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The RAVPower FileHubReview: RavPower File Hub RavPower FileHub is a smartphone user’s best friend whilst on the road. Manage files on the go, create a secure wifi hotspot and re-charge your battery in a pinch; this nifty little tool can do it all and – better yet – still fits into your pocket!

The FileHub is a brilliantly small piece of tech; at just 4.65″ x 3.11″ x .55″ this is well and truly pocket size and with it weighing only 4.23 oz I barely noticed the addition to my handbag. Built from sturdy white plastic, the simple, rounded design is aesthetically pleasing and not at all technically intimidating; there’s just a few LED lights, a USB slot and an SD card slot.

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RAVPower FileHub Review

On the Move Charging

I’m not particularly tech savvy, so I needed a product that was easy to use, and RavPower have really delivered with the FileHub. First and foremost, I’m planning to use it as a back-up battery for my iPhone on the road. Once out of the box, I 20131118-221350.jpgplugged the FileHub into my laptop with a USB cable and it was fully charged within an hour. My iPhone battery is only reliable in that I can trust it to die every time I spend a few hours using the net and the camera – not good when you’re using it to run a travel blog on the road – so to have a portable charger tucked into my handbag is a fantastic benefit!

Once my phone had been drained down to less than 10%, I plugged it into the FileHub, and with the cable coming out of my bag I was able to keep using the phone whilst it charged up. The FileHub charged my phone from about 6% back up to over 30% in about twenty minutes, whilst I was still using it, and then once I put the phone away it was fully charged when I got home about an hour later, while the FileHub still had juice to spare! It has a 3000 mAh lithium battery which is more than enough to fully re-charge most phone batteries, and can even charge some tablets.

On-the-go File Sharing!

Before my FileHub arrived, I thought of the wifi hub and file sharing capabilities as just a perk to the portable power bank I was looking for. But on using it, I quickly realised that the file sharing is going to come in so handy when I’m on the road! You know that sinking feeling when the ‘disk full’ message pops up on your phone and you have to start deleting photos just to take a couple more?

Well, with a decent-sized SD card and the FileHub this problem is a thing of the past. I 20131118-221413.jpgpopped my SD card into the slot on the FileHub and powered it up. The Filehub acts as a wireless access point, so when you go to your device’s WiFi settings, the unit will appear as a connectable location. I downloaded the free iPhone app AirStore, a pretty basic but easy to use app which allowed me to easily transfer files between my iPhone and the SD card. Amazing; a micro-sized back-up point for my iPhone’s files while I’m on the move. It’s like something out of the future!

That’s not all! While SD card is the preferred medium of storage, the USB plug will easily accommodate a second USB device. This includes a flash drive, thumb drive, card reader or even a full 2.5″ hard drive!

Super Powerful!

Thanks to the 3000 mAh battery, the FileHub can power an external USB drive without another source of power, which is an incredibly useful feature. Not only can you easily back up iPhone files onto your SD card or flash drive, but you can also stream movies or view pictures straight from the card/drive on your iPhone or tablet; especially useful if the playback on your camera or video camera isn’t great (like my partner’s Flip camera). You can even use both devices at the same time, allowing you to transfer files straight from your SD card to a flash drive or external, without your laptop. Great for sorting your files on the move.

Why the RAVPower FileHub is Perfect for Travellers

The pocket-sized FileHub is perfect for taking on your travels, especially if you’re leaving your laptop at home. It only needs one small USB cable to charge, and takes up hardly any space in your backpack or day pack. If you keep it 20131118-221429.jpgfully charged – either using your laptop or using a USB mains plug adaptor (which you’ll need to buy separately) – it provides a fantastic, portable emergency charger for those times when your smartphone can’t make it through the day. Especially useful if you’re out and about taking photos whilst travelling.

Plus, being able to manage your files on the move is a brilliant feature. You’ll probably use your phone camera a lot whilst travelling. The RAVPower FileHub means that you can easily back up all your photos onto a teeny-tiny SD card. Either keep it safe in your wallet, or post it to someone you trust back home!

In short, this tiny piece of tech makes a fantastic addition to my travel backpack!

Pick up the RAVPower FileHubReview: RavPower File Hub on Amazon for just £29.99!


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