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Summer in Verbier: How to Plan your Dream Trip

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large wooden Verbier sign on a grassy lawn with snow capped mountains in the background and an empty blue sky overhead in summer

Summer in Verbier is a magical thing. Plan your dream trip to the Swiss Alps with this handy guide.

Softly clanking cattle bells carrying on the pine-scented air, colourful wildflowers scattered across meadows once buried under snow, glaciers glinting in moonscape valleys… summertime in the Alps is like something out of a fairytale. And Verbier is easily one of the best places to experience it.

Better known by the Brits as a winter ski resort, Verbier is a scenic Alpine village in the south of Switzerland.

Poised at the entrance to the 4 Vallées ski area, Verbier and the surrounding area is an adventure playground all year round. It might be all about skiing and snowboarding in winter, but in summer, Verbier is a paradise of hiking and mountain biking trails, paragliding, zip lining, and more.

And because not even the hardiest thrill-seeker wants a non-stop adrenaline rush, Verbier perfectly blends those adventures with luxury, wellness, culture, and excellent cuisine. A recipe for a dreamy summer holiday in the mountains…

My trip to Verbier was supported by the local tourism board. As always, all words and opinions are my own and 100% honest!

purple wildflowers on a hillside with silhouetted mountains behind and a pale orange sunset overhead
Summer sunset in the mountains near Verbier!

Why Visit Verbier in Summer?

A quick Google image search for Verbier reveals the picture most people have of an Alpine village: snow-dusted wooden chalets and pristine white slopes.

But during summer, that snow melts to reveal meadows full of wildflowers and lush green valleys, and the ski crowds head home leaving behind quiet, slow-paced villages surrounded by mountains that echo with adventure.

landscape of a lush green valley on a very sunny summer day with the town of verbier visible in front of the green forested mountains

The summer season is also packed with events and festivals. The best known is Verbier Festival, an international classical music event. But there are also more niche offerings like Rocklette (rock music and raclette cheese) and the relatively new Verbier E-bike Festival.

PLUS – everyone who stays for one night or more in the region summer (1 June – 31 October 2024) will be given a free VIP pass. This gives you free admission to the mountain lifts, as well as free entry or discounts to some of Verbier’s top activities and attractions. More info about the bottom of this post.

Summer Weather in Verbier

In summer, the weather in Verbier is generally pleasantly temperate. When the sun shines, you can expect warm average temperatures between 20-26°C, with cooler nights (around 12-15°C).

Being a mountain town, though, the weather is very changeable. So you might go from bright sunshine to heavy rain or thick mist in a single morning.

blonde haired girl wearing a grey and red cap, a pink t shirt, and black hiking trousers leaning on a hiking pole and standing on a patch of grass with tall grey mountains in the background - summer in verbier

Pack accordingly: layers are key so that you can adapt your outfit as the weather changes. Good waterproofs and lightweight-but-warm outerwear will come in very handy – but you’ll also need a high-factor suncream and a sunhat. Prepare for everything!

If you go higher into the mountains, the temperatures can be even cooler, so be sure to take a fleece and/or a decent jacket.

Things to do on a Summer Trip to Verbier

Go Mountain Biking

handlebars of a turquoise mountain bike at the top of a gravel path leading downhill between grass with a green forest covered mountain peak in the distance

When the snow melts in the Alps and summer rolls in, Verbier’s ski runs are replaced by mountain bike trails. LOTS of mountain bike trails!

From dirt tracks winding through thick pine forests to challenging technical routes down steep mountainsides, this is a thrilling natural playground.

There’s something to suit all interests and abilities in the Verbier 4Vallées area: 9 downhill tracks, 23 enduro trails, 500 km of cross-country tracks, and multiple paths for e-biking.

I loved watching the bikers leaping over rocks and careening down dirt tracks… but I definitely don’t have the ability (or confidence) for anything quite that hardcore!

Luckily, there are plenty of gentler summer trails around Verbier, too. So you can still enjoy those gorgeous mountain views and explore little Alpine villages, no matter your ability. You could also take a half-day initiation to mountain biking course at the Verbier Bikes School (CHF 50pp).

