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Trentino Italy Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit in Trentino

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Paragliding Lake Idro Trentino

Are you planning a trip to Trentino Italy? Stretching from the Dolomites to Lake Garda, this stunning province is perfect for those in search of nature, outdoor adventures, and epic views. This is also a fairly “off the beaten path” part of the country. Trentino is certainly less known than other parts of Italy, so you probably won’t be sharing it with many other tourists. But it’s such an amazing area! You’ll find loads of history and culture, as well as plenty of hiking and other adventures to keep you busy. 

Recently, Traverse events hosted their annual blogging conference in Trentino, Italy. As a result, the region was full of travel bloggers from around the world, discovering all the best places to visit in Trentino. So, I asked everyone for their favourite discoveries, in order to create this bumper blog post all about the region.

Disclaimersome of the below trips were funded in part by Visit Trentino and various regional tourist boards. However, this post was not commissioned by anyone, and all the bloggers involved shared their recommendations voluntarily! 

Where is Trentino Italy – and Why Visit?

Trentino is an autonomous province in the North-East of Italy, tucked in between Lake Garda and the Dolomites in the heart of the Italian alps. The province’s proximity to Austria, as well as its home in the Alps, lends a very distinctive culture to the region.

You should visit Trentino Italy if you love nature and the great outdoors. The region is filled with stunning mountain landscapes, rolling valleys, and glittering alpine lakes. There’s plenty to keep adventurous types busy – everything from hiking and mountain biking to canyoning and paragliding!

There’s also a fascinating culture to discover, as well as a delicious cuisine that’s a unique blend of Italian and Austrian influences. In short, there are a whole host of reasons to head to Trentino in Italy. Keep reading to discover the best places to visit when you do… 

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Best Places to Visit in Trentino – Bloggers Recommend

Map provided by Wanderlog, a road trip planner

Cities and Towns
Mountains and Towns
Valleys and Lakes
Adventures in Trentino

Cities and Towns

Trento – Capital of Trentino Italy

Recommended by: all of us!

Trento Italy

Trento is the capital of Trentino province, and it’s the town where the recent Traverse conference was held. All of us fell completely in love with the small, picturesque city nestled amongst the Dolomites. 

The pretty Old Town, with its sleepy piazzas and impressive architecture, is a joy to explore. Throw in a bunch of amazing restaurants and bars – plus some seriously tasty gelato shops – and you have plenty of things to discover in this lovely little city. 

Things to do in Trento
  • Explore the Castello del Buonconsiglio
  • Visit the 11th-century cathedral, the Duomo di Trento
  • Admire the fountain in the Piazza Duomo, at the heart of the city centre
  • Take a trip to the MART Museum of Modern Art (about a 25-minute drive from the city)

Riva del Garda

Recommended by: Me! Read more about my trip to Lake Garda here

Riva del Garda Trentino Italy

Last year I spent a week in Riva del Garda, Italy, and absolutely fell in love. The colourful town is perched on the shore at the tip of Lake Garda – and it’s seriously pretty. It’s also an ideal starting point for many of the treks and day trips in the region, because the well-connected town is easy to reach from Trento and has plenty of tourist infrastructure. 

From discovering the local cultures and flavours, to relaxing by the lake, to challenging yourself with a new adventure… there’s plenty to keep you busy in charming Riva del Garda! 

Things to do in Riva del Garda
  • Visit Museo Alto Garda and climb the castle tower for stunning lake views
  • Climb the Torre Apponale
  • Walk the lakeside promenade, or relax on one of the many beaches
  • Take a Lake Garda boat trip
  • Hike Monte Brione

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Mountains and Mountain Towns in Trentino

Monte Casale

Recommended by: Patrick, German Backpacker. Check out Patrick’s post on Trentino for more information!

Mountain biking in Trentino Italy
Patrick in Monte Casale

One of the most beautiful places I visited during my time in Trentino was Monte Casale, located in the region of Comano. The mountain is about 1600 meters high, offering stunning views from the top of the beautiful landscape of Trentino, including its various mountains and lakes.

