August Travel Round Up

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August Travel Round Up


Yesterday I moved out of my little flat and kissed goodbye to Southsea. After just four short months living in the UK, I’ve gone made the drastic decision to pack it all in and go travelling again. Who could have seen that coming (besides pretty much everyone who knows me)?!

Yes, I know I said that this was it, and that I needed to be settled. I know I said that life on the road had got too much. But as it turns out, I wasn’t quite ready to quit the road yet after all.

What I’ve realised is I need BOTH in my life. I need home and community for a while, and I need full time travel too. Currently, I’m figuring out a way of making that work (maybe 3 months on, 3 months off? We’ll see). But what I HAVE decided is to spend the next few months back on the road with my backpack. Want to know where? Keep reading this post and I’ll spill the beans (oh what an irresistable teaser)!

Before I hit the road again I decided to make my last month living in England really count. It’s been a jam-packed August full of fun, festivals, friends, and, um, something else beginning with F for alliterative purposes. Here are a few of my August highlights…

Gin Festival Portsmouth

This month, The Gin Festival came to Portsmouth and I was lucky enough to be invited along to see what it’s all about. Obviously I was there with bells on. Or, as a matter of fact, with a really cool cowboy hat. on..

August Travel Round Up

I popped along with my buddy Dave and a vague idea about trying every gin. But it turns out they have well over a hundred different gins on offer at the festival, so in the end I decided to keep my liver intact and just try a select few. Which were excellent.

Entry to the gin festival includes a funky balloon glass, which you take up to each bar to fill with gin. There are four bars – two for British gins, one for flavoured gins, and one for international gins – as well as sample rooms and workshops. Drinks cost £5 and include a tonic of your choice – and the lovely bar staff are on hand to recommend the best tonic for each gin.

Gin Festival Portsmouth

My favourite was the Strawberries and Cream Picnic Gin from Poetic Licence – garnished with fresh strawberries. Summer in a glass! I’m also a big fan of Conker Gin, which is from Dorset – just like me!

If you want to know more about it all, check out Vicky Flip Flops’s fab post about the Gin Festival for lots more detail!


My last month in Southsea was a really busy one! Bank holiday weekend was Victorious Festival – and two of my favourite bloggers, Paul and Karen from globalhelpswap, came to town to join me and future Southsea mayor Ms Flip Flop for the bash.

Victorious Festival Portsmouth

It was my first music festival and it’s been an awesome weekend. We had a few drinkies, misbehaved a little bit, ate some yummy food and watched some amazing live acts. I LOVED Stereophonics and Franz Ferdinand. I also really, really loved bouncing around like a complete muppet at the retro-tastic Rhythm of the 90s set. They might be my new favourite band.

It was a great weekend and the perfect way to round off my four months in Southsea. Finish it off with a bank holiday Monday spent lying on the beach, eating hot dogs and swimming in the sea (first time since I moved here) and it really was a brilliant end to my time living here. I will definitely be back.

I have genuinely loved living in sunny Southsea. It’s been awesome having a homebase for a while and feeling a bit more settled. I missed that. But I also really miss travel, particularly travelling for myself without an agenda or a client. And it’s definitely time to hit the road again.

August Travel Round Up

Stereophonics playing Victorious

Where’s Next?

Well, this is the really exciting bit. I’ve been waiting until everything was more or less finalised until I announced it all – but here’s my next adventure.

First up, I’m heading to Naples for a weekend to experience the food and art offerings there. It’s my first time in the city and only my second time in Italy, so I’m excited to see a whole new part of the country! Suggestions are very welcome.

Then the really BIG news is that in mid September I’m off to Latin America again. HOORAY! It’s my favourite part of the world, and ever since I cut my trip to Mexico short this year I’ve wanted to go back.

The Next Three Months

It’s all kicking off with a press trip in Costa Rica, which I’m crazy excited about. I’ve never been and there’s so much I’d love to see there. Stay tuned over on Instagram because I’m hoping to share a ton of amazing photos with you all.

August Travel Round Up

After Costa Rica my plans are a little hazy*. You might have noticed that I’m not really one for planning much in advance! But I will definitely be in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos. That festival has been on my travel wish-list FOREVER. I’m also really excited to head back to Mexico and explore a bit more of the country – because it really feels like my month there was not enough.

