Eat Your Way Around the World with City Kitchen

Want to inject a little wanderlust into your lunch break? The awesome Inspired by Travel range of ready made meals from City Kitchen are a great, budget-friendly way to give yourself a travel themed lunch!

I genuinely eat their katsu chicken curry all the time – it’s one of my favourite lazy lunches – so when the folks at City Kitchen got in touch to see if I wanted to try the full range, I was really excited. The perfect partnership!

Why City Kitchen?

The #inspiredbytravel range from City Kitchen is a great way to jazz up a boring lunch break and add a hit of wanderlust to your day. The dishes have all been inspired by the chefs’ own travels, and they’re all about authentic flavours. So it’s the perfect way to get you dreaming about your next trip.

City Kitchen review

My fridge stocked up with all the City Kitchen varieties!

Around the World in 12 Plates

I ate my way through the whole City Kitchen range, and around the world, in the week before I left for Latin America. It made a nice change from my normal lunch, especially because I’m unimaginative and tend to eat the same thing every day. I also used some of the meals to throw a bit of a “round the world” themed party meal for my family, which was fun.

Genuinely, the meals are really fun and they’re a nice change from the bog-standard microwave meals I’m used to! Here’s what you can expect from the #inspiredbytravel range…


Head to sunny Spain with a tasty king prawn, chicken and chorizo paella, or to Italy with king prawn, sundried tomato, and chilli linguini. These two are a little heartier than some of the other dishes which is great for when you’re feeling particularly peckish.


Most of the range hails from Asia – which is awesome because it’s my favourite foodie continent. Hoisin duck noodles take you to China, or you can head to Japan with the katsu chicken curry (still my favourite) or the skinny teriyaki chicken noodles. The Malaysian coconut beef curry is a close second fave for me, it’s really tasty and pretty warming – perfect for those cold British winters!

City Kitchen review

I love the presentation of the katsu curry – and it’s still my fave!

Also from Malaysia are the Malaysian chicken curry noodles. Then there’s Thailand, with king prawn red Thai curry and skinny Thai coconut chicken. I’m not normally a fan of prawns in microwave meals but the king prawn curry is great.

There’s also a pulled pork steamed bun inspired by China. I love steamed buns and this one is really tasty – which I must say surprised me for a microwaveable bun! The pulled pork filling is a great combo, but it’s probably not big enough to be eaten on its own for lunch – more of a snack.


Possibly the least healthy option in the range is the Low n Slow BBQ pulled pork, which is doused in bbq sauce and brings a nice little flavour of Texas to the table.

City Kitchen review

Low n Slow pulled pork

Veggie Option

There’s only one veggie option at the moment, which is a bit of a shame. But it is a very good one – vegetable, coconut, and lentil pilaf, an authentic vegetable curry from the south coast of India.

What I Love

I’m a lazy chef and usually in a rush, so a tasty, relatively healthy microwave meal is perfect for me at lunch. I’m also pretty unimaginative and wind up eating the same thing everyday for weeks at a time, so I loved the way these City Kitchen meals let me mix things up a bit. And when I’m working from home, it’s really nice to bring a hit of some of my favourite cultures and world flavours back into my life!

City Kitchen review

Malaysian beef curry

I love the price of the City Kitchen meals, which is very reasonable for the quality. I really love the presentation – which looks so much nicer and less depressing than the microwave meals I’m used to. And I love that it’s all fresh ingredients and authentic flavours.

What I Don’t Love

In the interest of being balanced, there are also a couple of tiny things I don’t love about the City Kitchen range.

I think they could do with a few more veggie options, and I’d love to see a wider range of options too in general – although I’m sure that will come as they grow.

City Kitchen review

Some of the portion sizes are just the tiniest bit on the small size. Perfect for a light lunch, but if you’re as greedy as me you might need to bulk your meal out with a dessert or some fruit.

On the whole, though, I really do love the City Kitchen range! It’s a great way to spice up your lunch break and so much better than a boring sandwich. They meals are only available at Tesco, so try one out next time you’re shopping.

Disclaimer: this post was written as part of a partnership with City Kitchen, but all words and opinions are absolutely my own and unbiased. 


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  1. Ooh I love this post!!! The veggie option is one of my fave fast foods! ❤️

  2. I love the travel theme and what a super quick and easy concept!

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