My-Picture Review: Awesome Cheap Canvas Prints and Photo Gifts

My-Picture review - cheap canvas prints

If there’s one thing I don’t love about digital photography, it’s the fact that we rarely print our pictures these days. I studied photography at uni and I still have a whole bunch of photos which I shot on film, printed out big, and framed. But despite having thousands (literally) of images from my travels and at least half a dozen really good ones – I never seem to get around to printing them these days. So when got in touch and suggested I try out their service, I was really excited about it. Here’s what I discovered…

Disclaimer: this post has been sponsored by My-Picture, but all words and opinions are my own. 

Bring your travels home with canvas photo prints

If you love travel as much as I do, I’m sure you’ve been to some really beautiful places that hold some special memories for you. And I’m sure you have some amazing photos of those places. So why leave them wallowing in some Facebook album that you barely ever see, except maybe once a year when Facebook pops them into your “on this day” notification? Order a canvas photo print online and create an amazing wall decoration from your favourite travel memory.

Use My-Picture to find great, cheap photo prints online

There are lots of great places online to find cheap canvas prints, but it’s hard to know which ones to trust. My-picture certainly offer some of the best prices I’ve seen – and they have a lot of great special offers to make things even more affordable. But I’m a little wary of things that are so well priced, so I wasn’t expecting much if I’m totally honest. I was relieved to see that My-Picture are one of the highest-rated canvas shops on Trusted Shops!

And I was really happy with every aspect of the process, from the user-friendly online ordering system to the quality of the finished product (more on that later). The site is full of great options and it’s really easy to use. You simply select what you want, upload your photo, and order. Things were processed really fast – in fact a canvas order is ready to ship within 24 hours, and my order was with me in less than a week!

If you’re looking for the best cheap canvas printing service online, My-Picture could be a winner. I was certainly really impressed with their services.

Canvas or acrylic – My-Picture’s wall decoration options

It’s not just canvas photo prints either. My-Picture have a whole range of options for you to create your perfect wall decoration: canvas, wood, acrylic, aluminium, forex, or a simple framed photo. Canvases are great because they’re budget-friendly and look very artistic, but the colours can sometimes be a tiny bit muted so if you want something that really pops you might want to consider another option.

I chose an acrylic photo print for my favourite Indonesia photo because it’s such a colourful picture. I was really pleased to see that the final print retained my bright colours and had a nice glossy finish thanks to the acrylic glass. It’s also resistant to light and water, so should last a little bit longer than a canvas print. Check out the full range of wall decoration options here to see what’s best for you.

cheap photo prints online

An acrylic print – colours that pop, and a lovely shiny surface.

My acrylic photo print from My-Picture

The finished product arrived about a week after I placed the order – and I was really pleased with it. The quality is great, especially considering that this is a photo I took on my phone, and the colours really pop.

It took me a while to hang my acrylic photo print because I moved house and wanted to wait until I was in my new room. But now that I’m finally settled and unpacked the print makes such a fun addition to my wall. It’s a great way to remind myself of one of the best trips of my life, and to bring a little slither of my travels into my new home.

My-Picture review - cheap canvas prints

Close up of my new print.

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Canvas prints from start from just £6 at the moment, so there’s never been a better time to order a print of your favourite travel photo!

I’d love to hear more suggestions for ways to turn travel photos into keepsakes. Scroll down to leave a comment with your top tips! 

Best cheap canvas prints - My-Picture Review

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  1. This came at the perfect time! We are currently redecorating our house and I have a list of travel and wedding photos that need to be printed!

  2. This is such a good idea for travel photos, I was having a conversation the other day with my father in law about how we never do anything with our photos now as they are all online. It’s amaing to have them printed off and displayed though, I love the idea of the acrylic print, it looks such amazing quality!

    • I feel exactly the same. I take thousands (literally) of photos every year and I never do anything with them. The acrylic print is awesome but I want a few smaller framed photos. Or maybe a photo book. Just something to look back on when I’m old and not travelling any more haha!

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