La Boqueria in Barcelona

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La Boqueria, Barcelona

On our third day in Barcelona, we ventured into the famous Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, usually known as La Boqueria, along La Rambla. This ancient marketplace, dating back to 1217, is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s easy to see why!

We had a fantastic time exploring the covered maze of stalls, each one heaped with ingredients and products of all kinds, from fresh fish and meat to spices and fruit. One of the first things that you notice is the barrage of smells – salty raw fish, marzipan, wine, chocolate, frying meat, fruit – endlessly varied and overwhelming.

Walking around through all the smells and noise is a great experience. There were so many lovely products on offer; I particularly enjoyed the beautifully crafted sweets and chocolates which were very pretty and very, very tempting!

La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

La Boqueria market was busy, noisy, colourful and had a fantastic atmosphere that almost reminded me of the souqs in Morocco. There were lots of food stalls surrounded by benches, where you can order hot food cooked right in front of you using fresh ingredients – these were all packed with people chatting and socialising over food. It was a fantastic atmosphere, and very photogenic, so of course I wound up with a ton of photos. Here’s a few of my favourites…


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  1. Great pics. I haven’t been to Barcelona for nearly 15 years. I must kick my husband’s back to take me there again. BTW, I voted for you because you are the best (^-^)

  2. Wonderful photos.

  3. I love markets and you are right, they are a photographer’s dream! Not so sure about the sheep’s head though ;-)

    • Thanks for your comments! I really loved the weird mix of yummy and gross at the market – but you’re right, that sheep’s head is really disgusting! I thought it looked a bit like an alien! :)

  4. What great photographs! We visited near Barcelona last year but didn’t make it into town. We’re definitely going to make it in 2014!

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