There’s a dirt road leading to the top of the mountain and therefore, it’s easily accessible by car. However, we went up the road on e-bikes, which was a fun experience. Just be careful on your way back down, since it gets pretty steep at parts. Close to the top, there’s a small hut where you can grab a cold drink or a snack, before you have to walk the last few meters through the meadow to the top of the mountain. There’s a nice resting area with wooden tables and benches, from where you can enjoy the breath-taking view. No matter if you reach the mountain by car, foot or bike – the views are incredible and you shouldn’t miss it!

Madonna di Campiglio

Recommended by: Vanda, The Yogi Wanderer 

Madonna di Campiglio Trentino Italy

A popular ski resort in winter, Madonna di Campiglio is also a perfect summer destination in the beautiful region of Trentino, in Northern Italy.

From stunning hiking trails to relaxing natural wellness activities, there are so many reasons to include Madonna di Campiglio in your Dolomites itinerary.

I spent a wonderful day here during my visit to Trentino last June and can’t recommend it enough!

Besides hiking part of the San Vili Pathway, I enjoyed a yoga session in the stunning Malga Brenta Bassa natural amphitheatre, walked barefoot, including in a very cold mountain stream, and hugged a tree. All of this with the mighty Dolomites as a backdrop!

The Dolomiti Natural Wellness program in Madonna di Campiglio invites you to connect with Mother Nature, detox and recharge in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, the largest protected area in Trentino. 

Best things to do in Madonna di Campiglio
  • Yoga in Malga Brenta Bassa
  • Natural Kneipp in the Sarca river
  • Barefoot hiking trails
  • Tree-hugging

Pinzolo, Val Rendana

Recommended by: Cate, Sacred Wanderings. Check out her post on the Camino San Vili for more info.

Best Places to Visit in Trentino Italy

Pinzolo is a gorgeous town near the Val Rendena in Trentino – known for being the home of some of Trentino’s most beautiful churches! In the wintertime, Pinzolo serves as a home-base for many skiers, but in the summer it is a part of the San Vili Trek, a walking path stretching from Trento to Madonna di Campiglio that allegedly follows in the footsteps of Saint Vigilio one of the bishops of Trent.

The church of San Vigilio is one of the major attractions of Pinzolo – and is also famous for having one of the most well-preserved frescoes of “the dance of death” which is as morbid as it sounds.

Walking into the just-neighbouring town of Carisolo, another famous church is popular with visitors and is the home of a glass art exhibit along with its own famous frescos: the Church of San Stefano. Both of these towns have restaurants and local hotels – and don’t miss a walk along the Sarca River which runs through Pinzolo and Carisolo, apparently, it’s where Saint Vigilio was drowned but today it’s better known for having some lovely bridges and footpaths! 

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Valleys and Lakes in Trentino Italy

Valle di Ledro

Recommended by: Me! Read more in my guide to Valle di Ledro.

Valle di ledro in Trentino Italy
Hiking in the mountains above Valle di Ledro

Valle di Ledro is a glacial valley in the mountains of Trentino Italy. The area feels very much “off the beaten path”, and you may well have the valley’s most beautiful spots all to yourself.

In my few days exploring Valle di Ledro, I hiked, mountain biked, met a caveman, watched a mountain sunrise, found a hidden waterfall, discovered a forest full of art, and rappelled down a 56m high waterfall. It’s the perfect setting for adventure, where you can enjoy Trentino’s spectacular mountain landscapes in peace!   

Things to do in Valle di Ledro
  • Hike and/or bike in the mountains around the valley
  • Discover the hidden waterfall of Gorg D’Abiss
  • Relax around Lago di Ledro
  • Meet the prehistoric residents of Museo delle Palafitte
  • Discover the Ledro Land Art
  • Try your hand at canyoning with Trentino Climb.

