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Posts about travel in Italy from Emily Luxton Travels | UK travel blog with a focus on solo female, adventure, and deep travel.

Sardinia Off the Beaten Path

  • Italy

A few suggestions to off the beaten path discoveries and hidden gems in Sardinia, to help you make the most of this gorgeous island…

sicily off the beaten path

Sicily Off the Beaten Path

  • Italy

Discover Sicily off the beaten path with this round up of some awesome hidden gems on this beautiful island…

venice neighbourhoods gidecca

A Quick Guide to the Neighbourhoods of Venice

  • Italy

From tourist hotspots to quiet residential districts and popular local nightlife spots, get off the beaten path and really get to know Venice by exploring the various neighbourhoods of the city.

5 Alternatives to Italy’s Major Cities

  • Italy

Five incredible, off-the-beaten-track (sort of) alternatives to the most commonly visited Italian cities, to help you explore a different side of Italy…