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My fashion sense has been influenced hugely by my travels, so I love finding great new companies that sell products from around the world. When the lovely folks behind brand new fashion brand Flora Garments got in touch about their new project, I was all ears.

Flora Garments is an online based brand selling unique and culturally significant clothing and accessories from around the world. Brand founder Flora GarmentsFiore Masera told me that the focus is on “conveying the feeling of wanderlust to customers through tangible and culturally relevant products from around the world.”

Founders Fiore, Vicky, and Riccardo want to help local artisans maintain their traditional crafts by providing a global platform on which they can sell their work, whilst at the same time encouraging people to be unique and adventurous with their fashion choices.

“In a world saturated with unethically gained and massively commercialised products, we seek to preserve the beauty of traditionally influenced products, whose country’s history lies within every threaded stitch.”

Right now, the brand is still quite a small website – and a fantastic idea. So they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds they need to launch new products – which will be sourced from local artisans around the world. Check out the Flora Garments Kickstarter page to learn more – and pledge some support to receive a beautiful, handmade gift.

In the online store, you can already buy several items from around the world. Colourful fisherman pants from Thailand, beaded clutch bags from Kenya, gorgeous necklaces from Turkey, and my favourite – the classic alpaca wool jumpers from Peru. Many items are handmade by Flora Garmentslocal atisans, making each one completely bespoke; like the brightly coloured, woven mochila bags made by the Wayuú people of Colombia. Each bag takes around 40 hours to make, and every design is totally unique – so these are great gifts that channel the spirit of one of my favourite countries and capture the joy of travel beautifully.

Then there are the beautiful pashminas from India, which have just hit my wishlist dramatically. Each scarf is handmade from the neck and chest wool of the “Chyangra” or Himalayan mountain goat – a material known as the highest quality fabric in the world due to it’s warmth, durability, and softness. These colourful, luxurious beauties are hand woven and embroidered in Kashmir, India by local artisans – and I want one!

With their Kickstarter campaign, Flora Garments are hoping to raise enough money to source new artisans in even more countries, starting with Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Peru, Mongolia and Ukraine. It’s an ambitious project that’s attempting to go in the face of mass-produced global fashion brands by focusing on the unique and traditional styles, materials and patterns from around the world. Which I think is a great idea!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Flora Garments. All words and opinions (except quotes) are my own. 

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  1. Your site is fabulous. The section on Paris was so delicious, that I felt as though I was there. I have been to Paris twice, but short trips. Even so, I fell in love, too. Food, chocolate, coffee, croissants and baguettes, Notre Dame, the street vendors, the little book stores, etc., etc. I am now aching for it. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful places.

    Have you ever done Greece? My very first love……Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens and the luxurious hotel, Grand Bretange. Their bathrooms with marble tubs, comfortable enough for two with champagne and chocolates!!! And, Venice with its twisty streets and little cafes for wine and a small meal. I found it more wonderful than Florence, although the marketplace and the Uffizi and of course,gelato. Also, lastly, Madrid and parts of the Andelucian region of Spain. I particularly loved Toledo and Seville. And seeing the Alhambra … magnificent.

    Well, thank you so much for awakening my memories.

    • Thanks JacQuelyne! I’ve been to Greece twice – so far only Athens and Thessaloniki so I’m hoping to see more next year, including the islands. I also loved Paris, especially the food 🙂

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