Win a Travel Goody Bag from Ocean Florida!

Win a Travel Goody Bag from Ocean Florida!

Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!! 

In celebration of Independence Day, I’ve teamed up with Ocean Florida to bring you a brand new giveaway. They’ve put together a fab, Florida-themed goody bag stuffed full of lovely gifts including Disney DVD’s, toys, and travel goodies – all the kind of things to get you excited about your next Florida holiday! And I’m giving it away to one of my lucky readers.

How to Enter

All you have to do is comment on this blog post (scroll right down to find the comment box), then fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter. You can comment anything you like, of course, but I’d love to hear about your favourite Florida memory. Or, if you’ve never been, tell us where you’d most like to visit in Florida!

Win a Travel Goody Bag from Ocean Florida!

Walt Disney World is at the top of my Florida wishlist! I’d love to go back!

You’ll need to use an email address to fill in the form – and when you do, it will automatically be added to the mailing lists for Emily Luxton Travels and Ocean Florida. So please only enter if you are happy to be added to the mailing lists. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

I’m afraid that this contest is only open to UK residents, and you’ll need to provide a UK postal address for the prize to be sent to.

Once you’ve commented, enter using the form below: 

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Who Are Ocean Florida?

The lovely sponsors of this giveaway are Ocean Florida. They’re a specialist holiday company focusing on all things Florida. And with over twelve years experience they’ve become the UK’s number one independent Florida specialist.

Win a Travel Goody Bag from Ocean Florida!

They partner with some of the biggest travel brands and airlines to put together the perfect Florida holiday. Brands like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, as well as the major theme parks and attractions.

And of course, Ocean Florida are ATOL and TTA bonded. So you can book in full confidence, knowing that you’ve got an expert planning your holiday, and that you are fully protected.

What’s in the Prize?

I want to keep it a surprise for the winner, but I can share the gist of it with you. The goody bag will contain about 16 items including DVDs, teddies, toys, and a few travel bits and bobs (like luggage tags). If you absolutely don’t want to enter without knowing what’s in the prize, you can email me and I’ll send a detailed list.

Get entering now – and good luck!


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  1. Florida was the first place I visited outside of Europe. I was 11 years old and when to Disneyland with my parents. It was magical! I went 15 years later to Miami for a wedding which was equally as wonderful. Fingers crossed for the prize!

  2. I have never been to Florida but would love to make my kids there – they’d love Legoland!

  3. I’ve never been to Floria but would love to go to Disney land with my little boy

  4. never been so far hopefully one day ,swim with dolphins

  5. I went to Florida on a family holiday about a decade ago now but the memories will be with my forever. My favourite memory was swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove!

  6. We are taking our 3 girls on their first trip to Florida this summer. We can’t wait to do Disney, and I’m really excited about going to the Animal kingdom, which wasn’t there when I visited as a child x

  7. We Have always wanted to go to florida and vistit Disney land

  8. unfortunately l have never been to Florida even though l have an uncle who lives there . . . . l really ought to go and visit him

  9. Philippa Bradbury

    I loved the whole Disney experience when I went to florida – especially the rides!

  10. Margaret Clarkson

    Meeting Sulley

  11. I went to Disney, pretty amazin!

  12. I’ve never been to the US (it’s an ambition to go though) but Florida is one of the states in my top 5 US states I’d love to visit the most – for one thing, Walt Disney World is there ;) Also the climate seems perfect a lot of the time :)

  13. TASHA HAMILTON ? (@battynatty29)

    I would Love to take my daughter to Disney land

  14. i have never been but have always wanted to go since i was a kid

  15. Frances Sunshine Hopkins

    When I was 17 I worked for an American airline, so I took my family and a friend out there to Orlando to do Disneyworld etc, loved every minute!! After that my mum and dad got the bug and went out there a lot

  16. I’ve never been but my son want to visit Disneyland.

  17. sdrummond1966hotmailcouk

    i just love disney fingers crossed

  18. fiona waterworth

    I would love to take my gandchildren to disney world

  19. Kayleigh Watkins

    I’ve never been but would love to take my children to Disney land Florida, it looks amazing xx

  20. I would love to visit Disneyland.

  21. Obviously Disney for the kiddies, also a Florida tan for me!

  22. We have not visited Florida just yet. I will love to rent a villa with a swimming pool and live sightseeing

  23. We have never been to Florida. I think that our family would enjoy ever single second of every experience. My son loves Lego, so we would probably visit Legoland first