After Mexico – who knows? I’ll have about three months in Central (and possibly South) America before flying home for Christmas, and I’m not committing to anything major.

I just want to be on another adventure and to produce some more natural content. Press trips are amazing and they’re one of the only ways I could afford to fill my blog with so many diverse topics and (hopefully) useful posts. But they can be less organic, and when I do too many of them I worry that I’m losing sight of what’s really important in blogging. Which is to be real, natural, and authentic. I definitely need to keep things balanced, which is why I try to self-fund a good chunk of my travels. And why I’m off to Latin America again in search of adventure!

Make sure you’re following all the adventures on my Facebook Page and Instagram, because it’s going to be epic.

Do you have an adventure coming soon too? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

*(I’d also really love suggestions for unmissable destinations between Costa Rica and Oaxaca in Mexico. I’ve got a few weeks to make my way up and I need to plan a vague route!


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  1. Can not wait to see your picture and thoughts about Dia de los Muertos! That is a bucket list for me too ! Have a fun time !

  2. Good luck with your next travels Ems! I’ll miss you xx

  3. See you at Dia de los Muertos!!! :D

  4. Understandable that you go travelling again :) I can imagine you want both a home and travel..I feel that too.
    Cant wait for your articles on Costa Rica.

  5. Pizza making in Naples is a must and eating all the pizza and gelato you can find. I’ve been to Mexico City and Cancun so if you want any tips on any of those let me know xxxx

    • Ah yes I’m SO excited for pizza and gelato. Going to starve myself for the next few days in preparation so I can afford to eat ALL the calories!! I’ve been to Cancun and won’t be going back there but Mexico City is a maybe at the moment so I’ll definitely be pestering you for tips when I get nearer there :D xxxx

  6. Oooh have fun :) Have never done a press trip … something to look into one of these days …

    My next adventure? Very similar to yours but in the opposite direction! I plan to go to South America in November, Bolivia most likely, and then work my way Northwards overland (as much as possible) to Canada!

    • Ah that’s so cool!!! I’m desperate to go back to South America, especially Bolivia and Colombia. I’m not sure I’ll fit it in on this trip because I don’t like to rush and want to come home for Christmas. But considering them for early next year!

      Press trips are great so I feel like I can’t say anything bad about them, especially because more often than not it pays my wages. But they’re not as good as they might seem, and often it’s not my usual style of travel. I need to be more selective and only take things that match my values from now on. Like eating my way around Naples ;)

  7. Hey Emily! All the best with your upcoming adventure in South America :) I don’t get invited to many press trips like you do but just the few that I have been, the one thing I don’t like is the rushed and packed itinerary :( But still, it’s one of the things that we work for. Looking forward to see your pics. Cheers!

    • Yeah a packed itinerary can actually get in the way of experiencing a place I find, which is kind of detrimental to creating good content. I’m getting fussier with what trips I’ll take and trying to keep some control – because I want to be able to stay true to the kind of travel and writing that I know the people who follow me prefer! Can’t just change everything to get a few “free” holidays! Thanks so much for reading Kat – I can’t wait to get out to Latin America :D

  8. So exciting!! Can’t wait to hear all about Costa Rica – my dad constantly raves about it and we are desperate to go!

  9. Costa Rica is my favorite place. Have a great time!

  10. Let me know if you ever come to South America. I am in Ecuador and going to Peru soon so I will check out some of your posts of your trip to Peru. I agree that press trip is fun, but I prefer to read stories and organic posts, and that is why I stopped pitching hotels as well. Have fun travels and look forward to reading your September round-up.

    • Of course I will Julie. I still can’t work out where to go for my final month but it all depends on flight costs and how much time I have etc. I’d love to go back to Bolivia so I’m considering there.

      I also stopped pitching hotels really. I find writing reviews dull and I don’t think people like to read them as much as other posts. Plus although I always try to be honest, I think it’s hard to be subjective when you’re getting a free stay because if you were paying for it you’d probably be more critical! BUT press trips, when they’re done right, can be great and as a result of some of the ones I’ve done this year I’ve been able to discover places that I would never have visited otherwise because I’d never heard of them – like when I found the Lunersee lake in Austria :)

  11. Sounds amazing Emily! I’ve always loved the idea of going to Mexico for the Day of the Dead, I look forward to hearing all about the experience! K x

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