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Where & When To See The Northern Lights?

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Where & When To See The Northern Lights?

Northern Lights, Polar Lights or Aurora – no matter how you call it, there is no doubt that this natural phenomenon is one of the most fascinating sights in the world.

When the electrically charged particles from the sun enter the atmosphere of the earth, this product can be seen (and heard!) in many places. However, this is not an everyday occurrence, so if seeing Northern Lights is one of your goals, you should probably know where and when to see them!

Where to See the Northern Lights?

Unfortunately, there are no exact places that are guaranteed to allow you to see Auroras, but there are a few areas where they have been spotted the most, so that should give you the best chance. Let’s narrow it down!

Tromso, Norway

Due to its convenient geographical location, being in an Aurora zone, Tromso city is considered one of the best places to see the lights. The city itself is quite lively and loud, but there are many remote areas to enjoy the sight in quiet and serenity.

Lapland, Sweden

If Lapland tours are in your plans anyway, you should know that this part of Sweden is famous for its clear views that are highly fitting to see Northern Lights. You can visit the Lulea archipelago, a site of unusually clean air. Because of the lack of pollution, the visibility is at the maximum!

Yukon, Canada

Viewing Auroras in Canada’s wilderness can be an amazing experience! The weather is still, and the surroundings are quiet so that you can enjoy your time in silence. There are a couple of scenic routes in Yukon, near Fish Lake or Chadburn Lake Road, where the light show is visible in both the sky and the waters’ surface. The scenery is magical!

Anchorage, Alaska

With stunning views of the Glen Alps, seeking out Auroras in Anchorage is an excellent idea for your holiday! There is also a Chugach State Park in the area, where you can spend as much time as you want in the event of the Northern Lights. The mountain tops merging together with the lights create fantastic sights for you to enjoy.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s capital city is famous for more than the geothermal pools, volcanoes, and other natural attractions. It is also one of the most favourable places to spot Auroras. There are many comfortable locations around the town, but most people tend to go to the south of Reykjavik. There are many fields, parks, and hills to settle in and watch the show in the sky.

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Where & When To See The Northern Lights?

When to See the Northern Lights?

There is no exact time to see Northern Lights since it is a natural phenomenon influenced by many different aspects. However, scientists watch for the entire year and predict the appearance of the lights, so if seeing them is on your holiday agenda, you can check the charts and plan your trip for around that time of the year.

Since they are best seen in the darkness of the sky that is simply unavailable in the summertime, you should expect the best views in wintertime.

Approximately the best time for these natural phenomena is from late September to early April. However, as we mentioned, check the charts before planning! They are updated and available for everyone.

Where & When To See The Northern Lights?

Seeing Northern Lights is an experience that you cannot miss! We suggest not planning your whole holiday around it, since the time is only predicted and not exact, but if you set some days aside on your trip, there is a great chance to see them!

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