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If you’ve read my packing cubes reviews, you may have noticed that I love to keep my luggage organised! But one thing I really missed during my most recent trip, when I was living out of my backpack for five months in South America, was a way to keep all my cables and electronic bits and pieces together. Instead, most of the time they were floating around the bottom of my backpack, getting lost and tangled – which was, of course, a total pain!

Even if you’re not a travel blogger lugging around a laptop and camera everywhere you go, chances are you’ll be taking quite a few cables with you on any trip. Chargers and connectors for your camera, tablet, mobile phone, mp3 player, laptop, electric toothbrush/razor, or kindle, not to mention headphones or portable speakers, plug adaptors, flash drives, and power banks – all those wires and gadgets add up, and, being small, easily get lost in backpacks or suitcases.

That’s where the Cable Management 10 from Think Tank Photo comes in. This nifty little accessory is perfect for storing all your cables and gadgets in one place. A small zippered pouch, the Cable Management 10 is similar in size and shape to a large pencil case – but of much better quality, so that you know your delicate cables are well protected.

The Cable Management 10 helping me organise my luggage!

The Cable Management 10 helping me organise my luggage!

The Features

The sides are made from a clear mesh plastic, so that you can easily identify what’s inside, while the wide, zippered opening makes it easier to get your cables in and out. The RC Fuse zip from YKK is the most durable zipper in the world, perfect for long term travel as it’s unlikely to break or snag, no matter how much you use it!


The case is padded on the bottom and at both ends, while the clear sides are made from a thick, mesh plastic – so that everything inside is well protected – no matter how much your backpack or suitcase gets thrown about on buses and aeroplanes! This means that it’s also possible to keep more delicate things in the case – like my Olloclip iPhone lenses, which are completely protected when tucked inside the other cables and held fast in the Cable Management 10.

I love the three sturdy cable ties that come with the case – they’re perfect for preventing all the cables from becoming tangled. I use two to shrink my laptop charger cable as small as possible, then have one spare for keeping USB cables together.

All materials have been built to last, meaning that the pouch should withstand all the bumps that life on the road has to offer.

Cable Management 10

The Size

The Cable Management 10 is the smallest of the range, but it’s perfect for your basic travel needs. Mine is currently holding my laptop charger and AC power adaptor, two USB cables, a mini portable speaker, two USB flash drives, my headphones, both my Olloclip lenses, and a small power bank – with room to spare.

All this fits easily into the Cable Management 10

All this fits easily into the Cable Management 10

If you’re carrying some more serious camera equipment, you may want to go for a slightly larger size – the range goes right up to the Cable Management 50 which, at 37 cm x 28.5 cm x 5 cm, would be perfect for photography essentials like batteries, CF card readers, or flash equipment.

At 185mm x 102mm x 4.6 mm, the Cable Management 10 is much smaller but is still able to hold a lot – it’s ideal for the kinds of cables most travellers will find themselves bogged down with, like adaptors, wall chargers, and USB cables.

Cable Management 10

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, yes. Underwear and cables are the two things that seem to get lost the easiest in suitcases and backpacks. Any product that keeps these items together and protected is a good idea, especially if you’re travelling long term. USB cables are surprisingly easy to damage, too, so a Cable Management case is a good investment if you want important things like your phone charger to survive a long term trip.

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