  24. We haven’t been to Florida yet, but now my children are a little older I think a trip will certainly be something we look at in the near future. I have always wanted to visit Busch Gardens

  25. Ive never been,but if i did,i’d make a bee-line to Disney World x

  26. I’ve never been but I really want to go to Disney World and Universal.

  27. I’ve only driven through Florida, but would absolutely love to return and take my daughter to Disney

  28. Carlyn Heyworth

    Would love to visit Florida beaches .Bet they’re amazing !`

  29. Been to Disney land once, Would love to go again!

  30. we first went to Florida 23 years ago, it was awesome and we now go every year, every time we go there is something new to see and do. it trult is a holiday of a lifetime

  31. Victoria Polson

    It was my favourite holiday as a child. I was 10 when we first went and a 35 now and can’t wait to take my son there.

  32. iv never been but im desperate to go and take my kiddies!

  33. stuart hargreaves

    canoeing in the Everglades when a Moccasin snake swam in front of the canoe

  34. I love Florida, the best bit has to be Universal studios.

  35. We are going in october for the first time in october so can’t wait to discover what our favourite thing there will be!

  36. I have never been but would absolutely love to! I would love to do all the theme parks especially Disney and Universal

  37. I would love to take my family to Disney world

  38. Always wanted to go to Disney! One day hopefully :)

  39. The staff in the cafes and restaurants in Orlando and Kissimee., Friendly, nothing was too much trouble but very natural. the way they treated our children really made the diffference to our holiday

  40. The Mummy Ride is amazing, I can’t wait to return to Universal

  41. Not been to Florida but it’s on the bucket list for sure – next trip is a Disney cruise around the med then hopefully Disney and the Florida park in a few years when my boys are older for the flight ?

  42. I have never been Florida but would love to take the kids to Disneyworld

  43. I would love to take my son to Disney world, we would have so much fun xxx

  44. Katharine Balyuzi

    I want to be back sipping mojitos on Clearwater beach….

  45. Catherine McAlinden

    My favourite memory is when we took the kids for the first time, along with my Mum. I have some lovely photos in front of the castle.

  46. As well as the famous Theme Parks and amazing Wildlife Parks in Florida…what I’d really like to do is to experience U.S. sports in particular my beloved Miami Dolphins…I’d love to see an NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium.

  47. Halloween Horror nights were fab but I cant really pick one thing it was all amazing and I cant wait to go back

  48. My husband proposed to me out side the castle :) We then had our honeymoon staying onsite at Disney World for the first time. Cant wait to be back at my favourite place.

  49. I would love to visit the theme parks!!

  50. ? Diane? (@Justlittle_D)

    I Love so much about Florida. Epcot has to one of my favourite places. It has something for everyone and is so much fun but also educational for the children. Obviously Disney World is magical and the parades are wonderful.

  51. Heather Hibbert

    Never been, but it’s my absolute dream location!

  52. I’ve never been to Florida but I would love to explore the everglades and also see manatees.

  53. I took my 2 children several years ago i remember how excited they were when they met all the characters. They each had a little book to get the signatures of the characters and they still have these today.

  54. Never been to Florida, its somewhere which we have wanted to go to for many years, i have heard alot about whats o see and do and i know someday, we will get there

  55. Jenny-Jew Summerfield

    My favourite memory was my first visit with my boyfriend celebrating my birthday there and running out of money so having microwave dollar mac n cheese for dinners!

  56. I would love to spend time on the miami beaches and in the everglades xx

  57. i have never been but imagine all the beautiful beaches , sightseeing and of course taste the oranges x

  58. I’ve never been but my dream scenario would be to go to the ‘Be Our Guest’ dinner at Disney!

  59. never been to florida but would love to compare it to the original disbey in cally

  60. My favourite memory is the beaches and the ocean.They are unreal

  61. Never been but have always wanted to go to Disney world, then spend some time visiting Miami & the fabulous beaches.

  62. I have never been but would love to go with the kids !

  63. I would love to visit all of the Disney theme parks!

  64. Joanne Hutchings

    I’ve never been to Florida, but I’d most like to visit the big Water Parks there.

  65. I won a holiday to Florida last year, and I absolutely loved it. My favourite thing is the food. Frozen burritos that you just stick in the microwave?! Yes please!

  66. I’d love to do all the tourist things, including the water parks – but Universal Studios would be top of my list.

  67. My favourite Florida memory is my 63 year old dad trying to pretend that he was all cool when Mickey came to our table at dinner but, in reality, he was proper chuffed!

