Review: Travel Comfort Products from Lifeventure

Last week, I reviewed some of the fab packing and luggage related products from travel and adventure stockists Lifeventure. This week, I’ve teamed up with them again to bring you a few tips on things to pack that could make life on the road much easier!

Lifeventure’s brilliant kit list for backpackers has some really useful tailored recommendations for travellers, and a lot of these are things you wouldn’t necessarily think to bring – but which could come in very handy on a long term trip…

Laundry on the Move!

I once had a great tip from a fellow backpacker, who recommended keeping a ball of string in your backpack: useful for a huge number of things, but especially for creating a make-shift washing line to dry your clothes, saving Photo 20-01-2014 22 17 05 Croppedyour change at the launderette and saving the planet by cutting out electricity usage!  But why not take that advice a step further with a portable Travel Clothes Line from Lifeventure Review: Travel Comfort Products from Lifeventure – much better than a ball of string and just as compact! It’s made from a sturdy, twisted cord and comes with plastic suction ends that can stick on to smooth surfaces. I tested the line out by sticking one end to a mirror and one to the window in my bathroom, and it held fast with a few clothes hanging Photo 20-01-2014 22 14 50 Croppedfrom it! The best part is the line folds up into a palm-sized carry case, meaning that it won’t take up too much space in your pack.

Finish off your travel laundry kit with the Lifeventure Fabric WashReview: Travel Comfort Products from Lifeventure. It might seem like an unnecessary item to carry with you, but this is a teeny-tiny bottle of super concentrated fabric wash, which will last ages. Slot it into your washbag, and save yourself the trouble of navigating supermarkets and foreign launderettes for detergent. You can also use it to hand wash clothes in a hostel sink if you find yourself caught short. Plus the fabric wash is biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment when you flush it away!

Protect your Travel Docs!

The Lifeventure DriStore LocTop BagsReview: Travel Comfort Products from Lifeventure will take up barely any space in your backpack, but could save your life when you’re travelling. Your travel alok-1documents – especially your passport and plane tickets – are your lifeline on the road and you need to protect them. The bags come in a set of three different sizes, the largest of which could easily fit a few passports, tickets, maps, and a small guidebook –  or even a compact camera, mobile, headphones or any other small electrical items you need to keep protected.

The two smaller bags are the perfect size for travel tickets, cash, or individual electrical items. Better still – the bags are touch-screen compatible, so in wet conditions you could seal your phone inside a bag to Photo 20-01-2014 22 10 57 Croppedprotect it and continue using it! I tested the smallest sized bag with my boyfriend’s Samsung Galaxy 3: it fit perfectly and we could still use it to text and take photos. Perfect!

Built with adventure in mind, the bags are all made from a pretty sturdy material that won’t tear easily, and simply seal shut at the top to stay air-tight and dry inside. They’re IPX8 rated as waterproof to 10 metres, so they should be perfect to protect your stuff in the rain or when you’re taking part in wet activities (like kayaking or white water rafting).

Stay Comfy on the Road

Another great recommendation I once had from an experienced travel blogger was to always make room for a pillow in your backpack. Although it might seem like a bit of a luxury item to the space-conscious backpacker, a pillow really is worth it! Between uncomfy hostel beds, long flights, camping, and overnight bus rides, travelling can take it’s toll on your poor neck and back.

A reasonable compromise could be the Lifeventure Inflatable Travel Cushion Review: Travel Comfort Products from Lifeventure. Deflated, it takes up hardly any backpack space – and it only soft-fibre-cushion-1takes a few quick puffs to blow the pillow up when you need it. Because the clever people at Lifeventure know what we travellers are like, the super-comfy soft-fibre cover has a permanent antibacterial treatment – but also, unlike some other inflatable cushions, the cover is removable so you can wash it regularly.

So there you have it – a few pretty small additions to your backpack that could make all the difference to your journey!

Do you have any top tips for travel accessories to make life on the road easier? Comment here, we’d love to hear from you! 

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