Disneyland Paris – Day Four – Disney Dreams

Disney seem to find something to celebrate every year, providing a brand new marketing opportunity as well as making each trip to a Disney park unique. I’ve helped Disney World, Florida celebrate the Millennium in January 2000 and the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Disney theme park franchise in 2005, I’ve…

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Day Four – A Very Rainy Day in Paris

Cafe in Paris

Thursday 7th June 2012 “Which way now?” “I don’t know! Um, left? Try left.” At that moment, the driver of the car to our right decided that he would also like to go left, and proceed to jam his Renault into to the two foot gap between our bonnet and…

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Disneyland Paris – Day Three- Walt Disney Studios

Family in Disneyland

May this special place stir our own memories of the past, and our dreams of the future. —Michael D. Eisner, March 16, 2002 Walt Disney Studios still feels like a brand new addition to Disneyland® Paris, but it was actually opened a decade ago to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of…

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Disneyland Paris – Day Two – Parade Politics

Fairies in the Disneyland Parade

Tuesday 5th June 2012 She was so close I could feel her breath on my arm. The small Asian women had hovered nearby, watching, waiting and edging ever closer like some tiny vulture, until finally a gap broke in our midst. At that moment she had slipped into our group…

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Disneyland Paris – Day One

I have an abnormally large, crazy and very close-knit family. Last week, Disneyland Paris played host to a jumbled and eclectic family reunion. My dad and his girlfriend, my two younger brothers, my three sisters, their partners (and one of their partner’s mums), my five nephews and my ten month…

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I’ve moved to London!

This weekend, I finally moved to London after months and months of talking about it! We’re very central, right by Brick Lane – where we just had an amazing curry. Hopefully there will be lots of stories to come! I have to apologise, getting on the net has been pretty…

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Erg Chebbi Dunes

A few more shots from my stay in Hassilabied, Merzouga, before I move on to the next part of the trip. All were taken on my HTC and meddled with in Instagram.

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Morocco – Day 8 – More Driving!

Tuesday 27 March 2012 The return journey from Merzouga to Marrakech was another twelve and a half hour bus ride – check out my earlier post on the drive down for more detail about the landscape. All I wrote in my notebook on Day Eight was “utter hell”. Still over-tired from…

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