with Milk Jam

Sally Lunn Bath Bun with Milk Jam

Sally Lunn the illustrious author of the tea cake” – Charles Dickens

The buns are sort of a cross between teacakes and brioche. They’re enormous buns which are served up with a vast selection of savoury and sweet toppings. There’s also a huge array of snacks, plus a lunch and dinner menu. Opt for the the Bath Cream Tea to try a Sally Lunn bun served with their famous cinnamon butter. 

Where: 4 North Parade Passage, Bath.

The Bath Bun

High Tea at the Bath Bun

High Tea at the Bath Bun

Although Sally Lunn’s buns are the best known name, the Bath Bun itself is also a pretty famous delicacy. The best place to try one is The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe. This is a really cute little tea room, with uneven wooden floors, floral curtains, staff in period costume and beautiful china tea sets. Try High Tea for a really yummy lunch with sandwiches, cakes, scones and a pot of tea from their extensive selection. The Bath Buns here are quite different to the ones at Sally Lunn’s, a little smaller and heavier but equally tasty and well worth a try.

Where: 2 Abbey Green, Bath.

Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms

Step back in time to a more genteel age at Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms, just around the corner from The Assembly Rooms on posh Saville Row. While some of the other tea rooms go for cute and cosy, Bea’s is a more sophisticated tea room. They with fancy china and a pretty vintage decor. The menu is suitably vintage, too, with High Teas, incredible cakes and scones, as well as traditional English lunches and breakfasts.

Where: 6-8 Saville Row, Bath.

UPDATE March 2019 – it looks like this tearoom has sadly closed. I’m hoping it will reopen, but until I get more info let’s assume it’s still closed. 

Afternoon Tea, The Pump Room

The Pump Room Restaurant in Bath, overlooking the historic Roman Baths, is one of the city’s most elegant restaurants. It’s also one of the more expensive places to take afternoon tea in Bath! But, it’s worth it for a taste of the indulgence and glamour the city is known for. Afternoon Tea at The Pump Room is a great way to end a visit to the Roman Baths.

Where: The Pump Room, Stall Street, Bath.

Regency Tea Rooms, Jane Austen Centre

Earl Grey

Earl Grey

For lovers of Jane Austen, Bath is a fantastic place to visit. It’s mentioned in all her novels, and is the setting for two. The Jane Austen Centre was a real highlight for me – I had a literary geek out!

For incredible afternoon tea in Bath, the Regency Tearooms is perfect. Embrace your inner Lizzy Bennet, while you dine in a room with beautiful Georgian decor. The tearooms have won The Tea Guild’s Award of Excellence, and have a gorgeous menu with delicious cakes and biscuits inspired by Georgian recipes. Plus there are lot’s of fun menu options, like “Tea with Mr. Darcy”, ‘and “A Lady’s Afternoon Tea”.  This is the best place in Bath for literature lovers to take tea.

Where: 40 Gay Street, Bath. 

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Best Coffee Shops in Bath

Perhaps coffee is more your cup of tea. Terrible puns aside, I’ve also rounded up some of the best coffee shops in Bath. Enjoy!

Collona and Smalls

Coffee, Collona and Smalls

Coffee, Collona and Smalls

A local we met told us about this amazing coffee shop, which she said serves the best coffee in Bath. Or possibly even in England! The owner, Maxwell Collona-Dashwood, was UK Barista Champion 2014 & 2012, and this really is award-winning coffee.

Collona and Smalls have different speciality coffees every week, sourced from the country’s leading roasteries. They’re all displayed with tasting notes like a wine menu – making it easy to choose the perfect cup. The shop itself, just off Queen Square, is beautiful. This is definitely the best place in Bath for pure, unadulterated coffee.

Where: 6 Chapel Row, Bath.

The Bridge Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop on the Bridge

The Coffee Shop on the Bridge

If you like a bit of cake with your coffee, head to the Bridge Coffee Shop on Pulteney Bridge. It’s a super cute establishment with great views over the River Avon, and an incredible bakery. Just walking past the window and seeing the huge selection of cakes was enough to get my mouth watering. Don’t miss the enormous flavoured meringues!

Where: 17 Pulteney Bridge, Green Park, Bath.

If you’ve discovered a great place for afternoon tea in Bath (or another amazing coffee shop) let me know in the comments! 

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  1. There are soooo many great places for tea and cake in Bath! I actually had trouble deciding where to go when I visited recently! Loved Sally Lunn’s – I had a sweet bun with milk chocolate butter and a Bailey’s hot chocolate. Too delicious for words!

    • Wow that sounds good :) I loved the homemade dulce de leche, it was incredible! I know us Brits love tea and cake but I’ve never seen a city with SO many places – that must be all they do!!

  2. We spent some time in Bath when I was a kid. Thank you for this post. It makes me want to go back right now! I’ll just have to start saving…

  3. Never went to Bath, but british sure know how to prepare a tea!

  4. I am convinced that a week in England would mean about 5 pounds gained due to the cakes alone. It looks like there are some fantastic spots to enjoy the baked goods and tea in Bath, especially that Sally Lunn bun.

  5. Oh I love this post! I’m the biggest coffe addict, but when in England I usually drink so much tea (and scones) as well…whenever I’ll get a chance to explore Bath I’ll make sure to follow your tips :)

  6. love this post! Cakes and tea? Im in! Im not a coffee drinker, but I do need my daily cup of tea. Bookmarking this!

  7. As a coffee lover your blog impressed me :)

  8. Veronika @ travelgeekery.com

    That’s quite a variety of places to go! I like how you also asked the locals, that’s generally the best way to find some real gems.

  9. travelgeekery (@travelgeekery)

    That’s quite a variety of places to go..! I like how you also asked the locals, that’s generally the best way to find some real gems!

  10. Anne Klien ( Meaanne)

    I love Bath those amazing buildings and my visit to the Sally Lunns cafe was really nice… next time I visit il try the thermae it should be a good experience :)

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