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3 Features to Keep Your Luggage Safe and Identifiable

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Nothing beats that holiday feeling when you’re all packed up and ready to go. But nothing deflates that feeling so quickly as a lost or stolen bag.

Are you sure that your big grey duffel bag or black suitcase is the best idea? Is your carry-on bag distinct enough, so you can quickly identify and grab it in a pinch?

This article will explain some ways you can make your luggage easy to pick out in a crowd and keep your belongings a little safer too.

3 Features to Keep Your Luggage Safe and Identifiable

Get Covers/Stickers for Your Tech

Having a laptop covered in stickers or a jazzy Airpod Pro case could save you more trouble than you think. You can find it quicker in the bottom of your bag, but if they get stolen or lost while you are out and about, you can describe the stickers or cases you have on your device. Similarly, if your phone has a bright and colourful case, you can keep track of it far easier. 

Even if it is just a case that you have doodled on or there is a defining feature, anything to help your precious tech stand out is going to help you.

Distinctive Suitcases and Bags

Even if you are only going on a short trip, your luggage is everything. Not only is it clothes and books, but it’s money, documents, and passports. You can go with a sleek black case, but when it comes to the rush, and god forbid you leave it behind, or it gets lost during your trip. 

Lost or stolen luggage isn’t as uncommon as you may think. How are you going to describe it to the police or airport security? 

If you have a generic suitcase, the odds of retrieving it are lower. There is an excess of suitcases and bags on the market. Your best bet is to get something that stands out. 

Want something in a solid colour that is bright? You can find one. Fancy something with stripes or patterns? There is one out there for you. 

Having something that stands out means that should the worst happen and your bag goes missing, you have a better chance of finding it.

Distinctive Tags

This one should be a given, but it’s worth reiterating: have a tag on your bag, in a colour or pattern, you will remember with your contact information. 

Don’t go crazy and put complete addresses — you don’t want to list your home address, or you could increase your risk of a home robbery. 

But having a tag with your phone number and an email might make it easier to track down lost luggage. 

To Conclude 

Distinct luggage can be great purely for aesthetic reasons, but also it can go some way to make your travels safer. Being able to pick out your items quickly or providing someone with a distinct description if it goes missing can be a real lifesaver. There is never a 100% guarantee you will always get your stuff back, but it is better to give yourself a good chance.

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