Or Rent an E-Bike for an Easier Way to Explore!

three people on bikes on a sloping dirt path behind a field with a small wooden hut and some trees just behind them and green forested mountains behind that
E-biking in the Swiss Alps

Renting an e-bike is a great way to enjoy mountain biking near Verbier without having to work too hard.

Try Les Chemins des 700 Ans, a 14km circular route starting from Le Châble below Verbier. It felt like there was a new “wow” moment around every corner as we biked through dense pine forests, around cute Alpine villages, alongside impossibly-blue rushing rivers, and past meadows of colourful wildflowers.

This trail is a great example of how Verbier seamlessly blends adventure with culture. Along the way, you can explore the Secrets of the Val de Bagnes open-air photography exhibition, which offers a glimpse of local life, traditions, and culture.

More Info: You can rent bikes and e-bikes from Montagne Show, right next to the cable car station. The service there was great and the bikes are in top condition.

Take a Hike in the Swiss Alps

blonde haired girl wearing a pink t shirt, and black hiking trousers leaning on a hiking pole standing next to a river with a small wooden footbridge crossing it and a tall grey mountain in front of her with snow on the peak

One of the absolute best things about visiting any part of the Swiss Alps in summer is the hiking, and Verbier is no exception.

Again, there’s something to suit all levels – from short easy circulars to multiday treks, and even trail running.

You can pick up route guides and maps at the tourist office or on their website. But if you’re unfamiliar with mountain terrain, I really recommend hiring a local guide. This is also a great way to learn a little more about the local geology, wildlife, and culture.

I hiked the Bec de Sery tour with Sandrine, a fantastic guide from the local company Vitarando. She was full of info about the alpine plants – even bringing a herbal yarrow tea for us to try. Vitarando have a great range of hikes – including some overnight and multiday options – all designed around reconnecting with nature.

Hiking Trails Colour Code

Like ski runs, the hiking trails in Switzerland have a colour code. Yellow trails are the easest, suitable for any walker, while the red trails offer a bit more of a challenge. Inexperienced hikers should stick to yellow, or hire a guide for red trails. Blue signs signifiy technical alpine trails, which require special gear and definitely shouldn’t be attempted by anyone inexperienced.

Play Golf at 1600m

girl wearing black jeans and a black top swinging a golf club on a driving range with mountains and a pine forest in the background
The driving range at Verbier Golf Club is open to all.

Golfers won’t want to miss the chance to play a round at Golf Club Verbier. Poised above the town at 1600m altitude, the course is surrounded by towering Alpine peaks and affords some stunning views of the valley.

Not a golfer? Me neither – but don’t let that stop you! The driving range at Verbier Golf Club is perfect for beginners and enjoys the same impressive mountain views.

I didn’t think I’d be all that into it, but it turns out hitting golf balls towards a mountain is really good fun! The combination of the location, a great teacher, and my competitive spirit made for a great afternoon.

More info: Anyone can use the driving range free of charge, so you just need to pay to rent the golf clubs (CHF 5) and balls (CHF 1). You can also book an Introduction to Golf session for 20 CHF.

Spend a Night in A Mountain Hut

wooden two story bulding in traditional alpine style with a modern black cube shaped extension next to a dirt path surrounded by a grassy meadow with mountain peaks behind. verbier in summer.
Brunet Mountain Hut

The Alps are dotted with mountain huts; small, hostel-like accommodations which provide refuge to hikers in summer and cross-country skiers in winter.

These remote Alpine structures are commonly used by multi-day trekkers, or for epic-sounding ski trips.

Cabane de Brunet Mountain Hut sits at 2103m above sea level, enjoying staggering views of snowcapped mountains and glistening white glaciers above the plummeting valleys. In summer, you can drive there from Verbier, or take a shuttle bus to reach it. So you can get a taste of a Swiss Alpine hut without having to climb a mountain.

Enjoy a home-cooked meal at the cosy, family-run mountain hut, built in the early 1940s. Later, watch an Alpine sunset from the terrace with a glass of wine in hand.

The dormitory accommodation is simple, but clean and comfortable, with shared bathroom facilities. And waking up to fresher-than-fresh Alpine air and those incredible mountain vistas feels like the ultimate luxury.

More info: A one-night stay at Cabane de Brunet is priced from 80 Chfs/£65pp half board.

