9 of the Best Travel Apps – Cloud Storage to Currency!

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Welcome to my top 9 best travel apps – everything you need for an easier life on the road!

It’s no secret that I love my phone, and seriously depend on it when I travel. As the old, apt marketing slogan went, there’s an app for that. “That” being pretty much everything these days. From cloud storage, to notebooks, to checking currency – there are so many useful apps for travel!

This is a round-up of all the apps I could never travel without! I decided to skip the obvious and focus on the apps you might never have heard of, or not have considered for travel. All are free, although some have premium options and upgrades. Don’t leave home without these on your phone…

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7 of the Best Travel Apps

1. Dropbox – Cloud Storage to Backup Photos

You know how there are some things that are so good, you just keep recommending them to everyone? Dropbox is one of those things! This amazing cloud storage app is installed on my phone, and it automatically backs up all-new photos I take. Which means I don’t have to faff around transferring my photos or remember to back them up. When my phone was stolen last year, I didn’t lose a single photo!

I also use Dropbox’s cloud storage to quickly share photos and other files with friends. When I’m travelling with friends and we’ve all taken a bunch of pics, I’ll set up a shared folder in my Dropbox and have everyone upload their photos to it, so that we can all access them and download the ones we want.

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2. Maps.Me – Offline Travel Maps

offline map app for travel

One app that all savvy travellers are downloading these days is Maps.me. It’s a really handy app that allows you to download maps for anywhere in the world and use them offline. Perfect if you can’t use your data abroad! Just remember to download the maps you need before travelling.

3. Hotels.com Travel App

When it comes to finding accommodation, there are quite a few different hotel comparison sites and apps out there. My personal preference is Hotels.com*, because they have a fantastic rewards package*. For every ten nights you book through the site, you get one night free. It’s a seriously great rewards programme and a great way to save a bit of money if you travel often. Plus, the app is one of the easiest to use, AND you get an extra discount if you book through it!

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4. Wikiloc – Self-Guided Hikes and Walking Tours

climbing mount fuji packing list

One of my favourite apps is one that very few people have heard of is Wikiloc. Wikiloc allows users to upload GPS tracks of hiking trails around the world.  You switch it on whilst your hiking and the app tracks your route using GPS. Then, you can upload it, along with a few directions or photos. This app has helped me find some pretty amazing hikes without needing to hire a local guide, so I love it. It’s not just limited to hiking, either, there are walking tours, cycling routes, kayaking trails, and loads more to discover.

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5. Evernote – The Best Notebook App for Travel

Another one of those apps so useful I can’t stop recommending it is EvernoteIt’s a notebook app that lets you save notes in a bunch of different ways. It’s a notebook app that lets you save notes in a bunch of different ways, all stored in the cloud. Perfect for storing travel info and documents, recommendations from fellow travellers, keeping track of your spending, or even recording your travel memories.

As well as normal text notes, you can snap a screenshot on your phone or photograph a document and save that in the Evernote app. Or you can do handwritten notes, set reminders, or record audio notes. Everything syncs across your devices, and it’s so easy to use. Seriously, this is the best notebook app out there! I love it so much I pay for the premium version, but the basic free version is just as awesome.

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6. Skyscanner and/or Momondo

airplane wing in sky

There are quite a few flight comparison sites out there, but my favourites are Skyscanner and Momondo. They’re both great for saving money as you can search and compare flights all over the world. Skyscanner is generally my favourite as I find it easier to use, but they are both awesome! And sometimes one will find an amazing flight bargain that the other didn’t, so it pays to check both!

7. Google Translate

I’ve never really been able to find a better translation app than Google’s. It’s so easy to use, and I love the camera functionality which lets you take a photo of some text and translate it. That function doesn’t always work brilliantly, but it’ll help you get navigate things like menus and train stations. I used it to translate the instructions on a Japanese washing machine at a hostel in Osaka once – lifesaver! Be sure to download the language packs that you’ll need before travelling, so you can access them online.

8. XE Currency App

One of the best travel apps I could not go anywhere without is XE Currency. It’s a really easy-to-use currency app that updates with the latest up-to-date conversion rates every time you connect to WiFi. Be sure to set it up before you travel, with all the currencies you’ll need for the trip – that way you’ll have the right conversion rate as soon as you land.

9. Clue – Track Your Period While Travelling

Last but not least on the best travel apps list is a period tracker. Clue is a really easy-to-use app which lets you simply and quickly track your period on the go. When I’m travelling, I lose track of dates pretty easily, so I found I kept getting caught by surprise whenever I came on. Clue is the best period tracker I’ve found. It drops you a little reminder around the time that you’re due on, so you can be prepared.

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What do you think are the best travel apps? Scroll down to leave a comment with your top tips!

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