Valle del Chiese

Recommended by: Me! Read more in my post on the best things to do in Valle del Chiese.

SUP Lake Idro Trentino

If you’re looking for adventure, great local food, and amazing nature, this stunning valley in the southwest of Trentino is ideal. The valley stretches from the northern shore of Lake Idro, on the border with Lombardia., right up to Lake Roncone. It’s a long, thin territory surrounded by mountains, where you’ll find a variety of scenery – including mountains, forests, alpine meadows, lakes, and streams. You can also discover several beautiful, historic towns and villages. 

Lake Idro makes a spectacular alternative to nearby Lake Garda; it’s smaller, quieter, and much less known by tourists. In fact, all of Valle del Chiese feels very much “off the beaten path”.

Things to do in Valle del Chiese
  • SUP and Kayak on Lake Idro and Lake Roncone
  • Paragliding with Idroland Fly Zone 
  • Try your hand at fly fishing in the mountain lakes
  • Take a tour Darzo mine
  • Visit Castello San Giovanni
  • Explore the Pretty Village of Bondone

Val di Non

Recommended by: Paul, Global Help Swap

Val di Non

If you are looking for a trip that covers nature, adventure, delicious food and amazing wine then head to the area of Val di Non in Trentino, Italy. It is rare for me to declare that I can live in a place after just one visit but Val di Non had that effect on me.

With towering snow-capped mountains all around you, crystal clear lakes and ancient forests, Val di Non is a nature lovers paradise. Throw in amazing local cuisine and award-winning sparkling wine, is it surprising that I fell in love with the place?

Things to do in Val di Non:

Tovel Lake 

Recommended by: Inma, A World to Travel 

One of the valleys with more charisma of Trentino, Val di Non (Non Valley), stands between apple orchards and castles, with dream lakes and lush forests, at the foot of the famous Dolomiti Brenta.

Two days were not enough to go around and experience everything it offers, but without hesitation, if I had to stay with what impressed me most about the area, that would have to be Lago di Tovel (Tovel Lake).

The best way to enjoy it is by walking around it. After approximately 20 minutes walking anti-clockwise, you can descend to a sort of lakeside beach where it is possible to chill for a bit, have a little picnic, and even take a bath if the cool temperatures of the lakes of northern Italy do not scare you. Enjoy!

Valle dei Laghi

Recommended by: Joanna, The World in my Pocket

Valle dei Laghi (The Lakes Valley) was one of my favourite places in Trentino because of all the relaxing outdoors things that you can do here, suitable for every fitness level. From trekking among vineyards to enjoying a glass of vino santo directly from the winery, from horse riding along the lakes to stargazing on top of mountains, from sipping honey and walnut grappa to stepping deep inside the tunnels of hydroelectric power plants… Valle dei Laghi is the perfect off the beaten path destination for every nature lover.

For adrenaline junkies, Valle dei Laghi has some challenging rock-climbing cliffs and via ferattas that overlook the entire valley. Valle dei Laghi can also be a fantastic romantic destination for couples who enjoy tranquillity and good wine.

Valli Giudicarie

Recommended by: Bella, Passport and Pixels

River in Valli Giudicarie Trentino

The entire region of Trentino in North Italy is bursting with stunning landscapes and wonderful opportunities for both adventure and relaxation, and the district of Valli Giudicarie, in the far west of the province, is no different. Crisscrossed by rolling hills, valleys, and the rivers Sarca and Chiese, and in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Giudicarie boasts not only views to rival any in Italy, but also a wealth of experiences no matter what you’re into.

For foodies, there are vineyards galore and gastronomic specialities including game, polenta and local cheeses. For adventure seekers, the mountains and rivers offer masses to do, including cycling (or e-biking), hiking, canyoning, river trekking, and fishing. And if you prefer to relax, there are thermal spas, and deep blue lakes where you can take a dip or enjoy the tranquillity with a book. And because it’s a little off the beaten track, you’ll be able to enjoy all of this without hordes of annoying tourists getting in your way!

