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5 Ways to Save Money on your Next Trip

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Benefits of Package Holidays

When you return from a holiday, do you immediately wish you could hop back on a plane?

Do you wish you could book more trips but feel like your budget won’t stretch far enough?

Learn how your holiday choices can keep costs down and how you can save with a discount code from On The Beach. Here are five tips for saving money during your next excursion.

Use online vouchers and deals

What better way to make your holiday cheaper than by finding a discount online? On The Beach make booking your holiday hassle-free. Find several codes and amazing deals that slice a hefty portion off your total. The option to pay in instalments makes it even more affordable and with their holidays being ATOL protected, you know your money is safe. For the best savings, check the ‘sale’ section!

Straying from tourist areas

It’s true that the locations that attract the most tourists do so for good reason. However, if you are brave enough to stray from the most popular cities and sights, you will find not only a richer culture but also lower prices.

Opting for cheaper flights

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to get up at 2am. But making that sacrifice may decide how many holiday souvenirs you get to bring home with you. You can significantly cut down the cost of your flights based on the time of departure, airport and airline company.

If you can manage with fewer of your possessions, you can keep costs low by taking less luggage with you. Invest in a holdall bag and a suitcase that allow you to pack light yet efficiently – or try to pack everything into one of these brilliant handluggage suitcases.

Avoiding peak season

This may sound like an obvious one, but travelling during off-peak season will make your holiday significantly cheaper. If you don’t mind adding an extra layer to your outfit, this may be the trick for you. An added benefit is that your destination of choice will be less busy!

Choosing an all-inclusive

An all-inclusive holiday package isn’t for everyone and it isn’t necessarily the cheapest way to holiday. However, it’s definitely worth considering. Most of the money you will spend while you are away, will be on eating out at restaurants.

Although this is a marvellous use of your hard-earned cash, you may find that having your meals prepaid is actually more cost-effective. Furthermore, On The Beach provides an array of discounts and deals to make your all-inclusive holiday even cheaper.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save Money on your Next Trip”

  1. I would like to travel a bit more, I am in my late fifties, I would not mind travelling solo, but would not know where to start, in a few days I will be going to Cairo with my daughter, so definitely looking forward to that and it is only for 4 days. Can you help

    thank you and love your blog

    1. Hi Dee! What kind of help do you need? I would suggest starting with something small, maybe book a few days away somewhere that you’ve been to before so you feel more confident going back solo. You just need to book the transport and a hotel and go :)

      Enjoy Cairo, that’ll be a great trip!

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