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Welcome to this week’s Postcard From – the feature where I chat to some lucky explorer about their recent travels.

This weeks Postcard comes from Pramod Kanakath, the blogger behind Pramod does freelance travel writing and photography. Originally from India and now based in Indonesia. Publications include articles and photographs on BBC Travel, The Guradian, SilverKris (Singapore Airline’s in-flight mag) and some other travel mags and websites). Follow Pramod on Twitter @pramodkan and Instagram @premkan.


Welcome Pramod! So, where are you sending this Postcard From? 

Ladakh, north India. Breath-taking, leaves you speechless and in a sea of mountains, you gain some mystic experience.

How was the weather?

Bright and sunny, yet pretty cold, that’s Ladakh. I was there in June, 2014.


Can you recommend a great place to stay?

Stayed at Snow View Hotel, Leh, a hotel managed by a couple, Naomi and David. Highly recommended. They take care of you in the best way possible.

What did you get up to?

We made visits to the Pangong Lake, 5 hours from Leh. It’s lake situated at 15,000 feet above sea level. We had a good time at various scenic sites on the way, too. We watched some Ladakhi farmers tilling the land using yaks. Had a great time at places like Changthang (where we met a Tibetan nomadic lady and Pashmina sheep) and the magnetic hill where your car may ride itself upwards when put on neutral!


Do you have a highlight? 

Pangong Lake, definitely. The sky is closer to you here. The colour changing lake is mesmerising.

How was the food?

Indian food mainly, plus some indigenously Ladakhi dishes.

Tibetan woman, Ladakh

Were there any memorable moments on your trip?

The Tibetan nomadic lady got very shy when I tried to take her pics. She got into her tent in a way as if she were a teenager fleeing from her admirer.

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone planning a similar trip? 

Go there in June/July. Bring enough jackets and sweaters. Do not go out of the hotel for the first 1 or 2 days to acclimatise to the altitudes. Drink plenty of water during your trips.


What was the most useful word you learnt?

Julay, which means hello, thanks, ok, etc.

And finally… What do you love most about travelling?

Watching and learning.


NB – all images are owned by Pramod. 

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  1. goodnightandtravelwell

    Wow! Great place and gorgeous pics :)

  2. Thanks, goodnightandtravelwell and Em. It was first time there. I come from south India, however, getting up to the dizzying heights of Ladakh makes even many Indians feel like foreigners. The altitude sickness that greets you in the first two days is the biggest challenge. If you can overcome that (with disciplined itinerary, unlike e who ventured out with camera just after checking into the hotel) it’s going to be very pleasant experience. I developed nausea on the third day and couldn’t climb to the top floor of Thiksey monastery. Just for your info, the most popular treks with average tourists here are:
    1. Chadar trek – done between November and January, during winter when the Indus river gets frozen.
    2. Markha Valley Trek – done between May and September, during summer, a much lighter one.

  3. I like the concept of your article and of course special thanks to Pramod for the info and the pics…just lovely.
    This is so going in my bucket list…:)

  4. what an amazing, unique and isolated part of the world!

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