Get up Close to a Glacier

blonde haired girl in a pink top and black leggings standing on the edge of a cliff looking out towards a grey coloured glacier with mountains in the background on a sunny summer day in verbier
View of the Corbassière Glacier from Col des Avouillons

High in the mountains above the Val de Bagnes, a stone’s throw from Verbier, you’ll find the Corbassière glacier. It’s a bit of a hike to get here, but the long walk and steep climbs are well worth it for the chance to get up close to one of the area’s most famous glaciers.

At an altitude of around 2365m, you can walk into the valley carved by the glacier and touch rocks worn astonishingly smooth by the travelling ice.

Walk out onto the Passerelle de Corbassière (Corbassière footbridge) for the best views. The 210m long and 70m high footbridge crosses the glacier moraine, providing an excellent view of the thundering river fed by the melting glacier during summer, with the towering Combin de Corbassière mountain in the distance.

Getting there: There are several walking trails up to the Corbassière Glacier. I highly recommend the tough-but-worth-it Bec de Sery hike from Brunet Mountain Hut, which will take you up through the Col des Avouillons mountain pass for an unbeatable view of the glacier spread out below.

Visit an Alpine Dairy Farm

close up of a black cow with large horns lying in a grassy meadow surrounded by wildflowers next to a large grey rock
Herens cows are the local breed in the Valais area of Switzerland (stock image)

Dairy cows are an inescapable part of the fabric of of Verbier’s Alpine scenery, their softly tinkling bells ringing out across the mountainside wherever you go.

Visit a farm, such as the Alpage Sery-Laly (near the Brunet Mountain Hut), to tour the alpine pastures and learn more about local dairy farming. This experience also includes a brunch of mountain cheeses, homemade jams, and other local products.

For a more hands-on experience, try the Introduction to Raclette with local legend Eddy Baillifard (owner of Raclett’House). You’ll visit an alpine pasture and a cheese dairy, before learning the art of raclette: heating a cheese wheel and scraping off the perfect slice of melted cheese!

Explore a Sculpture Park at 2300m

wooden pole with a boat shaped sculpture on top carrying a white model of a house. the scultpure is at the top of a grassy hill with thick clouds below and a green valley visible between the clouds.

Art and environment come together at the Verbier 3-D Foundation Sculpture Park, an outdoor art gallery spread along a mountainside above the town.

Follow the path between La Chaux and Les Ruinettes to spot the various artworks that line the trail. Poised at an altitude of 2300m, the sculptures are set against an impressive backdrop – which is part of the point.

The idea is to display the different artworks amidst the environment and ecology that inspired them. Each year, the 3-D Foundation invites different international artists for a research-led residency focused on environmentalism. The resulting works are added to the Sculpture Park trail, surrounded by shivering wildflowers and the sounds of alpine cattle, becoming a part of the landscape that they’re interpreting.

Read a Book at the Mountain Book Huts

blonde girl wearing black shorts and a bright green t shirt sitting in an oval shaped wooden yellow hut with empty sides so that the pine forest behind is visible through the hut.

One of my favourite discoveries in Verbier was the Cotterg Book Hut – a mini, open-air library on the side of a mountain, surrounded by dense pine forest.

As it turns out, this is one of three mountainside book huts around Verbier. There’s also one at Montagnier and at Médières.

Each hut is unique, and each one is found in an incredible mountain setting with gorgeous views. Books come from donations or from collections removed from the Bagnes library. Sit for a while and read a book – or drop off one of your favourites to share it with the next visitor!

Paraglide Above the Alps

landscape of a lush green valley near Verbier in summer covered with pine forest with an empty blue sky and a very small turquoise paraglide visible in the sky
Can you spot the paraglider?

One thing I really wanted to do on my recent trip to Verbier was paragliding in the Alps. Unfortunately, bad weather kept me from a morning soaring above the mountains – so I’ll just have to go back!

I have done mountain paragliding before, though, in the Dolomites in Italy – an area with fairly similar scenery to Verbier. And after watching the paragliders spinning tricks overhead for the sunny first two days of my time in Verbier, I can confirm that this would be a dream destination to try it.

Book in a tandem flight and leap off the top of a mountain for the ultimate bird’s eye view of the valleys surrounding Verbier.

