Review: Overboard Waterproof iPhone Case

As a travel blogger, my phone is one of my most valuable tools when I’m away. So with a trip to South America looming in just over three months I’ve started thinking about ways to keep my phone safe on the road.

There are loads of great dry bags on the market which can help keep your gear safe when you travel. But it may also be worth considering a specific waterproof case for your phone too, especially if you want to keep it handy whilst protecting it.


Best Waterproof iPhone Case for Travel

The specially tailored Waterproof iPhone CaseReview: Overboard Waterproof iPhone Case from aptly named waterproof bag company OverBoard actually lets you continue to use your phone whilst it’s in the fully submersible case.

On it’s arrival just one day after I ordered online, I tested the case Overboard2out and found that it’s perfect for my upcoming trip. Even though I tried the case with a piece of paper in first, I have to admit my heart was still in my mouth as I plopped my iPhone into a sink full of water. But, incredibly, not only was my phone dry as a bone inside the fully waterproof OverBoard case, but – even better – the touch-screen still functioned. So I was able to send a text underwater! 

As well as total protection from water, snow, dust and sand, one of the big perks with this OverBoard case is that it can turn your phone into an underwater camera 20131027-183427.jpg– which will be great to use whilst snorkelling on the gorgeous Caribbean coast! The big LENZFLEX back window means that you can take ultra clear photos and videos underwater. Unfortunately, the inside of my sink isn’t as interesting as a coral reef, but I took a few photos just to show how well the camera works through the case.

The OverBoard Waterproof iPhone Case is guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m – and has been extensively tested, which gave me total peace of mind. The cases have 20131027-183435.jpgbeen heated to 40°C, submerged in water for hours at a time and pressure tested at an underwater depth of 7m for 1.5 hours – so I’m pretty certain it can withstand anything I throw at it!

Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, the case is lightweight and small – so it’s not going to take up valuable space in my daypack – and it clips open and shut easily, but securely. Even if you’re not an iPhone user, OverBoard have cases for all phone sizes as well as iPads and other tablets.

I was really impressed with this amazing waterproof case, and at such a great price it really is a vital tool for anyone taking their smart phone away with them!

Get yours from Amazon now.Review: Overboard Waterproof iPhone Case


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  1. Thank you! It’s very useful. I must buy one too (^-^)

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