  68. Gillian Hitchen

    going on a walk with a crowd of flamingos at Sea World

  69. I’ve never been to America. If I were to visit Florida, I’d want to go bird watching to the Everglades.

  70. joanna butler-savage

    i adore movies so universal studios would be amazing

  71. ive never been to Florida – but someday i would love the opportunity to go

  72. loved visiting all of the parks and Kennedy Space Centre

  73. I have never been but have always wanted to visit the Florida Keys

  74. We’ve never made it to America but would love to see Florida and the Everglades and Disney World, we’d need at least a month to pack everything in.

  75. Oh wow! I can’t name just one! There’s so much to see & do!
    I get so excited getting off the plane & popping to Walgreens for snacks & drinks! Then planning our trip…. we are massive fans of universal! I also love catching the iride on international drive to one of the last stops & going shopping around the outlets for a bargain! I must book our next visit :)

  76. have never visited, would love to take my kids one day to experience Disney at its best

  77. I have never been to florida but would like to go,Disneyland looks like a fun place to visit.

  78. would love to take my grand children

  79. Pam Francis Gregory

    Never been, but would love to visit Miami

  80. My ultimate dream for me any my family is to visit the Disney Theme Parks in Florida one day when we can afford to go

  81. Never been yet but hope to soon. Most of the news we get from Florida is negative, from shootings to houses falling into sync-holes – is there any positive news I wonder?

  82. we went to florida in 2012. we had a fantastic holiday (apart from the 4 days of rain when we arrived). cant wait to go again

  83. I have never been to Florida but would love to go to Miami beaches, they look stunning and Universal for the kids

  84. Carolynn Woodland

    Visiting The Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral was a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Wonderful for kids and adults.

  85. kim neville (@kimneville2)

    Have not visited Florida yet but my family would love to go to Disneyworld

  86. We have not been to Disneyland Florida but have been to Miami and loved it

  87. I’ve never been to Florida but I’d love to go to Universal theme park. It seems so awesome

  88. Christina Palmer

    I have never been lucky enough to visit Florida but would love to take my Grandchildren to visit Disney land Florida. It would be a dream come true

  89. Great prize

  90. I have not been able to visit Florida yet but can’t wait to take my children to Disneyworld

  91. never been to florida but id love to take the kids to disneyland

  92. Susan Hoggett (@susanhoggett)

    I’d love to go to Universal Studios

  93. Has to be Sea World, would love to see the animals

  94. I would love to take my children to Disneyworld in Florida

  95. I went to Florida when I was little……it’s my dream to take my daughter there who is now at the prefect age to appreciate and enjoy the experience! ?

  96. maureen findley

    to go to disneyland florida would be a family dream come true

  97. Rebecca Howells (@Peanuthog)

    I’d love to do to the Everglades

  98. Eating out, the food is so amazing in Florida!

  99. My favourite memory is meeting Micky Mouse

  100. I went to Florida when I was 5 and my best memory was Coco Beach with hammocks on!

  101. Jodie Andrea Green

    Disneyworld is our dream!

  102. Miss Lucinda Fortune

    My favourite memory is meeting the Queen of Hearts, she was really funny!

  103. In 2010 I went to Orlando as part of a group of 16 of us! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have some wonderful memories. My favourite was watching everyone elses faces whilst they watched the Disney fireworks!

  104. Having a picture taken with Minnie and Mickey!

  105. claire griffiths

    never been but would love to go to disney land

  106. I’ve never been to Florida or the States but would absolutely love to! Disneyland would be incredible!

  107. Went to Florida for the first time last year when my son was 1.5 years old, so still a bit too young to be super excited about all the Disney characters. But we went to Sea World and his eyes lighting up watching the fish was magical, he would have literally sat there for hours watching them go round if we let him!

  108. I just totally love the magic. Universal Studios was a bit hit – Loved the Back to the Future ride. Cannot wait to take my own children one day. Leanne Bell.

  109. I’ve never been to Florida, but the beaches are where I want to go!

  110. I’ve never been, but it’s on my bucket list.

  111. I went when I 16 had an amazing time loved sea world and universal studios the best

  112. I would most like to see the castle!

  113. I visited Orlando as a child and it was absolutely magical. Although we had such terrible storms that it ruined our camera and camcorder so we have no photos or footage!

  114. have never been Florida but would love to

  115. Never been to Florida or the State’s but would love to take my 3 children to experience it, Disneyland looks so fun

  116. Sally Collingwood

    We Have always wanted to go to florida with the kids and see Mickey Mouse

  117. The thing I would most like to do in Florida is celebrate my Birthday – I was born on 4th July, so it would be one big party!!

