The Only 6 Items You Ever Need In Your Travel Makeup Bag

A fab post from Janie and Christine, aka the Dime Travellers, all about how to reduce your travel makeup bag. 

It’s so tempting to bring all of our makeup products on trips. It’s mostly because it’s hard to decide what to leave behind, but also because we all want those flawless selfies to remember the trip by (don’t deny it!).

Trial and error, as well as experience, has taught us everything we need to know about packing, and that includes our makeup bags. This post is about everything you need to fit every one of your travel needs.

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1 – Sunscreen

The most important part of every person’s cosmetic bag is sun protection. When you’re visiting a new destination, chances are that you will be spending a lot of time outdoors exploring and experiencing everything it has to offer. Don’t skip out on bringing a lightweight sunscreen to protect your face.

UV rays are shown to cause premature ageing of the skin, wrinkles, discoloration, and let’s not forget cancer. Protect yourself with an SPF of at least 15 and reapply as directed. Find a product that feels good on your skin, you’ll be more likely to wear it! Try this Simple Kind to Skin cream with an SPF of 30 for great results.

Image by Tom Ezzatkhah

2 – BB Cream

Being in the sun, exploring and sweating, is no time to be wearing a heavy foundation. It will crack, streak or rub off with too much physical activity. BB Cream is light and moisturizing, making it perfect to cover up the slight discolorations yet look good and feel comfortable in all kinds of weather! We love this bareMinerals tinted gel cream for that light feel.

You can also get one with an SPF protection and you can even skip the sunscreen. For your face at least, don’t forget the rest of your body!

3 – Concealer

If you’re anything like me, you want to spend every possible minute enjoying your vacation. And that means staying up late and getting up early! Bring your favourite concealer to avoid the zombie look in your vacation photos.

I prefer taking a concealer stick myself as it’s small and easy to carry around. You can even use it on the go for a little touch up after some sweating or getting caught in the rain. Take a look at this bareMinerals Eye Brightener, small and handy for on the go touch ups!

Image by Gustavo Spindula

4 – Mascara

There is nothing that beats applying an easy coat of mascara to instantly liven up your eyes. Go for waterproof so it will last through sweat and water instead of leaving you looking like your heart was just broken. This Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara is perfect, check it out!

5 – Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a magical tool. It can do it all from enhancing your eyes in a natural way to making a bold statement. With the tiny bit of space it takes, it’s well worth taking it along! Try this Stila Waterproof Liner for an all day finish.

Image by Mari Helin-Tuominen

6 – Lip Stain or Lipstick

There will always be at least one day or one night when you want to strike things up a little and be fancy. Since we’re trying to pack light and bring only the essential items for trips, lipstick (or stain) is the perfect tool to make your look go from natural daytime to instant glamour!

Opt for a bright red or purple to spice it up; it will look beautiful with your natural eye makeup. We love this Yves Saint Laurent Stain Lip in Red Mauve!

Pack these 6 items and you will be ready for every part of your trip, from the beach side to the adventure hiking and even the nights out!

Can you reduce your makeup kit to only 6 items? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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  1. I do have the same problem when I’m traveling. And I never manage to get only 6 items. Specially on long trips that I’ve planned across Europe.

    • It is tough!! I’m really strict with myself – I know from experience what I will actually need and use and I don’t take any extras. Personally, I think I have about 5 must-haves and the rest I leave behind. Unless I’m on a work trip in Europe where I might be filming, in which case I’ll maybe chuck in a tiny bit more for good measure. But if I’m travelling in Asia or South America… next to nothing!!!

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