5 key things to look out for when booking holiday rental accommodation

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Have you been feeling a bit cooped up of late?  Are you ready for your next adventure?  It’s so easy to get carried away and start booking your next holiday before doing any research.  But before you start clicking the confirm button, you should check whether you’re booking an average holiday rental or a truly memorable one.

So, how do you spot the difference?  Here are five key things to look out for.

1 – It’s in your dream location

You may have picked the destination you want to go to, but whether it’s New York or York, you’ll also need to pick accommodation in the right location.  What do you have planned to do, and which sights will you be hoping to see?  Make sure your rental is located in a handy spot for all your planned activities.

2 – It ticks all the boxes

Has it got all the facilities you require?  Don’t just check the number of bedrooms, or whether it accepts pets.  Check whether there’s a shower or bath, or both; and if the place has suitable heating or air conditioning.  Ask yourself, is there a balcony or any outside space, and does it offer a quiet retreat or lively location? 

3 – It’s popular with travellers

Reviews and recommendations are essential to giving you an idea of how good the accommodation is.  Don’t just check the reviews under the listing though.  Search the internet for other reviews and see if it pops up on any travel sites or blogs as a recommended stay.  This will give you a more accurate picture of the property.  Good reviewers and writers will put their name or photo to their comments, whereas some bogus reviews may look completely anonymous.

4 – It’s high-spec

You can often tell a rental is going to be good when it looks as though the owner has put a lot of money and thought into making it look like the dream home.  If the rental owner is willing to pay for high-spec kitchens and bathrooms, that’s a good sign. Good property owners will happily pay extension and loft conversion costs to create big airy spaces that rent well.

Newly renovated cottages, apartments and villas are more likely to have all the mod cons you expect and less maintenance issues that could put a dampener on your dream escape. 

5 – Book with reputable companies

Who you book with or who manages the rental property is a factor worth considering.  Not only for their cancellation or refund policies, but also for the standard of cleanliness and safety in the accommodation on offer.  Recently, this has become more important than ever, as our world becomes more uncertain and restrictions change.

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