Sneak Peak Inside My Bedroom – and a Desenio Discount Code!

Sneak Peak Inside My Bedroom - and a Desenio Discount Code!

Recently, I posted about my one year anniversary of living in Southsea, and how nice it feels to have a place to call home after so many years of travel. There’s nothing better about coming back from a trip – especially after a long flight – than getting into my lovely room and feeling like I’m at home. It might only be a room in a (fab) house share, but it’s MY room – and I love it. So I thought I’d give you guys the grand tour, featuring my awesome new decorations from Desenio. 

When the lovely folks at Desenio asked if I’d like to work with them – I had to say yes! I’ve wanted some art on my walls for a while, to make the place feel more grown up and cosy, and they have a fantastic range. The trickiest part was choosing what I wanted – there was so much on the site that I loved. But I’ve picked out some fab bits and bobs and they’ve really made my room look awesome. 

I also have an exclusive reader discount at the end of this post – so keep reading to snag 25% off your own order! 


My Favourite Desenio Pieces

I love the way a couple of prints have really made my room feel so much more “me”! Plus it adds a little “grown up-ness” to my bedroom, which it sorely needs since I have toys and geeky mementos all over the place…

The You Go Girl poster is definitely my fave! Who doesn’t need a little reminder to be a fierce, fearless lady when they’re getting ready in the morning?! And to make the message all the more powerful, that little stone in the foreground is something I picked up when I climbed Mt Fuji last year. If I can do that, I can do anything! 

Sneak Peak Inside My Bedroom - and a Desenio Discount Code!

And then over the chimney breast I have this nice blue pair. I love the sea, and chose to live in Southsea so I could be near the ocean. So it only makes sense to have this gorgeous Sea Foam print bringing a little snippet of the sea into my home. And then I have the funky geometric blue Hummingbird poster to go with it. Partly because hummingbirds remind me of South America (my first big backpacking trip) and partly just because its blue and they make a good pair. Desenio actually grouped them together on their inspiration wall, which is what gave me the idea. 

Sneak Peak Inside My Bedroom - and a Desenio Discount Code!

I wanted to celebrate my love of travel with some nature shots, and I love this giant Sunset Palm Leaves print for reminding me of the tropical life when I’m at home in wintery England! It’s in the conservatory at the mo – until I get permission from my landlady to pop it on the wall. Don’t wanna start hammering things while she’s not here! 

Sneak Peak Inside My Bedroom - and a Desenio Discount Code!

Last one, I promise. I love this little shelf unit with all my geeky toys hidden amongst grown up things like candles. And I LOVE this simple Choose Happy poster to sit there reminding me not to let the little things get me down. 


Desenio Discount Code

I have a very exciting, and very time-sensitive, reader discount for you guys! It’s valid RIGHT NOW for just two days, so hurry up and order: 

The code “EMILYLUXTON” gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites between February 5th and 7th. 

*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalised prints. 

If you buy anything, drop me a comment and let me know what. I’m very nosy! 

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