Postcard From… Snowdonia, Wales

Welcome to this week’s Postcard From – the feature where I chat to some lucky explorer about their recent travels.

This week, I caught up with the lovely Simone and Dan, a twenty something Australian girl and English boy who met and fell in lPostcard From Snowdoniaove whilst travelling in South America. They currently live together in England, and say that their “favourite thing to do in the whole world is to travel and explore new beautiful destinations”. Simone and Dan are the founders, editors, authors & photographers of The Aussie Flashpacker, “a personal travel blog which brings you the best in luxury and adventure travel and aims to inspire you to travel and see the world”. You can also follow these two on Twitter @ausflashpacker.

Hi guys! You two travel a lot – where have you been lately?

Earlier in the year we headed off on a road trip bound for the Snowdonia region of North West Wales for my birthday! Neither of us had ever been to Wales & didn’t have huge expectations but absolutely fell in love with the natural beauty of this gorgeous country and had the most perfect weekend exploring, hiking and relaxing in our stunning cottage in front of the fire after a big day of exploring each evening.

Postcard From Snowdonia

View from the Cottage

How much earlier this year – winter was a pretty cold time to be out hiking?

We visited at the start of March and it was absolutely freeeeeeezing! So cold, windy & rainy! But we still attempted the hike up Mt Snowdon which we made the trip for and on the way down the mountain it snowed, hailed & rained on us all whilst we were battling gale force winds! I would still recommend it that time of the year because there was hardly anyone else around & everywhere was so beautiful & green (and snowy)!

Wow, it’s making me cold just thinking about it! Did you have somewhere nice and cosy to stay?

We stayed in a Beudy Mawr Cottage at Ty Mawr Farm in Llanddeiniolen which was only a few miles from the base of Mt Snowdon! Our bedroom and backyard overlooked gorgeous farmlands and the Snowdonia mountain range. It was one of our favourite places we’ve stayed in all our travels! Cosy, relaxing and luxurious and with a huge open fireplace which we made full use of each night after a big day of exploring!

Postcard From Snowdonia

Where we Stayed

Lovely! So, how was your first trip to Wales?

We explored Snowdonia National Park, hiked Mt Snowdon, visited waterfalls, did Europe’s fastest & longest zip line & drove through the most breathtakingly stunning scenery.

What was your highlight?

Hiking to the top of Mt Snowdon, the tallest mountain in England & Wales. We had less than favourable weather conditions but it was some of the best scenery either of us had ever seen and such a sense of achievement making it to the top (and the views were definitely worth it)!

Postcard From Snowdonia

At the top of Mount Snowdon!

Amazing! Obviously, most people travel to that region for Mt Snowdon – but can you recommend any more unusual things to do in that area?

Yes! Zip World Zip Line is awesome! It is the longest & fastest zip line in Europe and goes over old abandoned quarries & mines! They also have a new attraction called Bounce Below which is crazy, it is miles of underground slate cavern filled with trampolines! Definitely worth a visit!

And do you have any other tips for people headed to Snowdonia?

If possible take a car as the scenery is absolutely incredible in North Wales and we spent a huge amount of time driving around & stumbling across waterfalls and snowy mountains and gorgeous castles that weren’t even on maps!

Postcard From Snowdonia

Snowdonia scenery

Oh, I love random discoveries like that! So, now for some questions about you: what’s your favourite travel read?

One of my favourite travel reads is The Lost Girls by Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett, & Amanda Pressner. I read The Lost Girls on the plane from Sydney to LA and could not put it down from the minute I started reading. You follow every step of the journey of these three friends who drop everything in their lives in NYC and embark on a year long backpacking adventure around the world. Funny, heart breaking, brutally honest and impossible to put down – I love this book – it is one of the best travel inspiration reads I have come across and definitely one I could relate to!

Postcard From Snowdonia

North Wales Castle

What do you love most about travelling?

Everything. We love how it puts you out of your comfort zone, heightens all your senses and makes you realise you can do things you never thought possible. There’s nothing that we love more than visiting a new place, testing out our rusty language skills, exploring and getting lost, trying the local cuisine and taking in everything we can about a new destination to truly immerse ourselves in the culture. Travelling has completely changed both of us and made us more aware, patient, helped us to grow and truly has made us better people.

Postcard From Snowdonia

Snowdonia scenery

NB – all images are owned by Simone and Dan. 


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  1. gemmajaneadventures

    Great post, It’s made me nostalgic for the UK! I hiked Snowdon a few years ago with friends, it was summer and loads of people had got the train up, which made the achievement of hiking it fall a bit flat. Wales is gorgeous, especially the Pembrokshire coastline where I tried coastering! (swimming, climbing and jumping off rocks). Might not hit the spot like the Australian beaches do, but it’s pretty rugged coastline with little bays, and I think seal pups in September (but don’t quote me on that one!)

    • Glad you liked this week’s Postcard! I’d love to hike Snowdon – and I think the achievement of hiking is even better when loads of other people are taking the train. Lazy-heads! Good on you for taking the hike instead :)

  2. Thanks for sharing our story Emily! I hope more people go & explore Snowdonia, it is such a beautiful part of the world :)
    Simone x |

  3. worldjourneysdiscover

    is it just me or is ‘Snowdonia’ a little lacking in imagination (for its title I mean!)
    I’ve heard the name before, it looks pretty magical but also very cloudy! Does it ever get clear days? thanks for the post, it looks well worth visiting!

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