Top Foods to try in Egypt

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You’ve been dreaming about visiting Egypt and are ready to discover the ancient Pyramids of Giza or the magnificent Abu Simbel. Yet, any good explorer must recharge their energy before an expedition. In Egypt you will find flavors that will conquer your taste buds and give you the fuel you need to delve into this enigmatic country.

Food is an essential part of a culture, and food in Egypt is no exception. The identity of Egyptian food lays in its most essential ingredients: fava beans, lentils, and spices like coriander, cumin and sesame. Read below to find out the best dishes.


This protein-rich dish is made off rice, macaroni and lentils, topped with chickpeas, onion, and a tomato-vinegar sauce. The dish is substantial, and fortunately for your pocket affordable. There are plenty of restaurants in Cairo where you will be able to find Koshary.

Top Foods to try in Egypt


Ful Mudammas

This is a breakfast dish made of fava beans, mostly cooked with cumin and olive oil, though any number of spices can be added. The beans are usually served with pita bread. You can also get them to go in a sandwich.


These are stuffed grape vine leaves, offered in many Mediterranean countries. However, the Mahshi in Egypt are made of spiced rice wrapped in the vine leaves, cooked in a tomato-based sauce and served with a slice of lemon. There are many other stuffed dishes like the stuffed cabbage or stuffed zucchini.


Stuffing mahshi


A delicious snack or breakfast bite, ta´Meya is made of crushed fava beans paste made into balls and deep fried. In Western countries it is most commonly known as falafel. A must try while strolling the streets of Egypt.

Falafel فلافل

Ta’Meya – aka Falafel


Or Molokhiya, is the leaves of the Corchoris plant, more commonly known as Nalta Jute. The dish is made by removing the spine from the leaves and chopping them finely with coriander and garlic. It is often served with bread or rice and sometimes with meat.

Kabab and Kofta

Kofta is minced meat. It can be beef or lamb rolled onto a skewer and barbecued over coals. Perhaps you’ve tried Kabab before, it’s made of juicy blocks of beef cooked on a skewer over hot coal. Both are often served with a side of rice, bread, dip and veggies.

Final touch

Kababs cooking


Made of sesame paste, halawa is common across many countries in the Middle-east. You will find halawa in blocks, energy bars and even spreads. It can also contain other ingredients to add more flavor, some of these include pistachios, almonds or pine nuts. It is a staple food for Egyptians.


This Egyptian sweet is made of thin noodle-like pastry. The noodles are mixed with butter or oil and wrapped around nuts, whipped cream, or both. Afterwards, it’s baked and sold with a syrup on top.

Top Foods to try in Egypt

Sweets at the market

There you have it! You’re ready to taste Egypt’s diverse cuisine.


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