  118. I would love to take my children to Disney World

  119. Its the happiest place on earth ..! :)

  120. Emily Hutchinson

    I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World and I’m booked for Winter 2018. Very excited about the new Avatar ride.

  121. I have never been to Florida but would love to take my kids there!! Would love to visit Disneyland Florida!!

  122. Would love to visit Florida Disneyland :)

  123. never been so would love to, always to be visit Disneyland

  124. Ann Skamarauskas

    favourite memory of Florida was my 20 year old daughter and her friend singing and dancing in the pouring rain down Disney’s Main Street USA with other visitors scurrying for cover and looking bemused.

  125. Love Florida

  126. I have never been but I would love to go to Disney Land

  127. We visited my cousins in Florida when I was about four. The main thing I remember is looking through their chain link fence to see alligators sitting on the riverbank

  128. We stayed at Disney for two weeks a couple of years ago. My favourite memory was when me and my daughter spent the whole day together on our own while the boys went to Universal. We had a nice breakfast with the Mad Hatter, I took my daughter for a princess make over then we spent the whole day going on all the girlie rides together until the evening. It was magical!

  129. I’ve never been to Florida, I’d like to visit Disneyland.

  130. I’d love to swim with dolphins

  131. We’ve never been but the children would to visit Disney World

  132. Florida makes my heart happy, I want that again, pleeeese ?

  133. I loved the sound & light show in the evening at The Magic Kingdom

  134. I have never been to Florida and never been on a package holiday. I love sunshine and beaches so I keep hoping I will get there some day soon.

  135. Florida is definitely on my bucket list .. would love to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

  136. id like to go to disneyland

  137. I swim every day and love the thought of being able to swim with dolphins :)

  138. Swimming with dolphins

  139. I’ve never been there, but taking the family would be amazing! It has something to keep everyone of us happy! We can dream x

  140. We have never been but would love to experience Disneyland.

  141. Haven’t been to Florida yet, but a trip to universal studios is on my travel wishlist!

  142. The Kennedy Space Centre

  143. I would love to take my kids and grandkids to Disneyland in Paris

  144. I would love to go to Harry Potter World at Universal

  145. We won a trip to Hollywwod Florida as a VIP of the city with a card that got us lots of free trips.

  146. We haven’t been to Florida but I would love to take the grandchildren to Disney World

  147. I would love to go to the theme park! :)

  148. swimming with dolphins

  149. I would love to visit Miami and also to see some of the marine life in Florida. (Angela Kelly)

  150. I’ve never been but would love to see Universal studios

  151. I love florida I’m looking at taking my kids in few years when youngest ones old enough to understand it all. I really can’t wait. They love Disney just like I do

  152. Hannah Wallington

    My kids would love to go to Disney land!

  153. My favourite thing about Florida is Discovery Cove – I love it there. We are going again in October.

  154. Cathy Tean Porteus

    I loved St Pete’s Beach and Cape Canavarel when I visited, so would like to take my children and show them too

  155. Dragons And Fairy Dust

    I would love to go with my family and see the marine life and disney land

  156. The Kennedy Space Centre is wonderful

  157. Kayleigh Devlin

    Currently saving for Florida, cant wait!

  158. My ambition in life is to go on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios in Florida – wanted to go since I was 8 so hopefully one day ill get there :)

  159. I’d love to see Walt Disney World

  160. would love to go to universal studios

  161. I would love to visit Florida, and do all the usuals with my family like Beach and Disney World…but the one place I truly want to visit in Florida is Fort Myers Beach – It apparently has sugar white sand and the vibe is so laid back and family friendly you could just melt…sounds like Heaven!

  162. Love NASA – we sent there a couple of years ago. Truly awesome experience.

  163. Discovery cove

  164. Disney world for sure

  165. Meeting a penguin at Seaworld and holding flippers <3

  166. I loved Florida when Mum and I visited when I was a teenager way back in the late ’80’s…Spent the other half of our holiday in the Bahamas where I taught Mum to swim…Typically a tropical storm started up and everyone but us left the beach! Hahaha! Nothing like living life on the edge.

  167. We went to Florida a few years ago and we went to see Monsters Ink, my daughter was picked to be BOO :) it made it really special

  168. I have never been to Florida but I would love to go to Universal Studios.

  169. would love to take my little girl

  170. Would love to go

  171. Allan Fullarton

    I’ve never been and would love to go and meet Mickey.

