Ads For Good – Find Out More

You may be wondering what theses ‘Ads For Good’ are on my site…

Well, my blog is a part of the Good-Loop ethical advertising network. This network allows me to make an income from my site whilst also harnessing my community to raise money for awesome charitable causes.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell – every time you watch one of my Good-Loop video adverts, the brands pays. 50% of this payment is donated straight to the charity you selected. 40% goes to me as income, and 10% covers the costs of serving the advert. So for every advert you watch a donation is given to charity, for free.


I have selected these three awesome causes to support through my Good-Loop advertising; Cancer Research UK, Dementia UK, and Care International. I love the work they do and am really excited to support them, here’s why:

Cancer Research UK

Long-term followers of my blog will know that I lost my mum to cancer several years ago. Since then, Cancer Research UK has always been my chosen charity. They do really important work and have made huge breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. Last year, I abseiled down an 200ft cliff-face to raise money for Cancer Research UK – this year I’m hoping to do something even more terrifying.

Dementia UK

Another charity close to my heart is Dementia UK, who do some great work providing support to families living with dementia. We lost our granddad to this horrible disease at the beginning of the year, so I’ve seen first hand the horrendous effects it can have for both the person living with it, and their families.

Care International

I came across Care International quite recently, when I was looking for a way to support the Potosi miners in Bolivia. Their main focuses in Bolivia are fighting poverty, boosting education, and helping keep children out of the mines – which is something I think is really important. They do great work around the world, aiming to fight poverty and injustice in the world’s most vulnerable places. I like the way they aim for lasting change by focusing on education and empowerment.

It can be hard for us bloggers to make a living from our sites, especially because lots of advertising solutions out there are pretty annoying and would ruin the experience for our readers. So with Good-Loop I hope I can get paid for the content I create in a way that is respectful to my readers and also makes a bit of a positive impact in the world.

I’d love to know your thoughts so please do leave a comment below!