Visit the Top of Mont Fort

landscape view of a rocky mountainside with several snowy peaks and fluffy clouds behind it on a sunny summer day with a bright blue sky in verbier
The view from the top of Mont Fort is well worth the journey!

Way up in the mountains above Verbier, the peaks are still snow-capped in summer, and glaciers creak in rocky valleys. Make your way to the top of Verbier’s highest peak, Mont Fort, for the best views.

A series of cable cars (details below) will get you to the top of Mont Fort, some 3,300m above sea level. Get ready for purer-than-pure air, cooler temperatures, and the most epic 360° panorama imaginable.

On clear days, you can see hundreds of peaks around you – including the iconic Matterhorn, the Grand Combin, and Mont Blanc.

In winter, people ski down the glacier here, but in summer, Mont Fort is all about hiking, mountain biking, or simply soaking up those unbelievable views.

While I was there, a brand new 360° viewing platform was under construction, coming soon. So that will make the experience even better!

Getting to Mont Fort

You can reach the top of Mont Fort by gondola from Verbier in about 40 minutes. Take the GB to Croix-des-Ruinettes, then change for the SL to La Chaux. From there, take the PB to Col-Des-Gentianes, and finally, change to the PB to Mont-Fort. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s all laid out on Google maps, so getting there is much easier than it sounds.

Take on the World’s Highest Zipline

lady with strawberry blonde hair wearing a grey jacket and handing from a zipline in a sitting position travelling downhill above a grey glacier and rocky landscape with mountains behind. verbier in summer.

Adrenaline junkies have another reason to visit Mont Fort! The peak of this towering mountain is home to the world’s highest zipline: Mont4 Zipline.

Get ready for some stats! At 1.4km this is the longest zip line in the Alps. It starts at 3,330m above sea level – so it’s the highest in the world – has a drop of 383m, and reaches speeds of 130km an hour.

This was probably my favourite activity in Verbier! Whizzing down the side of a mountain – with snowy peaks and fluffy clouds spread out below me and the fresh, freezing air whipping at my hair – was an enormous rush. Don’t miss it!

Amazing Places to Eat to Enjoy the Verbier Summer

There are a LOT of great places to eat in Verbier. Especially in summer, when you can dine outside to soak up those unbelievable mountain views over a glass of local wine and a platter of cheese and meats.

Chez Dany

outside terrace of Chez Dany in verbier on a summer evening with several wooden tables and stools and three deckchairs lined up facing a view of pine trees and distant moutains
Enjoy an aperitif in Chez Dany’s garden

Popular with skiers in winter, Chez Dany is a pretty mountain restaurant in the tiny hamlet of Clambin, just above Verbier. You can drive to it, but why not take the short 20-minute walk* through Clambin forest to really earn your dinner?

I strongly recommend the croûte au fromage here; a dish with bread swimming in a cheese and wine sauce. Chez Dany has a reputation for making the best, and I can confirm this bowl of comforting deliciousness is a must-try!

Arrive early, and settle into one of the deckchairs in the garden to watch the sunset with an aperitif (or two).

*(Just don’t get lost on your way back, like we did, and walk the 1-hour long route following the road!)


close up of three cheese wheels which have been cut in half. the closest one has small black pieces of truffle in it.
Wheels of raclette waiting to be melted!

Calling all cheese fans! If you only try one local food in Verbier, it HAS to be raclette. And if you only try it in one place, make that place Raclett’house in Bruson.

If you don’t know what raclette is, you’re in for a treat! This delicious Swiss dish involves heating a half wheel of cheese and scraping off the melted part. This gooey slice of melted cheese is served with boiled potatoes, pickled onions, and gherkins. Super simple… super tasty!

Enigmatic owner Eddy Baillifard is a bit of a local legend. Once a dairy farmer, after a quad biking accident forced him to retire, Eddy opened a raclette restaurant and became the ambassador for this traditional Valais cheese.

You order one plate of raclette at a time, and it comes with all the sides – then you keep ordering more until you’re full! My recommendation is to start with the classic raclette, then move on to some of the restaurant’s specialities. DON’T miss the truffle raclette – I’m still dreaming about that one!

