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I’ve posted a couple of times about ways to keep your mobile phone waterproof whilst on the road, but what about the rest of your gear? Important, not-so-water-resistant things like your passport, tickets and travel documents, cash or a portable phone charger need protecting from the elements, too.

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My new Hummingbird Travel PakReview: Hummingbird Travel Pak is perfect for this! It’s a waterproof hip pack that’s perfect for any activity; great news Hummingbird Trailfor me as my trip will take me from the Amazon to the Andes. The pack is made from 600D polyurethane coated polyester, which feels super sturdy and which is, more importantly, water resistant! Before it arrived, I was a bit unsure about how well the Travel Pak would keep out the rain, but the cleverly designed roll-down opening means that water really isn’t getting in. There’s no zip; instead you simply pop in your stuff and roll the top down, then clip it in place with the side clips. So there’s no possibility of leakage in rain or splashes! It will even survive if submerged briefly, so it’s a great way to keep your valuables protected whilst doing something like kayaking.

Coming in a range of bright, funky colours, The Travel Pak is a lot less dorky than the usual bumbag or waist pack. It’s actually pretty cool; I love the bright red colour and the pack Hummingbirdlooks really smart. Better yet, the waist belt is removable, and there are two plastic ‘D’-rings on the back of the pack which means it can be fitted with a shoulder strap. So I can easily swap it from a waist pack to a shoulder bag, which is great if I’m heading out and about in cities, but the waist belt is great for hands-free functionality while I’m taking part in outdoor activities! It’s going to be fantastic for hiking, keeping useful bits and pieces like my phone easily accessible without taking the weight on my shoulders.

My new Travel Pak is pretty small, but it fits a lot. It can easily fit my phone, wallet, a small digital camera, and some travel documents – with room to spare! I really like the small front pocket – great for keeping my phone immediately to hand – and the main compartment is so roomy when it’s unrolled open that I Hummingbirdalmost forgot it’s a waist pack! But, once it’s all clipped closed, the pack measures just 8 x 8 x 3 inches; the perfect size for a few valuables! 

I’m hoping to try my hand at a few extreme sports while I’m away next year, including whitewater rafting in the Andes, so this is a fantastic addition to my luggage. But even if you’re not going to be particularly active, this totally weather-proof waist pack is fantastic for use in cities or at the beach, giving you piece of mind that you’re valuables won’t wind up as wet as you!

You can pick one up on AmazonReview: Hummingbird Travel Pak for just £29.99.

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