Top things to do around Valli Giudicarie
Mountain biking in Valli Giudicarie
  • Ride an E-bike up to the top of Monte Casale and check out the incredible views.
  • Try rock climbing on the Falesia Dimenticata.
  • Go River Trekking in the Limaro Canyon.
  • Face your fears with a canyoning adventure on the River Roldone.
  • Swing through the trees at Breg Adventure Park.
  • Try your hand at fly fishing on the River Sarca.
  • Visit an independent vineyard and try some of the amazing local wine.

San Lorenzo

Recommended by: Cora, Inside Our Suitcase

San Lorenzo valley in Trentino Italy

On our final days of the trip around Trentino we spent two glamorous nights at Garni Lily, it was a simple retreat-style hotel. It was placed upon the hill with beautiful views all around making it a great place to wake up. There were a number of things to do in the area of San Lorenzo that we had the pleasure of trying out. Some of these were the “Perception Walk” hosted at the hotel itself which was both amusing and insightful.

We also got to learn about the herbs and natural remedies at an agricultural farm “Il ritorno”, we even had a spot of lunch and did a little shopping. The best part of our whole trip was meeting the amazing Dogs of the Dolomites, every day we had a new 4 legged companion which made the whole trip even more fun for us! We loved staying at Garni Lily as we really got to settle into the area and found it charming, peaceful and so beautiful!

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Places in Trentino Italy for Adventure

The Canyons of Sass River in Fondo

Recommended by: Teresa, Brogan Abroad

About 40km north of the city of Trento you will find a charming little village perched high up on a terrace above Upper Val di Non. This village holds a secret that is revealed only to those who make the effort to look closer.

Fondo is a village whose heart has been shaped by water. The Canyons of Sass River flow through the village bisecting it into two separate sections. The best way to appreciate the power that water has exercised over this part of Trentino is to get deep within the canyons, where you will find a path that will take you through swirling waters and waterfalls. You will also see stalactites, stalagmites and even fossils! The path is made of platforms, ladders and staircases propped up against the canyon walls, and it can get very narrow in places. It is a breathtaking wonder of nature, and getting up close and personal deep within the canyon is one of the most exhilarating experiences in Trentino.

Rock Climbing in Trentino

Recommended by: Annika, the Midnight Blue Elephant. Read her blog post about adventures in Italy for more information! 

Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing in Trentino Italy

Rock climbing is one of the things to do in Trentino. Once you have seen the rock walls and cracks it doesn’t come as a surprise that the area is a favourite even amongst professionals like Olympic champion Adam Ondra who is an ambassador for Trentino tourism.

Start your trip at the climbing stadium Arco Rock Master close to Riva del Garda. Various routes will challenge your speed and climbing technique and of course, there is a separate boulder area as well. Newbies can also rent equipment here and get advice and a helping hand from the passionate staff.

If you prefer to soak up some of the stunning Trentino nature while you climb head to Gola di Toblino. The beloved climbing spot offers various routes suitable for different kind of levels and is also perfect for beginners. Especially convenient – part of the routes are covered in a sort of rock cave so you can climb all day and in all weathers. If you don’t have your own equipment or a belay buddy you can always hire a local guide who will literally show you the ropes for rock climbing in Trentino!

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How to Get to Trentino

There are no airports in Trentino Italy. But the airports of Verona, Innsbruck, and Venice are all about less than two hours away. Milan airport is also quite convenient, around three hours drive from Trento. 

The closest airport is Verona. From there you can drive to the city of Trento in less than an hour, or there are shuttle buses running every twenty minutes or so. 

Getting around Trentino is easiest if you rent a car, as this will give you more freedom and flexibility. However, there is also a pretty good train and bus network in place across the region. Most villages can be reached by bus from Trento, but you may need to make a change in a town like Riva del Garda.

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