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How to Do Small Repairs Yourself When Travelling

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Have you ever found yourself with a broken bag handle or torn jean trousers while travelling? When you’re not at home, repairing small items can be an issue because you don’t have access to your usual tools.

Thankfully, glue is a remarkably adaptable product for performing small repairs on a wide range of materials, including fabric, leather, metal and even glass. In this article, we provide a list of small repairs you can do yourself while travelling using little more than a tube of strong glue.

Here’s a list of small repairs you can do with glue while travelling:

  • Repair accessories
  • Fix footwear
  • Fix small items
  • Seal leaking hoses
  • Mend car parts

Repair Accessories

If you’re like most fashion-conscious people, your outfit is probably incomplete without a set of accessories. The thing about accessories, however, is that they’re typically fragile. Whether you love travelling with a variety of sunshades or love matching earrings and bracelets to your outfits, a broken handle or pin can ruin all the fun. Not to worry, though. You can use glue to mend your broken necklaces, earring, hair clips, wristwatches, sunshades and even belt buckles, and so much more. Just don’t forget to keep that tube of glue in your holiday bag.

Fix Footwear

It’s common to experience unplanned footwear mishaps while travelling, especially if you’ve been spending more time on your feet or at the beach. Whether it’s a cracked sole, torn leather or worn zippers, having a small bottle of high-grade glue in your bag can ensure you don’t have to walk barefoot on your trips. Just clean the area you want to apply the glue prior to application and give the adhesive time to bond properly before getting on your way. If the adhesive smears your hands or fingers, there are several ways to remove the glue in an easy and pain-free way. You can use alcohol, warm water, lemon juice, oil and several other readily available materials.

Fix Small Items

While travelling, it’s very easy to break things in your luggage or hand bag if you’re not careful. For example, you could mistakenly break the handle of your favourite mug, brush, camera tripod, and several other items you need for everyday activities. Before thinking about discarding such items, consider fixing them with glue. With the right amount of glue and steady hands, you can secure broken handles to most items, especially if they are small. You can also use glue to fix shaky and slack handles in place.

Seal Leaking Hoses

Do you know that glue is as good as duct tape for sealing leaky hoses? You may discover your car’s steering suddenly becomes stiffer than normal while travelling. On checking, you find that the hose transporting the power steering fluid to the rack and pinion is leaking. If it’s a small crack or split, you can apply glue to seal the hose and stop the leakage. You can do the same for other minor leakages on a variety of domestic and automotive hoses, though this method might be slightly less effective if the location is particularly hot. This is another reason why you should always travel with a bottle of your trusted glue.

Mend Car Parts

Whether it’s due to excitement or by accident, it’s possible parts of your car may suffer minor damages while you’re travelling. It might be an interior door handle that snaps or a small tear in the rear seat. You can use glue to attach a broken handle and close a cut in the fabric or leather of your car seat to prevent it from getting larger. When you get back home, you can then look for a more permanent solution.

A quality tube of glue takes very little space in your travelling bag, but it provides exceptional flexibility for quick repairs. When you need to fix or mend small items while on a trip, just glue it!

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