  172. I have never been but I would love to take the kids to disneyland .x

  173. Charlotte Hoskins

    I went to Florida pre kids and my favourite memory is the long, golden sands at Daytona beach

  174. Kate Davies (@Mummy2aRockStar)

    I’ve only been abroad once and we went to Orlando. I loved every minute of it from feeding dolphins at sea world, getting Mickey Mouse and Goofys autograph at Disney world and riding the twister ride at universal studios. I’d love to go back as we just didn’t have time to see much of Disney world.

  175. I’ve never been but I would love to spend time on the beach and of course do Disney! It looks amazing! Maybe one day I will be able to go!

  176. Jacqueline Roberts

    Would love to see the Everglades

  177. I’d love to be able to take my daughter and Other Half to Florida, I have great memories of going there in my teens

  178. Keep the big theme parks I love the St. Johns River, De-Leon Springs and the many off the beaten tracks small family owned restaurants.

  179. I’d love to relax in the Keys and go on a swamp cruise.

  180. I have not visited Florida yet but I would love to see my grandchildren enjoying Disneyland

  181. Florida is on our bucket list would love to do Disneyland and universal studios

  182. Vicki-Anne Smith

    Went to Florida 10 years ago, first time on a long haul flight which was huge for someone who is petrified of flying. Best holiday i’ve ever had, i’ll never forget seeing the castle in Magic Kingdom for the first time, I cried so much!

  183. Meeting and dancing with goofy xx

  184. isn’t it everyones dream to take their kid to Disneyworld? I know I’d love to x

  185. Florida is the next place on my travel bucket list. When I manage to get there I want to do the whole DisneyWorld, Universal but the main thing I also want to do is see a NFL, MLS or NBA game live in the States. I’m a massive Sports fan and the Jacksonville Jaguars are my NFL team

  186. I have a friend who keeps egging me on to go with him – he’s been loads of times. He says I’ll never find Florida’s sense of fun and adventure anywhere else, so that’s what I’ll be looking forward to if I eventually agree to go. x

  187. we went to miami few years ago and we loved it. Everglades was pretty amazing! we loved the aquarium too!

  188. Amazing! I know lots of little people who would love this!

  189. clare elizabeth (@claraliz101)

    I’ve been to Miami it’s such a vibrant and exciting city

  190. hayley pemberton

    my favourite thing was the special halloween party. amazing to see the parade with the headless horseman

  191. First holiday in Florida earlier this year best holiday ever

  192. If I ever get to go to Florida Disney land and Orlando will be top of my list!

  193. My favourite Florida memory is of our first trip there- we were up at 6am to get to the Magic kingdom for 7.30am breakfast and didn’t leave the park until 1am! Very very long day but my favourite day of the holiday. I can’t wait to return.

  194. never been would love to go to discovery cove

  195. I’ve never been to Florida but would like to go to see the wildlife.

  196. I’ve never been to Florida but I’d absolutely love to take my children one day xx

  197. I went to Disney World 20 years ago – it was incredible – the staff there are so attentive and it is sooo clean!

  198. My unforgettable Florida moment came in 1991. I won 2 tickets to the Superbowl at Tampa Stadium including 1 week stay in hotel on Disney Resort in Orlando in a slogan competition for Budweiser. New York Giants beat Buffalo Bills 20-19.

  199. my kids meeting their idols

  200. Rachel McMillan

    My first visit to disney florida was as an adult but I still felt the magic. This year I am taking my kids and I can’t wait to see it through their eyes.

  201. Linda's Bits of This and Bits of That

    seeing that beautiful castle for the same time
    its is something that took my breath away when i first saw it ,
    i have seen it in books on tv etc since i was a little girl , but seeing it in real life
    actually brought a tear to my eye it was very emotional

  202. I loved watching my boys faces when they got a cuddle with Mickey + Minnie – priceless

  203. Mary @ Antooshki

    I would love to take my family to Florida and visit Disney Land!

  204. I loved seeing the kiddies excited faces when they recognised all the characters. Loved going on all the rides with them too.

  205. Going next year – so excited but haven’t told my little girl yet, so this would be brilliant to surprise her.

  206. It’s our dream to go to Disney land! One day hopefully we will get there!

  207. I’ve not been yet but its on my Bucket List!

  208. I’d love to go to Disneyland and the Universal Studioes

  209. Disneyland

  210. I haven’t been yet but would love to take my kids to swim with the dolphins. Thanks for offering this lovely prize!

  211. I remember having a blast at Universal studios :D xxx

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