Le Grenier at Chalet d’Adrien

exterior of a traditional swiss alpine chalet made from wood with a pointed roof and many balconies. there are tables with folder cream umbrellas on the terrace outside. verbier in summer.
The terrace behind Chalet d’Adrien is a great spot for drinks

For something special, head to Le Grenier – one of the restaurants at the five-star hotel Chalet d’Adrien. This is a traditional alpine restaurant with a cosy interior and a menu full of typical local flavours.

In warm weather, sit outside on the terrace, overlooked by the beautiful wooden exterior of the chalet. This spot has some of the best views of Verbier, and is a great place to enjoy a sunset aperitif.

Le Dahu

Up on the mountains at La Choux, Le Dahu is considered one of the best mountain restaurants near Verbier. A favourite with skiers in winter, the restaurant is a casual, friendly spot with fantastic views of the Combins Massif.

The interior is nicely heated, but sit outside in good weather to make the most of those jaw-drop views!

This restaurant is known for its pizzas, which I can confirm are excellent. But there’s a great menu packed with a range of both local and international dishes.

Where to Stay in Verbier

hotel room with pale red carpet  and cfream walls with a green bedframe with white sheets and a painting in a gold frame above the bed
Experimental Chalet combines classic with modern

I stayed at Experimental Chalet a lovely hotel in the centre of town with amazing staff, a gorgeous-looking spa, and stunning views across Verbier to the distant mountains from the bedroom balconies.

The rooms here were beautiful: spacious, airy, and tastefully decorated – with lots of thoughtful little details. I loved the locally-made herbal products in the bathrooms. And the beds are the comfiest I’ve slept in for a while!

The hotel’s Farm Club, which only opens in the ski season, is a bit of a legendary destination where British Royals and famous celebs have been known to party. A reason to come back to Verbier during winter, I guess!

A two-night stay at the Experimental Chalet is priced from £143pp with breakfast, based on two sharing. 

Getting There

silhouette of a fireweed flower in front of distant pale purple mountains and a purple and orange sunset sky

Getting to Verbier is incredibly easy. The route from the airport sounds a bit complicated, but I promise it’s super straightforward. And this being Switzerland, the trains run like clockwork!

Fly direct from London Heathrow to Geneva. Return direct flights from London Heathrow to Geneva cost from £80 with SWISS.

cable car with a red sign reading verbier 4vallees descending over a lush green valley in summer with mountains in the background
Take the cable car from Le Chable to Verbier

It takes around 2.5 hours to travel to Verbier from Geneva by public transport. You’ll need to take a train to Martigny, then change for a train to Le Châble. Then, head to the gondola station right outside Le Châble train station and take the cable car up to Verbier.

This is definitely the most scenic and exciting way to approach Verbier.

I did the trip with a large suitcase with no problems, but if you struggle to carry your own luggage I’d recommend a private transfer instead. You can book a private transfer from Geneva Airport with Alpy Bus from 425CHF.

More info and Prices

A second-class super saver return train ticket from Geneva Airport to Verbier costs from £85 /100CHF. A point-to-point second-class, return train ticket from Geneva Airport to Verbier costs from £107/126.40CHF. Find out more at

The Swiss Travel Pass offers unlimited travel on consecutive days throughout the Swiss Travel System rail, bus and boat network. This pass also covers scenic routes and local trams and buses in around 90 towns and cities, and includes the Swiss Museum Pass, which allows you free entrance to 500 museums and exhibitions.

Prices start from £186 for a three-day second-class ticket. Find out exactly what the Swiss Travel Pass covers here: All benefits and services:

silhouette of a small figure standing on top of a hill looking out at shadowy mountains and a pale orange sunset with lots of wildflowers in the foreground

Verbier Infinite Playground (VIP) Pass 

The VIP Pass offers free entry or discounts to more than 25 of Verbier’s top activities and attractions including: 

  • Free admission to mountain lifts on foot 
  • 50% discount on mountain lifts for mountain bikers 
  • Free transport by postal bus 
  • More than 45 free activities or at reduced prices 

The VIP Pass is delivered to every guest staying a minimum of one night in the region and paying the tourist tax. Available 1 June – 31 October 2024. 

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Have you visited Verbier during summer? Scroll down to leave a comment and let me know what you got up to!

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