Coming Home to my Own Bed – With a Leesa Mattress

leesa mattress review

There’s no more rewarding feeling than coming home to your own bed. Especially if you travel as much as I do. After sleeping in well over 100 different beds this year, a few of them downright dreadful, I really appreciate the value of having my own bed to come home to. I also appreciate the value of that bed being as supportive and comfortable as possible.

This year I travelled so much that it was pointless paying rent on a place of my own; I was only home a few weeks throughout the whole of 2016. So my dad has very kindly been letting me crash at his whenever I’m between trips – letting me binge-watch Bake Off on his telly and fill his loft with all my wordly belongings (thanks dad!).

You might think that teenaged-Emily’s bedroom would be a perfectly comfy place to lay my head between travels, but these days it’s somewhere between a storage-room and an overused guest room. Now that I’m crashing there on a year-round basis, I’ve been trying to make the room a little more comfortable, and a little more me. So when Leesa offered me of their luxury mattresses to review, I leapt at the chance.

After a work trip I’m usually jetlagged, knackered, and very overdue with dozens of projects – so all I want is to curl up in a comfortable bed and get a good night’s sleep. I was beyond excited to trial my new Leesa mattress and see if they could help make that happen.

Who Are Leesa

leesa mattress review

Leesa’s whole idea is to make mattress shopping easier and less, well, boring. Instead of traipsing round furniture shops and lying awkwardly on beds in front of strangers, you simply order your mattress online. It comes with a 100 night risk-free trial period, so you can test it out in the comfort of your own home. This means you can actually test your new mattress out by sleeping on it, instead of giving it a two minute test in store. Better still, any returned mattress is donated to charity – so the system is far from wasteful.

I have to say I was really impressed with the general ethics of the Leesa brand. As well as donating returned mattresses to a local charitable cause, they also donate one mattress for every ten sold. And they plant a tree for every single mattress sold too. The focus on social impact and sustainability was a huge selling point for me.

What is a Leesa Mattress

leesa mattress review

Designed by an industry veteran, the Leesa is an innovative mattress designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible. It has three layers of foam that work together to allow airflow to keep you cool, and adjust to your body to give you the correct support and maximum comfort. Find out more about how it all works here.

The blurb from the website promises “cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep”. Sounds great – but did it work?

My Leesa Mattress

Coming Home to my Own Bed – With a Leesa Mattress

The mattress arrived within a few days of ordering, in a box measuring just 110cm x 35cm x35cm. That’s really small! Inside, the mattress is vacuum packed and rolled up to fit in the most compact space, it was almost unbelievable.

Enlisting my brother’s help, we set about unfurling the mattress. This was surprisingly simple. You just slide the plastic wrapping off like a sock, and the Leesa mattress expands almost magically. Within a few moments it was full size! It’s pretty crazy to watch it go from a super-compact, rolled up grey mat to a thick, bouncy mattress so quickly. After a few more hours of airing out and expanding, it was ready to go.

I love the minimalist, elegant design and the Leesa feels really high quality. The cover is super soft and the ten inches of foam (three different kinds) felt very bouncy. It looks and feels like a really high quality mattress – worth a great deal more than the great value price tag (a single is just £390 – and my readers can use a promo-code to get a £50 discount).

So, how was it?

Leesa Mattress Review

I’ve been using the Leesa mattress for a few weeks now, between trips, and I really love it. I have to admit I was a little sceptical; I’ve always preferred a traditional sprung mattress and my only experience with a foam mattress was a cheap, low-quality one that proved horrendous. I was worried it would feel too soft, or that I’d be unsupported.

But this really is the comfiest mattress I’ve ever owned. I already struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and now I almost never want to leave! Yes, it’s definitely supportive enough and I wake up feeling well rested and refreshed whenever I sleep in my bed.

Coming Home to My Own Bed!

Leesa Mattress Review

After customising my Leesa with some fab Harry Potter bedcovers which my friend bought me for my 29th birthday* (thanks Joss!), it finally feels like I have my own little space to come home to. Sure, it might be temporary, and I might be surrounded by boxes of my family’s old junk, but having my own bed makes all the difference.

*No, I am not too old for Harry Potter bedsheets. Yes, I am still single – why do you ask?

One day, I’ll finally have a place of my own again and I’ll definitely be investing in a king sized Leesa mattress when I do. I promise I’ll also buy some more grown up bedcovers too! For the meantime, though, it’s fantastic to have a little spot to call my own and come home to in between travels.

If you need to upgrade the bed you come home to, the lovely folks at Leesa are offering £50 off any mattress order for my readers. Click here to make the most of it.

This post has been brought to you in a collaboration with Leesa. As always, absolutely all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Travelling can really take it out of you both mentally and physically. I can definitely attest to that feeling of wanting to just collapse after a long trip away (or even just a long plane ride)! Being somewhere familiar and comfortable again can also be a huge relief after all the stresses that can come with travel in a foreign location.

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